Afghan refugee charged with assault protesting Trump’s Sec of Education at D.C. school

You can take the Afghan out of the Muslim world but you can’t take the…

More on the yet-to-be assimilated refugee and NPR thug. Source: Afghan refugee pleads not guilty to charges following DeVos protest at D.C. school | WACH

A man who was arrested after protesters blocked U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ entrance into a D.C. public school last Friday faces multiple charges, including assault on a police officer.

According to D.C. Police, Bilal Ahmed Askaryar, 32, of Northwest Washington, “got violent and started pushing and shoving officers” when DeVos’ vehicle was attempting to exit a driveway behind the school.

The Washington Post reports Askaryar did not move when an officer requested him to, saying “no.” A police report says he allegedly was captured on a police body camera video pushing an officer and a sergeant.

Over the weekend, Askaryar pleaded not guilty to the assault charges, according to Politico. Other charges include misdemeanor assault and failing to obey an officer during the protest.

Last month, Askaryar wrote an article for NPR detailing he and his family’s escape from Afghanistan when he was five years old. He and his parents became U.S. citizens in 2000.

Askaryar has a hearing scheduled for March 17.


4 thoughts on “Afghan refugee charged with assault protesting Trump’s Sec of Education at D.C. school

  1. Deport this idiot. Afghans should live in areas that can accept such behavior. Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, South Africa, or Berkley.

  2. But this has nothing to do with his religion — anyone could’ve gotten violent. What if it was some white guy that acted that way? Deport him? Trace his ancestry back to whichever country a great, great grandparent might’ve come from well over 100 years ago? There’s a lot of anger and frustration over the new Education Secretary, though this isn’t an excuse to act in such a way. The people protesting in front of the public school were merely expressing their frustration but as we see in the case of the man arrested, he did so in an unhealthy way.

    • Dear hija,

      It has everything to do with opposing Trump’s temporary halt on refugees from 7 Muslim countries (that Obama identified).

      It has nothing to do with education and you’d think a gay liberal refugee protester who FLED his own country because of MUSLIMS would get it!

    • There is also a lot of anger and frustration over the way some immigrants are acting, and I say this as one who is married to an immigrant and has always considered immigration great for this country. But between illegal immigration and behavior like this, it is easy to get a bit jingoistic.

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