Ohio: Suspect in anti-Arab Graffiti on Muslim Home is…MUSLIM!

Fake Muslim Hate Crime of the Day.

Source: Arrest made in connection to racially charged graffiti on Sylvania Twp. home | WNWO   h/t Jihad Watch: Fake hate crime in Ohio: Muslim charged with painting anti-Arab graffiti

SYLVANIA TWP., Oh. (WNWO) — Authorities say charges have been filed in connection to a graffiti incident on the garage door of an Arab family in Lucas County.

Sylvania Township police say Osama Nazzal, 28, of Toledo, was charged with criminal damaging in connection to the incident.

On Jan. 10, the Sylvania Twp. home of Souheir Eltatawi had been spray-painted with a swastika and derogatory phrase that read, “Expletive Arabs.”

From the original report: Sylvania Township home vandalized with racist words

Ali, a close relative of the family, spoke on their behalf to NBC 24 and said he believes this was meant to harm their family emotionally.

“I don’t think they hate us. I think that was to hurt us,” said Ali, who wished to exclude his last name from this story.

He also believes they’re trying to cause a divide.

“They’re trying to separate us. They’re trying to hurt us. They’re trying to label us in a group of people; we’re not like that,” said Ali.

When asked what he would say to the person or persons who did this if he had the chance:

“Be a little more creative, that’s terrible and tacky, it was just for the purpose of hurting us ,there was no thought that went into that, maybe a little bit of planning, but the person who did this have no intellectual capacity,” said Ali.

What does Ali think now and why didn’t NBC do a follow-up interview? Does Ali know Osama perhaps?

If Osama were a white American who left bacon at the home or a mosque, he’d be held on $1,000,000 bail or would be sent to jail and murdered.

7 thoughts on “Ohio: Suspect in anti-Arab Graffiti on Muslim Home is…MUSLIM!

    • when arabs (or jews, or blacks, or gays) perpetrate a fake hate crime, usually they are attempting to get sympathy. in this case, it might be possible that the perp intended someone else to take the fall- a trump supporter perhaps. in other words, sympathy may not have been the goal- villifying the
      conservative viewpoint seems to be the goal. attempting to prove the right is racist. of course, like all fake hate crimes, it backfired.

  1. Is anyone else tired of Muslims putting themselves in position to play the victim? The individuals who are doing this are the ones hurting their own people and making it so that Muslims who really are affected by bigotry and hatred aren’t taken seriously.

  2. ha, and i thought the jews did stuff ….you know how many jews put nazi memorbilia on doors and buildings… and now a arab…too much…lol

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