South Carolina: Summerville 6th grader’s being taught ‘Five Pillars of Islam’, Koran

Taxation for Islamization. Students are never taught the sixth pillar of Islam: JIHAD (against non-Muslims). They are only taught what proselytizing Muslims want them to believe.

Source: Parents angry over 6th grade lessons on ‘Five Pillars of Islam’, Quran |

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – Sixth-grade students at Alston Middle School are expected to learn the five pillars of Islam, and to correctly interpret passages from the Quran.

In one worksheet, students were provided seven specific passages from the Quran and tasked with matching the religious texts with the five pillars of Islam.

Passages included “Allah: There is no god but Him, the Living, the Eternal One. Neither slumber nor sleep overtakes him,” which corresponds to the first pillar “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.”

Another fill-in-the-blanks worksheet tasked students with filling in supposed facts about the Islamic faith.

“Islam is a religion of (peace),” it read. “If I believe in Islam, I am called a (Muslim). In the Islamic religion, we call God (Allah). I may dress differently than other kids. I feel (bad) that a few people of my religion committed terrorist acts. I do not believe in terrorists’ idea of a ‘holy war.’”

The worksheets irked at least one parent enough that she sent them to them to WCSC to highlight the religious lessons, and question why parents were not notified about the controversial subject.

The unidentified mother told the news site she’s not the only parent with a problem about the assignment.

“Our concern is that if they need permission to teach sexual education, they should be getting permission to teach religious values,” she said.

The complaints follow a rash of similar objections by parents in numerous states in recent years. In at least one instance, students were forced to take a test on the Islamic faith on the 14th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, EAGnews reported.

In schools in Tennessee, Georgia and other states, school officials have blamed the alleged “Islamic indoctrination” on state standards, which are modeled after the national Common Core standards pushed on schools by the Obama administration.

WCSC confronted Dorchester District II officials in Summerville about the situation, and district spokeswoman Patricia Raynor pointed to the state Department of Education’s standards for sixth grade social studies.

Raynor contends the Islam worksheets are part of a “Survey of Civilization” course that incorporates lessons on geography, economics and religion.

“Worksheets on all these features of a civilization are used as teaching tools, including all religions involved,” Raynor wrote in a prepared statement.

“One of the next civilizations being studied in the course will be ancient Rome that will include the study of Christianity,” she wrote. “South Carolina curriculum standards specified the material covered in this study of civilizations. This curriculum is taught in all school districts in South Carolina.”

Raynor insisted the course does not promote one religion over another, and noted that parents can opt their children out of the class if they object.

“We work with our families,” she said.

15 thoughts on “South Carolina: Summerville 6th grader’s being taught ‘Five Pillars of Islam’, Koran

  1. Who in the school system is allowing this to happen?

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  2. I am OFFENDED that our children are being taught that islam is a religion when it is a political doctrine designed to suppress and destroy all other concepts except sharia. Those who are doing this are guilty of Treason against America and Western Civilization!

    • sweet quote! Mark Twain proved himself a very educated and astute man with THAT comment!!

      If YOU did not catch the sublity of the use of the word MOSLEM instead of muslim, IMMEDIATELY google it!

      NEVER, EVER, use the word muslim again: use moslem always!

  3. I do not apologize for my post. Why is it that we will have to save these brain dead liberal asswipes from themselves?? GOD HELP US!!!

    I posted copy of this wonderful report and THIS to my public FB:





  4. The problem is getting rid of the moslem written & published textbooks, ie Pearson now that Obama/King of the DOE are out. Worse, the local school boards are not willing to lose the money, but pages can be ripped out. Parents need to be screaming there.

    The only thing that will stop Islam in the US is to take away its religious status as Slovakia has done. This is easy to prove it is not a religion but fascist totalitarianism (caliphate) by its own dogma with sharia squarely against the constitution.
    Just for openers NO RELIGION ALLOWS SEX WITH INFANTS, Mufakhathat, and this one has fatwas For it.


    Middle school CC US history books put Islam front and center as playing an important role in the early years of America. An entire chapter is dedicated to Islam. Christianity DOES NOT GET MENTIONED AT ALL.

    Public schools are brainwashing another army of future brain dead protesters unless you tell your kids the truth or, better yet, homeschool them.

  6. We have allowed God and Jesus to be removed from public schools, lands and buildings, then our children ate forced, against our will to study the lies of Islam and be told they are the truth and that Allah is the only god. Oh Hell no! Obama has left a knife in our back and his minions continue to twist it. Resist Islam and destroy who would force it upon you!

  7. Take your children out of the public “fool” system, and home school like they did back in the day. Wherever a mosque is erected, it means (for them) they have conquered the land. Western countries are being invaded. Pray to the Lord God that His hand would stay this mess, and get prepared to defend your cities, your homes, and your family. It’s coming.

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