San Diego: Terror-linked Muslim Group’s Islamic Indoctrination Training Hits Public Schools

Taxation for Islamization. Source: Anti-Islamophobia Training Rolls Out In San Diego Schools | KPBS

In the heat of the 2016 campaign season, San Diego Unified board members voted to put together a plan to stop Islamophobia in schools. Part of that plan was in action Thursday — a week after President Donald Trump signed orders to temporarily ban travel from Muslim-majority countries and crack down on immigration.

Hanif Mohebi of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said he’s been called to more than a dozen schools since the election in November to teach students and teachers how to handle bullying of Muslims. Thursday, his audience was a little different: Latino students at Logan Elementary School.

“Where you’re sitting, I used to sit there,” Mohebi said to the seventh- and eighth-graders. “And without my beard, I used to look exactly like you, and people used to think I’m Mexican. So I’ve heard all the negative stuff that they will say. And it hurts.”

The presentation wasn’t altered for the new audience. Pamphlets on how to deal with being bullied said, “Know your rights as a Muslim youth in school.” And tips for teachers — like understanding that minimizing eye contact is a sign of respect, not disrespect, among Muslims — were still laid out in bullet points. Mohebi and the school’s principal, José Villar, urged the students to learn about Muslims and apply anti-bullying tips to their own lives.

For example the first WTC attack, 9/11, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando – deadly attacks by Muslims that have killed thousands of Americans. Students could also learn about stoning, child marriage, sex slaves, wife beating, beheading, jihad and other aspects of sharia.

Mohebi taught students various ways to deescalate and report bullying situations, and urged them to step in if they see it happening to someone else.

Eighth-grader Alfonso Ruiz, 14, took the message to heart.

“To all the people who bully Muslims or Latinos, stop it. Treat them with respect. Even though they’re from a different race or religion, they’re still human beings,” he said.

Mohebi’s presentation is a pilot born out of the board’s vote on addressing Islamophobia. The school board will consider a broader implementation later this year.

Parents should consider taking their kids out of public schools in San Diego and the school board should be fired for allowing the notorious terror-linked, terror-listed Hamas front group anywhere near impressionable young kids.

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14 thoughts on “San Diego: Terror-linked Muslim Group’s Islamic Indoctrination Training Hits Public Schools

    • Read the Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no such law of separation of church and state????????????
      This lie has been spread to a people who don’t know their history! GET INFORMED before it’s to late!
      Read “The Constitution of the United Stats of America” for yourself and stop believing every lie these godless liberals throw at you!

      • Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology that dictates it’s followers every way of life and thinking, even down to the way they wipe their arse. Muslims are not a race, they are the ones who follow Islam. They should not be allowed to spread their indoctrination. America needs to wake up and stop these trojan horse infiltrators. Living in Britain, believe me, i know.

  1. This is unreal. I can confirm a public school teacher can’t even explain Trump’s argument/ reason for wanting the wall without a parent calling and complaining to administration in Liberal South Florida! THIS IS RIDICULOUS. They allow Muslim terrorist link at school? !

  2. Seems like they went out of their way to show how to only protect Muslims and Latinos from bullying. Seems Christian conservatives aren’t to be protected from bullying. Truly a mixed message.

  3. Pull your child from public schools, all this is simply to have chaos at home when your child defends Islam and confusion sets in when he/she learns differently from the parents, subliminal messages are also being sent to the child to become Muslim as well. If parents ask for different faiths to be allowed they are meet with a huge NO, not gong to happen.

  4. Maybe they can show all the death by muzzie films killing kids women and sadistic murders of anyone that they deem going against the pedofile mohammed the child molester!

  5. Everything is all ‘innocent’ and peaceful, until they get caught. Remember this word: Taqiyya.

    Council on American-Islamic Relations been called to more than a dozen schools since the election in November to teach students and teachers how to handle bullying of Muslims. Thursday, his audience was a little different: Latino students.

  6. Why should Americans avoid eye contact because it offends them? This is our country not theirs. They should be worried about offending Americans. When did this backwards way of thinking come about?
    What is this. ..a comedy show? Its like we are living in the twilight zone…..crazyness…
    FUCK THOSE SAND NIGGERS. Its sad..SD was my home town.

  7. Am I the only one that caught the part about “without my beard I look just like a Mexican “?
    Isn’t this exactly what we are worried about? 1 reason extreme vetting and the wall is so greatly needed?

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