Texas: Muslim father sought for ‘honor killing’ two teen daughters


via Manhunt: Abusive father sought for ‘honor killing’ murders of 2 teen daughters

In a Crime Watch Daily special investigation, you will see how the FBI says a father’s twisted view of honor would end in a ruthless double murder.

It may be one of the most chilling 911 calls ever made: A terrified 17-year-old girl pleads for her life as she’s being murdered — we hear cries, and then silence.

And when the bloody bodies of Sarah Said and her 18-year-old sister Amina Said were found riddled with bullets in an abandoned taxi, investigators launched an international manhunt for the missing driver: The two teenagers’ own father, Yaser Said.

The material was uncovered during the making of the documentary film The Price of Honor. The filmmakers agreed to share it with Crime Watch Daily to aid in our own investigation of this horrifying and heartbreaking case.

Warning: Some of the things you are about to see and hear are very graphic.

New readers can get caught up on the Texas honor killing and botched investigation here.

3 thoughts on “Texas: Muslim father sought for ‘honor killing’ two teen daughters

  1. We’re supposed to take a chance on this human excrement and let them into our country? Find this vermin and all others like it and kill them all.

  2. This is another horrifying evil murder of daughters who did nothing wrong from a father who is an abusive dictatorial person. Find him to face the injustice he did & should be a warning to young girls to not be unequally joined together in marriage as God’s word tells us.

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