France building bullet-proof wall around Eiffel Tower to guard against Muslim terror

Source: Eiffel Tower: Paris monument to be protected by bullet-proof glass wall | Travel News | Travel |

Paris’ most famous monument, the Eiffel Tower, is soon to get a new feature that may prove more controversial than its rotating spotlight – a bullet-proof glass wall.

The plans, reported by Le Parisien on Thursday 8 February, were unveiled by authorities in the wake of five terrorist attacks in France during 2016.

There are fears around the city’s monuments being targets for terrorists – particularly in the light of the failed attack on Notre Dame in September 2016 by a group of female jihadists.

A glass wall is proposed so that tourists have some protection without ruining the Eiffel Tower’s iconic appearance.

The bullet-proof wall will be 2.5m high, running along Quai Branly and Avenue Gustave-Eiffel, and will also stretch through the middle of small parks on either side of the Eiffel Tower.

Le Parisien paper reported that the project is likely to cost €20 million and should be finished by Autumn of this year.

The wall will also mean that the entry process for visitors has to change.

Tourists can currently enter the attraction from two parallel streets on either side, but they will soon have to go through the gardens instead.

The wall will mean that everyone, even those not planning on climbing the Tower, will have to pass through security checks to get an up-close look – visitors can forget taking a stroll underneath the structure.The security upgrade has angered some Parisians, who think it will mar the look of their city’s best-loved attraction.Catherine Dumas, a French politician, said: “These measures must not distort the architectural aspects of the surroundings.””What a shame,” 37-year-old resident Stéphanie told Le Parisien.

“While I can understand the security aspect, this new plan is going to spoil the area a bit.

“The best way to enjoy the Tower is to see it from underneath.

“It will be annoying if you can’t get there easily, especially for people who have travelled from abroad.”

Not as annoying as going to Paris and feeling like you are in a Muslim country. Build the wall on the border.

…and the results are in: Paris Tourism Falls 1.5 Million in 2016 after Terror Fears, Costs Economy €1.3 Billion

8 thoughts on “France building bullet-proof wall around Eiffel Tower to guard against Muslim terror

  1. Getting close to the tower shouldn’t be the question of the day. The question is, why the wall period! Why have we let it get this BAD!

    Send the Islamic Jihadis & MUSLIMS back by boat, by plane, by river raft OR dump them in the ocean … Who cares! Is this their country or yours? And obviously right now, ITS THEIR’S & THEY ARE DOING WITH IT AS THEY PLEASE!!
    So if the French don’t want this they need to get up off their butts & FIGHT OR .. LIVE AS SLAVES OR DIE!!

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  3. And we get called a bunch of racists & Islamaphobes for wanting a wall on our border to keep muzzie terrorists out of the country. Plus we get called racist & islamaphobes for wanting to vet those people who are coming into America. The same thing will happen in America as is currently happening in Paris if we continue to allow those who will do harm into America it will happen sooner rather than later.

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