Muslim Group Meets with U.S. 100 Congressmen

Taxpayer-funded Muslim propaganda from the so-called “Voice of America.”

Source: Oldest US Muslim Group Meets with Congressmen

The oldest Muslim organization in the United States held its seventh annual “Day on the Hill” with a series of meetings Friday with members of Congress that took on added significance with President Donald Trump’s effort to halt immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The goal by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA was to discuss religious freedom, civil rights and national security, with an added emphasis on getting across the message that most Muslims are peaceful.

“This group is already working in the United States to tear down the walls of ignorance as far as Islam goes,” Representative Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, said in an interview with Voice of America. “This is a great community and a vibrant community, a community dedicated to peace, nonviolence and love.”

Meetings were planned between community leaders of the group’s 75 chapters and up to 100 congressmen. They started with a series of speeches in front of a background that read “Islam wholly rejects all forms of terrorism,” and included passages from the Quran to back it up.

Amjad Khan said one of the goals is to demystify Islam for those who aren’t familiar with its teachings — a situation that creates a negative image of the Muslim community as “the other,” particularly with terror groups espousing extremist beliefs carrying out attacks around the globe.

“We cannot allow the rhetoric of ‘the other’ to become the dominant narrative,” Khan told VOA.

McGovern hopes Trump gets the message.

“What worries me is his actions might have fueled extremism around the world,” McGovern said. “What he’s doing, rather than providing security protection for the people of the United States, is he’s playing into the hands of the extremists who go around saying the United States doesn’t like Muslims.”

What should worry Americans is that 100 Congressmen would listen to yet another Muslim group when the entire world has been battling Islamic terror groups non-stop for more than 15 years!

It’s been said before of this particular group of Muslims:

These “moderate” Muslims smear, defame and attack counter jihadists…They provide essential cover for the global jihad.

The VOA propaganda piece indicates that continues to be true.

As we’ve noted before, there are only about 15,000 Ahmadiyya Muslims in the U.S. yet they have their own Muslim caucus on Capitol Hill. Note the members come election time.


7 thoughts on “Muslim Group Meets with U.S. 100 Congressmen

  1. and when the politicians sit down they should remind these moslems that their tax exempt status will be taken away because of their political activity. period. And all zakat should be monitored due to it being required to be divvied up to violent jihadists. moslem ‘prayers’ should also be revealed as to how hateful and intolerant they are, along with Islamic texts and laws!

    What do muslims pray 5 times a day

    As a side note, here is what the imams ‘prayed’ over our Seal Team 6 that died a few years ago, it is about 40-45 minutes into the video. One thing to note is that imams are forbidden to pray over non-moslems, so why this was even allowed in the first place OR ANY imam being allowed into our military is beyond me.

    Seal Team 6 Funeral Ceremony w/ Obama Hired moslem imam to Damn Them To ETERNAL HELL

    Make no mistake, Islamic prayer has nothing to do with God and everything to do with exhibitionism, intimidation, and supremacism…especially when they can perform in public in non-moslem countries. moslems want you to feel subdued by them and that’s why they lift their asses to Allah right in your face.

    The Glazov Gang-Islamic Prayer as Intimidation

  2. Islamo-catatonia – meaning being catatonic about Islam – not responding, not looking, not recognizing things about Islam, especially how Islam is at least potentially dangerous.

    Islamo-catatonia – it’s the freeze response. When there’s danger, humans are wired to respond with: fight, flight or freeze. With Islamo-catatonia, people respond with being catatonic about Islam. In other words they freeze, and freeze out negative knowledge of Islam.

    But the fight response is also present, and powerful. It’s just deflected away from Islam.

    People who are Islamo-catatonic FIGHT THOSE WHO ARE NOT ISLAMO-CATATONIC, instead of dealing with Islam. Very useful for Islam.

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  4. Muslims all over the world are headache for the nations they live and if ,next door .
    When our leaders will study ISLAM properly and will know this culture is threat to all humanity . Even a muslim is bad for himself. Islam never inspires the muslim followers to do good and be good and contribute to the world .Most never study , have many wives and have many children they can’t even support .

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