New York: Muslim pleads guilty – tried to aid ISIS and kill FBI agent


Source: S.I. ISIS wannabe pleads guilty to trying to help terrorist group – NY Daily News

On Thursday, Fareed Mumuni pleaded guilty to charges that he planned to aid the terrorist organization and tried to kill a federal agent searching his Staten Island house.

His co-defendant Munther Omar Saleh is expected to plead guilty Friday to plotting for the terrorist organization, prosecutors say.

Mumuni, 22, planned to go overseas and fight for ISIS. He also planned to build a pressure cooker bomb with Saleh, according to the government. Federal authorities say the two were part of a six-person ring including New Jersey residents scheming for ISIS, which has wreaked havoc in its Middle East strongholds and beyond.

Authorities apprehended Saleh and Mumuni in June 2015. They took in Saleh after he and a teenager charged with knives at a federal agent tailing them. Mumuni’s attempted attack happened days later. The agent he targeted wore body armor, protecting him from Mumuni’s kitchen knife.

Staring at up to 85 years in prison, Mumuni calmly and briefly responded to Brooklyn Federal Judge Margo Brodie’s questions Thursday on whether he knew what he was doing by pleading guilty.

He said he “knowingly and intentionally” sought to provide material support and resources to ISIS.

At one point, the judge asked about the charge of attempted murder connected to the search at his home. Brodie asked Mumuni if he intended to kill with his lunge. “Yes, your honor,” replied Mumuni, wearing a tan prison uniform and a kufi.

As noted in this post: Muslim in NYC bomb plot may have stabbed child as ISIS tryout

Mumuni, court documents say, “espouses violent jihadist beliefs.” He allegedly told authorities that he had pledged allegiance to ISIS and that if he failed to join the group in the Mideast, he planned to attack law enforcement.

As usual, the media is mum on his immigration status and nationality – not to mention the M-word.

3 thoughts on “New York: Muslim pleads guilty – tried to aid ISIS and kill FBI agent

  1. Gee, no need to waste airfare to have him go overseas to fight and be killed for islam. Lets save airfare and have him sent to his 72 virgins or grapes right here!

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