CIA That Funded ‘Moderate Muslim Brotherhood’ Narrative Opposed to Group’s Terror Designation


Source: CIA That Funded the ‘Moderate Muslim Brotherhood’ Narrative Opposed to the Group’s Terror Designation |

By Patrick Poole

The CIA has published an analysis claiming that designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization could “fuel extremism,” Politico is reporting today.

Quite conveniently, this internal CIA analysis found its way into the hands of Politico reporters.

But oddly, the article fails to mention that the CIA and the U.S. intelligence community were directly involved in funding the experts who pushed the bogus “moderate Muslim Brotherhood” narrative beginning in the latter end of the Bush administration.

This hand-wringing is in response to reports that the Trump administration is actively discussing such a designation.

Needless to say, the Washington, D.C. foreign policy “smart set” and the media who have been openly disdainful of the White House’s considerations are wetting themselves at news of the CIA’s analysis.

So far, many of the arguments against the Muslim Brotherhood by the foreign policy and media establishment have ranged from the non sequitur (“if you call the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists they will become terrorists), the patently false (“the Muslim Brotherhood renounced violence in the 1970s”), to the histrionic (“designating the Muslim Brotherhood is declaring war on all American Muslims”).

Virtually all of these articles at some point parrot the worn out and largely debunked talking points of the Leiken/Brooke Foreign Affairs article, as does the Politico piece.

But given the CIA and the U.S. intelligence community’s role in funding and marketing the “moderate Muslim Brotherhood” narrative from its inception, to have this new CIA analysis fall into the lap of D.C. reporters at the very moment that the White House is debating the move raises serious questions about the intelligence community’s continued interference in domestic and foreign policy discussions.

That would seem to be an important issue that new CIA Director Mike Pompeo—who as a congressman co-sponsored the House bill calling for the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood—should look into.

And they’ve now succeeded in eliminating one voice in Trump’s cabinet who is well aware of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic threats: Flynn Out as National Security Advisor.

Read it all.

The same CIA days ago honored Saudi Crown Prince for efforts against terrorism

4 thoughts on “CIA That Funded ‘Moderate Muslim Brotherhood’ Narrative Opposed to Group’s Terror Designation

  1. The CIA had a Muslim as its head for years. If that wasn’t enough he is an admitted communist. And Obama and the Dhimmies had no concerns with this. The Dhimmies are so patriotic and so sane, not.

  2. Pingback: The backstabbing CIA just publicly opposed designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. This is the same CIA that took us into Iraq, aided Al Quida and ISIS, and helped create the Muslim Bros! Trump needs to clean house asap! | The Trum

  3. The Muslim Brotherhood ideology is the basis of the extremism we’re facing now. Identifying the enemy is better than letting them remain nameless and continue their plan to “destroy our miserable house from within by our own hand, so that only the religion of Allah remains victorious over all others.” Let’s name the enemy and not fear their threat that they will increase their number if we let everyone know who they are.
    If I’m to die at the hand of my enemy, I prefer to know who and what the enemy is, rather than be slaughtered by an unknown foe when and where I least expect it.
    Designate The Muslim Brotherhood as a Global Terrorist Organization because they are!

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