UCLA bans book on Islamic totalitarianism… from free speech event!


So much for free speech. Source: UCLA banned my book on Islam from a free speech event | TheHill

At UCLA Law School last week, a squad of student “thought police” tried to ban my book, Failing to Confront Islamic Totalitarianism: From George W. Bush to Barack Obama and Beyond. They don’t want you to know the book even exists, let alone what’s inside it. And the UCLA administration enabled them. This ominous episode underlines how students are learning to be contemptuous of intellectual freedom.

During the reception, however, a group of UCLA students assembled in front of the book table and objected to mine. Why? Had they read the book, weighed the evidence, and found it lacking? Had they formed a considered evaluation of the book’s argument?

No: They felt the book was “offensive” and “insulting.” They had “issues” with the views that I and my co-author, Onkar Ghate, put forward. Our views, it seems, were “Islamophobic.” Based on what? Apparently, for some of them, it was the book’s title.

The students demanded that my book be removed from display. My colleagues who manned the display table declined to remove the book.

So the students enforced their own brand of thought control. They turned their backs to the table, forming a blockade around it, so no one could see or buy the books. Then they started aggressively leaning back on the table, pushing against the book displays. By blocking access to the book, they were essentially trying to ban it.

This shameful incident reflects a wider phenomenon on American campuses. At university, students should learn to think, to engage with different views, and thus to grow intellectually. But increasingly, students learn to put their feelings above facts. Some students demand to be protected from what they merely believe, without evidence, are uncongenial views. They demand that non-orthodox views be silenced. And such universities as UCLA willingly coddle and appease them.

The universities, observes Steve Simpson in Defending Free Speech, are a bellwether of the future of freedom of speech. If today’s students are increasingly hostile to intellectual freedom, can we really expect tomorrow’s voters, lawyers, judges, politicians to uphold free speech? To champion that principle, you have to value dialogue, knowledge, and, ultimately, the reasoning mind. Yet reason is precisely what those student agitators subordinated to their emotions.

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4 thoughts on “UCLA bans book on Islamic totalitarianism… from free speech event!

  1. This is a shocking double standard.

    There must be a complaint letter to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) due to the fact that Sharia law has influenced UCLA.

  2. I do not know the titles of the mountains of books that were burned by the Nazis of Hitler’s Germany, but this attempt at denying access to a book which speaks truth about the evils of Islam is highly reminiscent of that action. Though God and Jesus have been banned from schools and public lands and buildings, Satan disguised as “Allah”, is now forced into our lives by the schools and governments.
    This is war if it is anything. And if we do not act in response to these acts, as we should respond to acts of war we, as a free nation, will be lost.

    • Exactly George! Maybe Trump should send a delegation of these communist idiots to Saudi Arabia for a week then see how they like it. So sick of this garbage.

  3. It does seem as if some (if not all) of our Universities are now aiding and abeitting Islam and Sheia Law doesn’t it?? I cannot help but wonder how much Arab money it took to buy out our so-called places of higher education!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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