Texas: Methodist-affiliated McMurry University opens Muslim prayer room

For Saudi Muslims of course. Source: Christian university in Texas opens prayer room for Muslim students – The College Fix

A Christian university in Texas has created a prayer room for its Muslim students.

The Methodist-affiliated McMurry University dedicated the space in one of the school’s residential dorms for its Muslim students’ daily prayers.

Before its creation, Muslim students met for prayer in a nearby hotel, a student who helped establish the new prayer room told The College Fix in an interview.

That student, Joe Yousef, is president of McMurry’s Saudi Student Club. Of the roughly 1,000 students attending McMurry, about 60 are Muslim and many come from Saudi Arabia, Yousef said.

Yousef said now that Muslim students have a prayer room on campus, it will be much easier for them to meet both their religious and scholastic obligations.

“On Friday, we get together and sometimes we have to go home to pray and we need to be in university so we don’t have time to go home,” Yousef said.

Yousef admitted that some people at McMurry didn’t like the idea of having the prayer room.

Some students are also supportive.

“Being Christians, we should be open to free religion and letting everyone do what they want to do and I think the Muslim prayer room gives them that chance,” student Hector Flores told BigCountry.com.

McMurry’s chaplain, Jeff Lust, and Dr. Mark Waters, professor of religion and director of international education, reportedly helped the students in their effort. Lust did not respond to a request for comment from The College Fix.

McMurry’s associate director of communications, Gary Ellison, did not respond to requests for comment either.

Lust told KTXS that the room is “a step in the right direction.”

“We anticipate over time we’ll have students from a variety of countries and possibly different religions,” Lust said. “We need to learn to live and work together in this world that is increasingly diverse and then we can truly become better together.”

The room will also serve as a meeting place for a new interfaith club, which is slated to meet for the first time Feb. 21, according to Yousef.

He said he will help lead the interfaith club in the hopes that it will help students of different faiths understand each other better.

“We are going to talk about faith and belief,” he said. “Some people have their own bias. We want people to get together, so we can help each other out.”


11 thoughts on “Texas: Methodist-affiliated McMurry University opens Muslim prayer room

  1. Islam don’t change they make you change .End of christianity is near. All christians in Middle east dead church don’t complain ,now in west Islam follows .1400 yrs and No university in Saudi , they send students here in west ,shame on them or claver to invade your land.

  2. As a Methodist and a Stephen Minister this totally burns me up!! There is one way to Heaven and that is through Jesus Christ. Do not water down the gospel. We all have been given grace but having the opposite of what we as Christians believe in a Methodist affiliated university is contrary to what we stand for.

    • We can combat this. We write to the various colleges/universities, Congress people, State Boards of Education, Department of Education, etc…We may be Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, another religion or no religion but we need to demand ALL FEDERAL FUNDING, including student loans, BE PULLED UNTIL THE VARIOUS SCHOOLS COMPLY WITH THE LAW! 1971 Lemon vs. Kurtzman – The court ruled that a 3 pronged test has to be passed for religious involvement in public schools:
      1. Is there secular purpose for the activity? NO!
      2. Does the activity actively promote religion or inhibit religion? YES!
      3. Is the entanglement between church and state excessive? YES!
      Under this decision (whether you agree or not) what is happening on our college campuses doesn’t meet this ruling.
      In 1962 Engle vs. Vitale – The court ruled that the school sponsored prayer violated the establishment of religion clause in the US Constitution.
      By providing prayer areas for Muslims, colleges are violating this ruling as well.
      These schools are also in violation of:
      Title 42 Chapter 21 of the U. S. Code prohibits discrimination against persons based on age, disability, gender, race, national origin and religion (among other things) in a number of settings – including education, employment, access to businesses and buildings, federal service and more. Chapter 21 is where a number of federal acts related to civil rights have been codified – including the Civil Rights Act of 1866, Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act.
      They are intentionally discriminating against people of all other religions by not providing the same accommodations.
      Colleges/universities are secular in nature, therefore, either these students came to obtain an education or they came to pray. If they came to pray, they need to go to a mosque. If they came to obtain an education, then they need to attend to their studies. ‘
      We can’t sit back and be silent. We need to speak up loud and clear. SOMETHINGS ARE NOT NEGIOTABLE! If we don’t, we get what we deserve – MINORITY RULE.

  3. When’s the last time you heard of Muslims giving Christians a leg up? Are Christians welcome to pray to god in a mosque? Yet we often see Christian and other churches allowing Muslims in to pray to their Allah. How insane can these fools be. Don’t they see whats taking place in many parts of the world where Christians are being slaughtered by these savages. When was the last time a Christian drove a truck into a crowd or blew himself up in the name of Jesus.

      • Ok ‘Anon’, name one, One, ONE, muzzlum who can say, “I have a personal relationship with ‘allah’. Allah loves me. He is my friend.” NAME ONE!!!! JUST NAME ONE!!!!! Who THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO FOOL, Anon??? It’s YOU who doesn’t worship God, b/c you don’t KNOW Him!!! His Name is JESUS! He’s the LORD of lords and KING of kings, and I can assure you HE HAS NEVER EVER DISAPPEARED!!!!! Sorry, Anon, but it’s you who is the MAD MAN!!!!! And your ‘god’, falsely so-called, is NO GOD AT ALL!!!! At best ‘he’ is undoubtedly nothing but a DEMONIC ENTITY straight from the pit of a devil’s HELL!!!!! YOU CAN TAKE THAT STRAIGHT TO THE BANK (or any other place or establishment that you may choose)!!! P.S. I can’t help notice that you actually acknowledge that “Real Christianity” existed “thousands of years ago”–so what happened then, ARE YOU SAYING THAT ‘GOD DIED’????? Well, maybe to you HE is dead, but I know Him and He knows me by my name–‘WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS….”!! He actually wants to be your Friend too, Anon, but if not then one DAY He will be your Judge!!!!!

  4. Iraqi priest: “There’s no such thing as moderate Islam…ISIS represents Islam one hundred percent” ; “Wake up! The cancer is at your door. They will destroy you. We, the Christians of the Middle East are the only group that has seen the face of evil: Islam”…. http://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/08/iraqi-priest-theres-no-such-thing-as-moderate-islam-isis-represents-islam-one-hundred-percent

    July 2015: When Muslims Betray Non-Muslim Friends and Neighbors
    Why Islamic treachery in the Middle East should concern Americans
    “Days ago, after the Islamic State [IS] entered the Syrian city of Hassakè, prompting a mass exodus of Christians, a familiar, though often overlooked scene, took place: many otherwise “normal” Muslims joined ranks with IS, instantly turning on their longtime Christian neighbors.

  5. It is confounding to observe the muslim so-called “faith” publishing their core beliefs, practices, and opinions in the open light of day, only to be ignored by our so-called “Christian” institutions, fellow “Christians”, self-described intelligentsia, and others, in blatantly contradictory terms. The islamists TELL us what they are going to do and how even while doing it and WE are supposed to take it? What is wrong with us?! It’s long past time to be beating our ploughshares.

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