Denmark: Man who burned Koran in backyard charged with blasphemy


Enforcing the sharia in Denmark. Source: Danish man who burned Quran charged with blasphemy – The Local

A man who filmed himself burning the Quran has become the first person to be charged under Denmark’s blasphemy law in 46 years.

The 42-year-old filmed himself burning a copy of Islam’s holy book in his back yard in December 2015. He then posted the video on the anti-Islamic Facebook group, “Yes to freedom – no to Islam” along with the words, “Consider your neighbour: it stinks when it burns.”

Danish prosecutor Jan Reckendorff announced his decision to bring charges in a press statement issued on Wednesday afternoon.

“It is the prosecution’s view that circumstances involving the burning of holy books such as the Bible and the Quran can in certain cases be a violation of the blasphemy clause, which covers public scorn or mockery of religion.”

This marks the fourth time in history anyone has been prosecuted under Denmark’s blasphemy clause: four people were sentenced for posting posters mocking Jewish teachings in 1938; two people were fined for carrying out a fake baptism at a masked ball in 1946; and two programme leaders at Danish Radio were exonerated in 1971 for airing a song mocking Christianity.

Danish prosecutors famously declined to invoke the country’s blasphemy laws in 2006, when the Jyllands-Posten newspaper published twelve cartoons picturing the Prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

More via Tiltalt for afbrænding af Koranen

The 42-year-old defendant wrote according to the indictment an accompanying text to the video: “Think of your neighbor, it sucks when it burns.”

“It is our opinion that the circumstances of this case implies that there should be prosecuted so that the courts now have the opportunity to take a position on the matter,” said Attorney General in January Reckendorff.

State Prosecutor in Viborg have had the matter referred to the Prosecutor General, who endorsed the recommendation of the prosecution.

The maximum penalty for blasphemy provision is imprisonment for up to four months, but according to the Attorney General in January Reckendorff the penalty claim in this case be fined.

The criminal case will be brought before the Court in Aalborg. It is not yet decided when.

Will he be killed in jail by Muslims like this guy in England who was given 12 months in prison for leaving bacon sandwiches on the doorstep of a mosque?

5 thoughts on “Denmark: Man who burned Koran in backyard charged with blasphemy

  1. Why should anyone ever be punished for objecting to the fake religion of Islam? What G-D commands followers to murder, rob and rape non-believers? What supreme entity tells worshipers to destroy the property of non believers or to treat women like animals and beat them for insubordination? These commands are completely opposite Christian and Jewish values. I asked what G-D commands people to do such evil things. The answer is the Devil. His commands coming straight from his book, the Koran. Yes my friends, burn as many Korans as possible. Each of these evil books that are burned will prevent people from reading the satanic verses within it.

  2. How do we know it was really a Koran and not just a book with a Koran covering on it. So what if he said it was, it doesn’t mean it really was. It’s like when a murderer who targets infidels and screams alla akbar not having anything to do with islam. This might not have been blasphemous at all. In fact, it looked like an accident to me.

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