UK: Somali Muslim Who Stabbed American to Death After Leaving Mosque Pleads Guilty

Source: Russell Square knifeman pleads guilty to killing tourist | Daily Mail Online

Zakaria Bulhan, 19, killed retired teacher Darlene Horton, 64, just hours before she was due to fly home to Tallahassee, Florida, after visiting the UK with her university professor husband Richard Wagner.

Bulhan’s parents emigrated from Somalia to Norway in 1994 and he was born in the Scandinavian country three years later.

The second of three children, he moved to the UK with his mother in 2003 under free movement rules after being granted asylum in Norway.

Norway is part of the European Economic Area (EEA), whose members share freedom of movement with the 28 countries of the EU.

Bulhan, who was living in south-west London at the time of the attack, denied murdering the mother-of-two, but pleaded guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility today.

Prosecutors have accepted that schizophrenic Bulhan was in the midst of a psychotic episode at the time after police ruled out a terrorist motive to the attack.

Bulhan struck just after 10.30pm on Wednesday 3 August in Russell Square, an area popular with tourists, after visiting the East London Mosque in Whitechapel.

The court heard he ran from the Mosque and was later seen moving erratically along the pavement at Russell Square, walking alongside the park railings and holding a large kitchen knife.

He ‘smiled and skipped’ towards his first victim before continuing the rampage with a ‘crazed smile’, the court heard.

Bulhan was carrying a copy of a book called the Fortress of the Muslims – a daily book of Islamic prayers – and was heard muttering ‘Allah, Allah,’ but a terrorist motive has been ruled out. 

As Bulham tried to catch his breath on the ground, he kept saying ‘Allah, Allah, Allah’ which the officer thought at the time could be confirmation of his worst fears.

It was confirmation, but the Brits have resigned themselves to dhimmi status and allow Muslims to rape their women and kill tourists in the street then claim it has nothing to do with Islam.

3 thoughts on “UK: Somali Muslim Who Stabbed American to Death After Leaving Mosque Pleads Guilty

  1. Has Barack Hussein Obama and his refusal to acknowledge Islamic terror as just that come to hold sway in the UK and much of Europe. Is this denial an act of denial? Or is it an act of submission? Whichever, it is also an act of cowardice.Just as it was an act of cowardice by the piece of pig feces, Zakaria Bulhan, to attack a defenseless old woman. Take back your country, England!

    • Believe me there are many citizens who are wise to Islam in the UK.
      Every Govt has let us down for years now, lying and hiding ref immigration numbers – hence Brexit result. The youth are stupid and naive to Islam all citing their Muslim mate they met at college etc. Can’t see the big picture.

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