Canada: Quebec legislature adopts sharia blasphemy motion condemning ‘Islamophobia’

quebecistanSource: Quebec legislature adopts motion condemning ‘Islamophobia’ – The Globe and Mail

Quebec’s legislature unanimously adopted a motion Thursday condemning “Islamophobia” — particularly toward Syrian refugees — in response to what some politicians say is a growing anti-Muslim climate in the province.

About 100 members of the legislature voted in favour of the motion tabled by Francoise David, whose Quebec solidaire has three members in the 125-seat national assembly.

David said she was concerned by what she called the increasing number of attacks against Muslims in Quebec, notably online.

The motion condemned Islamophobia and incitement of hatred and violence toward Muslim Quebecers, in particular Syrian refugees.

The governing Liberals and the two other opposition parties in the legislature attempted to amend the motion in order for it to condemn racism more generally as well as other forms of intolerance.

But David told reporters she insisted the word “Islamophobia” be included in the text and that the motion focus on Muslims.

“The incidents that have been multiplying over the past few weeks particularly affect Quebec’s Muslims,” she said. “We need to call a spade a spade.”

Except when Muslims are attacking, killing or inciting violence against non-Muslims in Canada. Then the spade must be buried, hidden and hushed. Perhaps, now, even punished.

Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil told reporters the motion “is a gesture of responsibility and it’s a gesture to reassure people, reassure Quebecers and newcomers and people who perhaps came a few generations ago.”

Absent in the motion was any mention of the niqab, the face veil worn by some Muslim women that has become a major issue in the federal election campaign, particularly in Quebec.

Political parties are split over whether people should be allowed to wear the veil during citizenship ceremonies.

David pleaded with her federal counterparts to stop talking about it and to focus on other topics.

“We debate enough around that,” she said. “We have many other things to debate. We have two weeks more (in the campaign), please debate on the environment, on social justice, on refugees.”

In other words, they are busy debating distractions and nothing of importance to long-standing citizens of Quebec.

Can any Canadian reader let us know what legal standing a “motion” holds in Quebec?

10 thoughts on “Canada: Quebec legislature adopts sharia blasphemy motion condemning ‘Islamophobia’

  1. I wonder how the frogs will feel when they’re made to learn that sand-in-your-throat hock-a-loogie language, because, you know, that’s next.

    ( Grabs popcorn for the inevitable francophone shitstorm )

    • The Frenchies have actually passed laws to ban the burqua and pro secularism to deal with this problem. Where did that get them? A multiple terrorist attacks with 500 either killed or injured. This new precedent of bowing down to Islam is very dangerous in all respects. This is bad.

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  3. I am not a computer savvy person so this might be considered a dumb question but here goes anyway. I access your articles through my WordPress blog but you do not have a connect button back to WordPress where we can then reblog it for you to this market, are you able to do this?

    Thank You,

  4. when majority follow islam what happens is evident in middle east soon Canada ,West who love islam and will follow end up like in middle east . Muslim got place in Canada and West as we had no muslim majority .Imagine when here are muslim majority where people who love western ideology will go in. future .
    Even Saudi arabs and Iran refuses to take these Refugees due to danger In future.

    • Thanks for that information Arishsahani! About the Saudi Arabs and Iran refusing to take these refugees due to danger in future. Of course they have enough trouble now but do you mean it could get worse? Yes, I guess it could. We could all be wiped out. May the true God help all of us! Poor Canada with all the French Canadians so Catholic! Our Lady of Fatima, hear our prayers and turn an eye of pity upon us.

  5. Question? is they adopted a motion? does it become Bill (law)?
    4 March 2017, across Canada, protest against those illegal migrants and the new motion, carbon tax. Please pass the words and share. Probably it will be the last time for free speech! Look on facebook for the city near you!

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