Iowa: 1000’s of (illegal?) Sudanese “immigrants” flood credentialing service to get “registered”

The thousands of Sudanese “immigrants” living throughout eastern Iowa are probably like the thousands of Syrian “refugees” imported by Obama:  99% Muslim. Hence the CBS article below that adheres to the standard Muslim victimization template and leaves more questions than answers.


Source: Hundreds of Sudanese immigrants take advantage of Corridor credential service opportunity | KGAN

Thousands of Sudanese immigrants living throughout eastern Iowa had access to a Sudanese credential service, providing an estimated 1,500 Sudanese-American citizens with essential documents, including birth certificates, passports, and national identification numbers.

In 2012, Sudan made changes to the country’s identification credentials.

The only means to obtain the proper documentation for Sudanese immigrants living in the United States was to travel to Washington D.C. or New York City to register.

However, the Sudanese Ministry of Interior Office for Immigration, Passport and Nationality Services sent several government officials to the Embassy of Sudan in D.C., and now the officials are traveling to heavily populated Sudanese communities throughout the United States in an effort to help Sudanese immigrants get registered.

Registered for what? How did thousands of Sudanese Muslims end up in Iowa if they didn’t have “birth certificates, passports, and national identification numbers”? How were they vetted and who vetted them? Are they all illegal aliens?

For many Sudanese Muslims living in Iowa City, the timing is ideal. The documents will give immigrants like Mohamed Ahmed more options.

[Typical fake-news, Muslim propaganda omitted]

“A ban can’t separate us. A wall can’t separate us. None of those things matter at the end because we’re all here,” said Mohamed. “This country was built on immigrants, and it’s not going to change that.”

America wasn’t built on refugees selected and imported by unelected, often non-American bureaucrats for profit, and refugees – by definition – are supposed to return to their homeland.

The sooner the better.

More Islamization in Iowa here. At least one Sudanese Muslim refugee who took part in the rape of a 5-year old American girl.

4 thoughts on “Iowa: 1000’s of (illegal?) Sudanese “immigrants” flood credentialing service to get “registered”

  1. People who Legally Enter The United States already have these types of documents. There is no way you can tell me these people were vetted in any way without any documentation ? illegal Invaders brought to us by the obamanation. The obama/Soetoro Administration will go down as the worst in History when all of the Anti-American and Illegal acts towards The Constitution and Citizens of The United States finally comes out. Only President Carter is happy since barry Soetoro bumped him from the worst POTUS spot.

  2. Yes, America was built partly with immigrants – LEGAL immigrants, and they were NOT muslims! Why? Because ppl back then had not yet forgotten what SAVAGES AND TERRORISTS muslims are! KEEP THE MUSLIMS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! THEY HAVE MANY OF THEIR OWN, AND THEY JUST WANT TO TAKE OURS OVER. WAKE UP!

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