New York: Muslim in Queens pleads guilty to ISIS support, attacking FBI agent


The NY Daily News is determined to refer to Muslims who are determined to wage jihad as “wannabes.” It’s done so in multiple articles. Source: Queens ISIS wannabe pleads guilty to attacking FBI agent – NY Daily News

An ISIS devotee leading a small cell of fellow wannabes admitted Friday to plotting attacks for the terror group.

Munther Omar Saleh, 21, pleaded guilty in Brooklyn Federal Court to planning to aid the organization and scheming to attack law enforcement.

He was arrested, armed with knives and charging at a federal officer tailing him.

Saleh, a former college student from Queens, said Friday he spoke with others about traveling to join ISIS. He said he got hiking boots for a co-conspirator trying to get to Syria, and passed along contact information for someone he thought was an ISIS recruiter. The group of terror wannabes included several New Jersey men.

If Saleh opted for trial, Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexander Solomon said the government would’ve shown Saleh was in contact with “attack facilitator” Junaid Hussain.

Solomon said Hussain relayed instructions to Saleh on how to build a pressure cooker bomb like the one that killed three people during the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Hussain, a hacker with a big role in ISIS online recruitment, was killed in an August 2015 U.S. air strike in Syria.

As Brooklyn Federal Judge Margo Brodie made sure Saleh understood what he was doing by pleading, she asked if anyone threatened or forced him to plead.

Saleh paused before saying yes.

The judge noted the hesitation and asked again if he’d been pushed into the plea.

“Partly. More like, my counsel said, between a rock and a hard place,” he said.

Both Saleh and Mumuni are scheduled for May 16 sentencing. Saleh faces up to 53 years and Mumuni could get a maximum 85 years.

“In the name of ISIL’s false and hateful ideology, these defendants attacked the law enforcement officers who work tirelessly to preserve the safety of our communities,” said U.S. Attorney Robert Capers.

ISIS’ ideology is clearly hateful but what evidence does U.S. Attorney Robert Capers have to prove that ISIS’s ideology is false?

From a previous post: Muslim student in Queens planned ISIS-inspired jihad attack

Saleh expressed support for ISIS on social media, at one point tweeting in 2014 that he thought Al Qaeda was “too moderate.” Investigators claim Saleh also endorsed specific terrorist actions, like the January Charlie Hebdo massacre in France, the attack on last month’s “Draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Texas, and the burning and beheading of a Jordanian pilot and a Japanese journalist, respectively, by ISIS.

One thought on “New York: Muslim in Queens pleads guilty to ISIS support, attacking FBI agent

  1. Where is ” The Religion of Peace ” they keep telling us Islam is ? Surely there has to be stories of Muslims out there helping Non-Muslims besides those nice Muslim Nigerian Princes giving people millions after they pay $79.95 for the paperwork or ATM card. So far I see over 30,000 Deadly Terror attacks since 9-11 so that must mean there are over 200,000 acts of Peace if less than 10% of Muslims following Islam are Radical or Terrorists/ what ever term they use at the moment, Right ? Where are all of the Protests by ” Peaceful Muslims ” every time there is a ” Allahu Akbar ” stabbing, beheading, bombing, etc ? Just trying to find out since I hear Islam is ” The Religion of Peace ” all the time but not much in reality that backs it up.

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