Michigan: Police coverup Islamic honor killings in Dearborn (video)

The Islamization of America won’t be televised.


“I’ve gone into houses here in Dearborn where [Muslim] girls have been killed for having boyfriends and the [police] department keeps it quiet.” ~Police Officer, Dearborn, Michigan

Watch it all here.

Dearborn is ground zero for the Islamization of America. See here.

26 thoughts on “Michigan: Police coverup Islamic honor killings in Dearborn (video)

  1. We are so screwed. There is a huge canyon of DIVIDE in our country between the Left and the Right which WILL bring Civil War. The Left and their support of Islam will be the catalyst to this Civil War. And once it begins, you can guarantee Islamic countries will be sending arms, money and Muslims to help bring down USA. Keep ’em locked and loaded folks.

    • We’re already at war, act now. I shouldn’t have to spell it out for you. Covertly strike at their command centers. Cut them down at their roots. Intimidate their followers let them know there is a shadow resistance.

      • Mark, daily and every day I am in communication with Muslims in the only way I can; via YouTube. There are non close enough to me to speak to them directly. I also talk and teach daily to non Muslims about the horrendous evils of Islam, and have made many many knowledgeable regarding Islam! It’s my passion and I believe, from God. I am continually attempting to point out the anti Christ of Islam and how it is not compatable with ANY freedom loving society. So yes, you are correct!

      • And yes! I tell Muslims that the 350 + million weapons owned by Americans will be used against them if they push it, to bring creeping Sharia into our government and communities.

  2. Here in Florida, a couple of years ago a woman was honor murdered. She repeatedly beat her head on a coffee table. The police declared it a ‘suicide’. Islam must be removed from earth. But as the recent insane reactions to President Trumps travel restrictions show that islam is winning. Doesn’t anyone realize those 7 countries, and many others were Christian until islam took a foothold and took over like the vile fungus it is. “Rags, wretchedness, poverty and dirt, those signs and symbols that indicate the presence of Moslem rule.”-Mark Twain

  3. Law enforcement in Dearborn, MI fear the muslims. If they say or do anything their families will pay the price with their life. Too bad they can’t grow a set and do what needs and should be done about the muslim problem.

  4. i notice the video stopped as if the video was over, as it happens on youtube and shows a bunch of different videos. It stopped at the exact time he was mentioning the police covering up girls getting killed there in Dearborn. Did this happen to anyone else watching this video?

    • if they murder……time to put on a rag like they wear and just walk down the street and shoot them in the head….time for war…..use their garb for your benefit……..do it now…..do not allow anymore girls to be killed….there are probably more of them dating and scared to death of having the parents finding out….We had two girls in Dallas shot and killed because they had boy friends……they recorded the death they called 911 and one of them said “I am dying I was shot by my parents” they were in their car and the police did not find the two girls in time to save them……this could be one of your children if they are in the way of someone getting assassinated….Because you know yourself they will try to defend their friends…….

  5. Bomb Dearborn Burn it to the ground. Do it now or do it later. The very best Muslim is a Dead Muslim. There are No Good Muslims. Get over it.

    • Sadly, revolution will happen. Remember, the Muslims that are citizens will have weapons too. We must all be ready when the crap hits the fan.

  6. Michigan Police. Shame on you! Stop the MADNESS!!!’ Step up to the plate. This can’t be happening in my beloved Michigan.

  7. McCarran Act of 1952
    Prohibits Entry to USA by Islam w Allegiance to Allah Quran & Sharia as Antithetical to our Values Laws & form of Gov’t
    Why isn’t it being ENFORCED by US Govt

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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