Texas: Police find 8-month old baby left in van, don’t arrest Saudi parents citing ‘cultural sensitivity’

The police changed their story after the incident went viral (i.e., they got caught). Another example of Muslims in America being above the law.


Source: Police clarify details about baby left in van | KiiiTV.com  h/t BNI

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) – On Sunday, police said the reason a couple was not arrested after leaving their baby in a vehicle for just under an hour was due to claims of it being allowed in their culture; but on Monday the Corpus Christi Police Department clarified, saying they misspoke.
Officers said the parents told them they were from Saudi Arabia and that it was normal in their culture to leave their children in the car. Police said they were practicing cultural sensitivity in terms of waiting to make an arrest, but on Monday they said that was not the reason.

It all started with a cell phone video that first made its way around Facebook. It showed an officer locating a baby left inside a van at the Starplex movie theater. Officers said they discovered it was an eight-month-old girl and she was left inside for 46 minutes before her 29-year-old father and

17-year-old mother came out with their other four-year-old child.

They told police it is normal behavior in Saudi Arabia, which is where they are from.

 “We didn’t do a good job on your news story the other night. We didn’t do a good job of explaining that,” CCPD Lt. Chris Hooper said. “We should not have released the offenders alibi to y’all. We shouldn’t have done it, but we did.”
Police said Monday they are not buying that excuse, and what the parents did is definitely illegal; but police said the officers in the field determined the child was not in immediate danger after speaking to the parents.
Child Protective Services is now involved in the case and police said the parents are facing child abandonment and child endangerment charges, which means they could face up to two years in jail and pay up to a $10,000 fine.
While the department does strive to be understanding of all cultures and backgrounds, they misspoke on this case.
“I teach multiculturalism in the police academy,” Hooper said, “but in no way do their values from another country or their cultural idiosyncricies afford them the right to break laws in our country.”

Police said they did let the 29-year-old father know that criminal charges could be coming.

Don’t count on charges coming.

By the way, if the 17 year-old mother has a four year-old child, it begs asking:  when and where did she get married and where did she have a child at 13-years of age?
If not in the U.S., why our U.S. immigration/refugee officials importing child brides?

8 thoughts on “Texas: Police find 8-month old baby left in van, don’t arrest Saudi parents citing ‘cultural sensitivity’

  1. Send them all back to Saudi Arabia where they can practice their sick evil ideoogy. Where Old Muslim farts can marry children. In this country you would be a pediofile. In Saudi Arabia and most Moozlem countries your given the ok to have sex with a child when married. How sick is such an ideology that allows this.

  2. you live in this country you obey our laws- do not leave any child in a car alone for any reason- I treat my dog better than they treat their children… :) have a nice day…

  3. Not to side with child marriages but our own nation needs to change the marriage laws in all 50 states to balance out the rule, some states still allow for child brides which is wrong even with parents consent. As for the wife in this article she married in the middle east, cannot arrest him for that but we could change our immigration laws not to allow child brides into our nation, example no bride under age 21 to be allowed into the United States, next have people be vaccinated, example no one is allowed in SaudI Arabia if they have not been vaccinated for yellow fever, there are lots of ways to stop or slow down who enters into our nation.

  4. Seventeen–is a grown woman–in no way a child. And these godless Muslims–should never have been allowed into America. And Cultural Sensitivity–is Cultural Marxism.

  5. If it was allowed in Saudi Arabia there would be no children, they would have all roasted to death in the 50%C /122%F heat outside of the car.
    More lies and the police are fools, have they not heard that Saudi is a HOT desert!

    • I guess an 8 month old Saudi Arabian’s brain boils differently than an 8 month old American baby. Were these Saudi Arabians here on holiday where our US Laws do not apply since we must be culturally sensitive or are these Saudi Migrants now residing in the US where our US Laws don’t apply because we have to culturally sensitive and they don’t have to assimilate?

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