Hezbollah terror group launches Twitter donation campaign: ‘Arm the Jihadist’

Source: Ynetnews News – Hezbollah launches donation campaign: ‘Arm the Jihadist’

The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah has launched a widespread campaign in recent days calling on member of the public to help finance its combatants and military activities.

Under the slogan of “Money for Jihad is a Must”, that was hashtagged and publicized on social media, Hezbollah is leading a campaign that has been dubbed “The Initiative to Arm Jihadists.”

In a video circulated on the group’s twitter account, one of its members can be seen equipping himself and attempting to encourage the public to donate money to the cause.

“Whoever arms a fighter is considered to have fought,” the group said as per the Islamic tradition and even added phone numbers to be used for the donations.

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7 thoughts on “Hezbollah terror group launches Twitter donation campaign: ‘Arm the Jihadist’

  1. not being funny, but if Twatter don’t take the Hezbollox accounts down there must be enough Hacktivists who can take their accounts down?

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised or alarmed if the US and other governments banned Twitter from the internet if they don’t take down the accounts raising funds for terror. Even though it would be nice to learn who contributes and drone their asses.

    • Do you think terror groups just use their obvious names on major platforms? Do you expect them come right out and make it obvious to the military and legal who want to take them down?

      The Muslim Brotherhood – a banned terror group in several countries – actually has a verified Twitter account but Hizbollah uses various names across many Twitter accounts. For instance: @almanarnews, @Alahednews

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