What They Won’t Tell Us About Quebec Mosque Attack (Video)


h/t Gates of Vienna who writes:

So what really happened that night? Why did the Narrative do a sudden 180-degree turn? Why was “Allahu Akhbar” so quickly forgotten? What was the real role of the “witness” named Mohamed?

Given the fact that Quebec is a leftist multicultural stronghold, and that Canada currently has a far-left Islamophilic prime minister, we’ll probably never learn the answers to these questions. But Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media hasn’t given up trying:

More via Questions Remain As Shifting Narrative, Conflicting Testimony Indicates Cover Up in Quebec Terror Incident

A witness told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that they saw two masked gunmen enter the building, shout the Takbir (Islamic phrase “Allahu akbar” which means “God is great” in Arabic) and open fire on worshippers. The Sun also ran a statement from a 22 year old student named Abdi, who was reading the Koran with his friends at the time of the attack. Abdi similarly said he was convinced he had seen two attackers and that they shouted the Takbir before opening fire. Reuters also ran an additional report citing another witness statement which said that three attackers had taken part in the incident.

Additionally, the number of weapons reported as having been captured indicates that there was likely more than one attacker. Daily Mail mentioned that weapons captured included an AK-47 assault rifle and two other rifles of unidentified make. The Telegraph also listed two rifles and a handgun as having been confiscated. Both accounts indicate that the number of arms captured are more than could be used by one attacker. Additionally, the multitude of weapons are strange when considered in the context of witness statements which specifically mention that the attackers reloaded several times. This would have been unnecessary in a situation where a lone gunman was using multiple weapons.

The witness statements which established that two or more attackers participated in the Quebec mosque shooting and the accounts about the large number of weapons captured are not consistent with the Canadian government’s position that the attack was perpetrated by one single attacker.

II. The Canadian Government Censored News Outlets Amid Confusion Over Second Suspect’s Identity

There was immediate confusion online over the true identities of the attackers. An unverified post to Reddit claimed that citizens listening to police scanners picked up chatter indicating that two of the suspects were Syrian refugees who had entered the country last week. That report was not corroborated by any official news sources. Fox News also ran a report stating that one of the suspects arrested was of Moroccan origin. The Moroccan suspect was confirmed by the Toronto Metro as being a local university student by the name of Mohamed el-Khadir.

In the aftermath of the report by Fox, Justin Trudeau‘s office personally intervened and pressured Fox News to retract their statement about the ethnicity of the Mohamed el-Khadir. While official denials of false information by government offices are standard, it is not common to actively intervene and raises questions about the motives behind Trudeau’s desire to limit public access to this information. The Canadian authorities now insist that el-Khadir was a witness and not a suspect. Information that the shooters were Islamic would have been a major embarrassment to Trudeau, who had only days before stated on Twitter that Canada would accept immigrants fleeing “persecution, terror & war.”

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4 thoughts on “What They Won’t Tell Us About Quebec Mosque Attack (Video)

    • Hey, everybody knows that if you see a FIRE, the best thing to do is to JUST IGNORE IT–that way it will DEFINITELY just go away, RIGHT???? Ohhhh…. NO?????? BTW, why should we “automatically” assume that this ACT OF TERRORISM has anything at all to do with IZZLAM, just b/c the prime suspect shrieked, ALLAHU ACKBAR?????? Hmmmm….. Naaaa….. Probably was a Presbyterian…..

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