Trump lists 78 “under-reported” terror attacks that killed 750 people

Trump is playing the media like a fiddle. This list is hardly complete but puts the onus on the media to do their job. The U.S. media rarely reports on Muslim terror attacks, not to mention immigrant/refugee crime, and when they do they do their best to obfuscate or hide the Islamic connection.


Source: 750 people killed in the 78 terror attacks Donald Trump claims went ‘under reported’ – full details

President Donald Trump’s administration has released a list of 78 terror attacks from the past two years which they claim have not received enough media attention.

The list, which spans from September 2014 to December 2016, includes many incidents which received a large amount of coverage when they took place including the Paris attack of November 2015.

According to the descriptions provided by the White House 754 people were killed in the 78 attacks, while a further 1,744 were wounded.

Thirteen of the 78 listed attacked were in France, followed by the USA in second with 11.

Trump’s list of 78 “under-reported” terror attacks

Where When Description
Tizi Ouzou, Algeria September 2014 One French citizen beheaded
Melbourne, Australia September 2014 Two police officers wounded in knife attack
Quebec, Canada October 2014 One soldier killed and one wounded in vehicle attack
Ottawa, Canada October 2014 One soldier killed at war memorial; two wounded in shootings at Parliament building
New York City, USA October 2014 Two police officers wounded in knife attack
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia November 2014 One Danish citizen wounded in shooting
Sydney, Australia December 2014 Two Australians killed in hostage taking and shooting
Abu Dhabi, UAE December 2014 One American killed in knife attack
Tours, France December 2014 Three police officers wounded in knife attack
Tripoli, Libya January 2015 Ten killed including one US citizen and five wounded in bombing and shooting at a hotel frequented by westerners
Paris, France January 2015 One police officer and four hostages killed in shooting at a kosher supermarket
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia January 2015 Two US citizens wounded in shooting
Copenhagen, Denmark February 2015 One civilian killed in shooting at a free-speech rally and one security guard killed outside the city’s main synagogue
Nice, France February 2015 Two French soldiers wounded in knife attack outside a Jewish community center
Tunis, Tunisia March 2015 21 tourists killed including 16 westerners and 55 wounded in shooting at the Bardo Museum
Zvornik, Bosnia April 2015 One police officer killed and two wounded in shooting
Paris, France April 2015 Catholic churches targeted; one civilian killed in shooting possibly during an attempted carjacking
Karachi, Pakistan April 2015 One US citizen wounded in knife attack
Garland Texas, USA May 2015 One security guard wounded in shooting at the Prophet Muhammad cartoon event
Sousse, Tunisia June 2015 38 killed and 39 wounded in shooting at a beach frequented by westerners
Luxor, Egypt June 2015 One police officer killed by suicide bomb near the Temple of Karnak
Lyon, France June 2015 One civilian killed in beheading and explosion at a chemical plant
El Gora (Al Jurah), Egypt June 2015 No casualties; camp used by Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) troops attacked in shooting and bombing attack
Boston, USA June 2015 No casualties; one police officer attacked with knife
Cairo, Egypt July 2015 One killed and nine wounded in VBIED attack at Italian Consulate
Cairo, Egypt July 2015 One Croatian national kidnapped; beheaded on August 12 at an unknown location
Paris, France August 2015 Two civilians and one US soldier wounded with firearms and knife on a passenger train
Dhaka, Bangladesh September 2015 One Italian civilian killed in shooting
Copenhagen, Denmark September 2015 One police officer wounded in knife attack
El Gora, Egypt September 2015 Four US and two MFO troops wounded in IED attack
Hasanah, Egypt October 2015 224 killed in downing of a Russian airliner
Parramatta, Australia October 2015 One police officer killed in shooting
Rangpur, Bangladesh October 2015 One Japanese civilian killed in shooting
El Gora, Egypt October 2015 No casualties; airfield used by MFO attacked with rockets
Paris, France November 2015 At least 129 killed and approximately 400 wounded in series of shootings and IED attacks
Dinajpur, Bangladesh November 2015 One Italian citizen wounded in shooting
Merced California, USA November 2015 Four wounded in knife attack on a college campus
San Bernardino California, USA December 2015 14 killed and 21 wounded in coordinated firearms attack
Rajlovac, Bosnia December 2015 Two Bosnian soldiers killed in shooting
Derbent, Russia December 2015 One killed and 11 wounded in shooting at UN World Heritage site
London, UK December 2015 Three wounded in knife attack at an underground rail station
Istanbul, Turkey January 2016 12 German tourists killed and 15 wounded in suicide bombing
Jakarta, Indonesia January 2016 Four civilians killed and more than 20 wounded in coordinated bombing and firearms attacks near a police station and a Starbucks
Cairo, Egypt January 2016 Two wounded in drive-by shooting outside a hotel frequented by tourists
Hurghada, Egypt January 2016 One German and one Danish national wounded in knife attack at a tourist resort
Paris, France January 2016 No casualties; attacker killed after attempted knife attack on Paris police station
Marseilles, France January 2016 One Jewish teacher wounded in machete attack
Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA January 2016 One police officer wounded in shooting
Hanover, Germany February 2016 One police officer wounded in knife attack
Columbus Ohio, USA February 2016 Four civilians wounded in machete attack at a restaurant
Brussels, Belgium March 2016 At least 31 killed and 270 wounded in coordinated bombings at Zaventem Airport and on a subway train
Istanbul, Turkey March 2016 Four killed and 36 wounded in suicide bombing in the tourist district
Essen, Germany April 2016 Three wounded in bombing at Sikh temple
Orlando Florida, USA June 2016 49 killed and 53 wounded in shooting at a nightclub
Istanbul, Turkey June 2016 45 killed and approximately 240 wounded at Ataturk International Airport
Kabul, Afghanistan June 2016 14 killed in suicide attack on a bus carrying Canadian Embassy guards
Magnanville, France June 2016 One police officer and one civilian killed in knife attack
Nice, France July 2016 84 civilians killed and 308 wounded by an individual who drove a truck into a crowd
Dhaka, Bangladesh July 2016 22 killed including one American and 50 wounded after hours-long siege using machetes and firearms at holy Artisan Bakery
Normandy, France July 2016 One priest killed in knife attack
Wurzburg, Germany July 2016 Four civilians wounded in axe attack on a train
Ansbach, Germany July 2016 At least 15 wounded in suicide bombing at a music festival
Queensland, Australia August 2016 Two killed and one wounded in knife attack at a hostel frequented by Westerners
Chaleroi, Belgium August 2016 Two police officers wounded in machete attack
Sydney, Australia September 2016 One civilian wounded in knife attack
Copenhagen, Denmark September 2016 Two police officers and a civilian wounded in shooting
Paris, France September 2016 One police officer wounded in raid after VBIED failed to detonate at Notre Dame Cathedral
St. Cloud, USA September 2016 10 wounded in knife attack in a mall
New York + Seaside Park And Elizabeth, USA September 2016 31 wounded in bombing in New York City; several explosive devices found in New York and New Jersey; one exploded without casualty at race in New Jersey; one police officer wounded in shootout
Hamburg, Germany October 2016 One killed in knife attack
Brussels, Belgium October 2016 Two police officers wounded in stabbing
Malmo, Sweden October 2016 No casualties; mosque and community center attacked with Molotov cocktail
N’Djamena, Chad November 2016 No casualties; attacker arrested after opening fire at entrance of US Embassy
Manila, Philippines November 2016 No casualties; failed IED attempt near US Embassy
Columbus Ohio, USA November 2016 14 wounded by individuals who drove a vehicle into a group of pedestrians and attacked them with a knife
Berlin, Germany December 2016 12 killed and 48 wounded by individual who drove truck into a crowded market
Karak, Jordan December 2016 10 killed and 28 wounded in shooting at a tourist site
Kuwait City, Kuwait No casualties; vehicle carrying three US soldiers hit by a truck

The list doesn’t even include the jihad in Nigeria, where 800+ Christians have been killed, 800 more injured, and 100+ churches destroyed by Muslims. To the media and rioting protesters, most black lives don’t really matter.

Update 1: Here’s A Short List Of Foreign-Born Muslim Terrorists Reporters Can’t Believe Exist

Update 2: At least 60 people convicted of terror-related offenses from all of the countries on the Trump executive order list . And with 129 unknowns, there might be are likely more, as well.

Trump already announced plans to publicize crimes by illegal immigrants in ‘sanctuary cities’ – will terror attacks be next? has been doing it for years.

PS: 55% of Europeans surveyed agreed that all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.

5 thoughts on “Trump lists 78 “under-reported” terror attacks that killed 750 people

  1. Finally a President of the United States is prepared to challenge the advance of Islam.
    That is a magnificent victory and should be celebrated.
    However, Donald Trump has a number of defects that I won’t go into here. In any case I don’t think we have any other grounds to be thankful for. His other policies are pretty bizarre in my opinion.
    In any case, I don’t think his pronouncements are so earth-shaking and memorable that they should become headlines, as in this article. There are far more reliable sources of information than Donald Trump (with all due respect to our Commander in Chief).

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