New Jersey: Dem State Sen & Mayor Tells Muslims Union City is a Sanctuary for Illegals

Union City mayor pandering at mosque

Another elected official in New Jersey is letting illegal aliens and potential Muslim terrorists know that they will have safe haven in cities across the state…all at American taxpayer expense. Source: Stack calls Trump’s immigration order ‘a disgrace’ in front of Union City mosque – Hudson County View

State Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack called President Donald Trump’s (R) immigration order “a disgrace,” later declaring Union City one of the safest sanctuary cities around, during a fiery speech at a mosque rally.

Hosted at the North Hudson Islamic Educational Center on Cottage Place, many religious leaders from different faiths gave their thoughts on President Donald Trump during the course of the program.

Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner praised the diversity of Hudson County before stating that he believes travel bans come to fruition “based on fear” and “political purposes.”

“I do not believe that travel bans are to protect us, that’s based on fear. They are there for political purposes only … The young lady’s hijab says it all: we’re all American,” stated Turner, pointing out a Muslim woman’s American flag hijab.

West New York Mayor Felix Roque, who was born in Cuba, said “we’re all the son of God” and should be able to co-exist as such.

[Tell that to the Muslims who keep killing non-Muslims.]

Stack was fired up when describing Trump’s immigration order as “a disgrace,” later declaring that Union City is one of the safest sanctuary cities around.

Stack added that everyone, especially the Muslim community, should be getting involved “at every level of government in this country,” again calling Trump a disgrace for his demeanor towards the Arab-American and Hispanic communities.

He concluded by not only declaring Union City a sanctuary city, but even inviting the family members of illegal immigrants to come live in the urban North Hudson municipality.

“Union City, we’ve declared this many, many years ago, is a sanctuary city, but if you have family members looking for a place to go, bring them to Union City,” Stack proclaimed.

Stack’s bold remarks came only about an hour after Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop signed an executive order declaring JC a sanctuary city.

Sanctuary cities face the possibility of having some of their federal funding cut, but the Trump administration has not taken such an action anywhere in the country yet.

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“In Union City, we don’t ask them if they’re documented or undocumented. We try to help everybody. But we’re going to go the extra mile now, considering what President Trump is doing, to not only help the immigrants, undocumented, who are here, but to welcome any that want to come to Union City.”

The government sends millions of dollars in aid annually to Union City, Stack said. Some of that comes in grants for departments such as police. However, he said, the funds make up a small amount of their annual budget.

“Whatever we lose, we’ll do our best to make up on our own,” Stack said. “It’s not going to deter me or deter the commissioners in Union City from helping the undocumented.”

“As far as direct federal funding, we get very little directly,” Turner said. “Most of all our federal funding comes from the state of New Jersey, which the state allocates and distributes. We don’t get too much [federal money]. Categorically, we get project money, depending on different partnerships we apply for. For example, road improvements, the funds come from the federal government to Trenton, Trenton disperses it to us. [Trump] would have to really overhaul the whole federal system.”

[Weehawken Mayor Richard] Turner added, “We’re a totally open and inclusive city. We’re not speculating what’s going to come down from the federal government. We don’t expect to, nor would we want to, do any non-criminal immigration enforcement. Our resources are stretched too thin now from normal crime and traffic issues.”

[Thanks in part to ILLEGAL ALIENS!]


Though cities in Hudson County are adopting resolutions to become sanctuaries, they technically cannot make that transition. This, according to county spokesperson Jim Kennelly, is due to an agreement the county jail has with ICE regarding detainees. The jail currently houses between 700 and 800 ICE detainees.

“If an [arrested] individual comes up with an immigration status, and they are charged with, or have convictions on their criminal record for crimes that ICE views as a high risk to the community – usually violent felonies, sexual violence, things like that – there is an agreement in place between the Hudson County Correctional Center and ICE, and that will be reported to ICE, so that the individuals may be detained or become subject to deportation,” Kennelly said.

He continued, “As a result of that, no community in Hudson County, no municipality can officially declare itself a sanctuary city under the very strict guidelines that are required of those who advocate on the behalf of the undocumented migrants in the United States. Our understanding of the law is that the final official designation of a municipality as a sanctuary city is a fairly narrow thing.”

However, local cities in the county are free to “act in any capacity they have to support and protect the rights of undocumented migrants in the United States,” Kennelly said.

Stack’s chief of staff has made it very clear that Union City is a sanctuary city. Federal funding should be pulled ASAP and state funding should be allocated to cities that protect Americans.

stack-traitor stack-traitor2

Not to be outdone, Jersey City declares itself above the law; will become “sanctuary” city.

and West New York Board of Education declares school district a ‘safe zone’ for illegal alien students.

Governor Christie is MIA.

4 thoughts on “New Jersey: Dem State Sen & Mayor Tells Muslims Union City is a Sanctuary for Illegals

  1. Union City is a rare collection of the outcasts and losers of humanity. It combines all those aspects of New Jersey that makes it such a desirable place to live. As the joke goes why does North Carolina have all the pig farms and NJ have Union City? Because NC had first choice.

  2. Our leaders have not studied ISLAM.Our forefather made constitution when islam was not known to them, Our leaders should be made to live in islamic nations for a year before they talk for Muslim. No-one is safe when ISLAM in majority.
    When Muslim cannot coexist with another muslim in muslim nation .How they can live with your and me

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  4. The Mayors doing this need to be held accountable for aiding criminal activity. They are enabling people Illegally in The United States to commit Identity Theft with stolen SSN’s and benefit fraud along with any additional crimes committed by these Illegal Invaders. This has gone on for way too long and needs to be stopped.

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