Seattle Mayor Holds State of the City address… at Mosque


In doing so, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray forced every non-Muslim in attendance to submit to the sharia – as seen in the picture. He proceeded to announce his vow sue the feds for enforcing federal laws which he also vowed not to enforce. Treason anyone?

State of the Caliph, via Seattle mayor Ed Murray delivers State of City address from Northgate mosque

SEATTLE  – Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants to know exactly what President Donald Trump has planned for cities like Seattle that vow to resist federal immigration enforcement actions.

He’s also pitching a property tax ballot measure to raise $55 million a year to pay for increased homeless services.

Mayor Murray unveiled both plans in his final State of the City address delivered Tuesday from a mosque in Seattle.

Seattle has vowed to protect immigrants and refugees and to not help federal authorities. Murray has instructed city departments to rework budgets to prepare for the possibility that federal dollars could be lost if Trump cuts aid.

Murray said the city will take “legal action” if the federal government doesn’t quickly respond to its information requests.

“We will seek to determine the Administration’s definition of ‘sanctuary cities’ and the enforcement actions the federal government may take against us,” said Murray. “We will also seek detailed information about this Administration’s changes to travel and immigration policy including the DACA program. We believe that the rule of law is on our side, and we will take legal action if the federal government does not answer our requests in a timely manner.”

Murray’s speech, delivered at Idris Mosque in North Seattle, was said to be the first State of the City address outside of city hall.

More: Mayor’s decision to hold City Council session at mosque draws criticism

While some are applauding city leaders’ show of support for the Muslim community, others are concerned about a public event in a religious space.

…the co-president of Freedom from Religion argues that holding such a meeting in a place of worship raises serious concerns.

However, some are concerned that the location of the State of the City Address implies preference for a religion.

“To force people to go to a place of worship to participate in secular government, that is crossing the line,” said Barker. “There are Americans, some in Seattle, who will never go into a mosque because religion is basically divisive.”

In response to the criticism, the mayor’s office said in a press release that council meetings have been held in religious institutions in the past in an effort to stand with communities facing persecution, including black churches in the civil rights era.

However, Freedom from Religion leaders say that doesn’t make the action right, especially when it appears to show preference to a religion. They said the organization has gotten some complaints from people in Western Washington, who felt uncomfortable about conducting city business in a mosque.

Daniel Beekman of the Seattle Times continues to prove why no one trusts the media and starts his Islamo-pandering, Muslim-victimization piece with fake news: The election of Donald Trump, who as a candidate called for a registry of Muslims in the U.S.

That is a falsehood that has been debunked many times over and in fact it was Obama who maintained a Muslim registry.

12 thoughts on “Seattle Mayor Holds State of the City address… at Mosque

  1. State of City Addresses need to be held at Government buildings, ie City Hall, Court House, City Park, etc. Separation of Church and State clearly violated by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and he needs to be called out on his actions. I know there would have been nonstop negative news if he did this at a Catholic Church.
    There needs to be Demands for Recall Elections for these Lawless Pick and Choose Mayors and Governors. Do I have the right to not pay a speeding ticket and face no negative consequences because I didn’t like the cop pulling me over for my actions ? Same logic is in the Sanctuary Cities, No ? Anarchy follows when they only do what they feel like.

    • You obviously no nothing about the First Ammendment or about how it applies to government being set up and run under a religion . Which is EXACTLY what Sharia Law would do!
      To hold a meeting IN a place of worship DOES NOT violate OUR CONSTITUTION!!

      • Maybe some of you leftist sociopaths need to reexamine what sharia law stands for, and what would happen to our Constitution “under God” if sharia ever became the replacement thereof! And make no mistake about it, sharia would absolutely REPEAL and REPLACE our Constitution–b/c there’s no peaceful coexistence betw the two!!!! As for this Mayor–he needs to be arrested and tried on charges of gross treason to the citizens of the United States!!! It’s abundantly clear that his sympathies lie with our enemies–not with peace-loving American citizens!!!!! BTW, there is no mosque anywhere in the world that does not include the CURSING of “infidels”, i.e., all non-muslims, particularly referring to CHRISTIANS and JEWS, in their “prayers”!!!!! They literally pray CURSES upon their alleged “enemies”! Wow, now that’s some “house of worship”–more like a SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN!!!!!

        • Well born, I couldn’t agree with you more! It is reprehensible how these treasonous Judges, Mayors and Governors, in their arrogance, put themselves above the law of the land! They definitely need to pay a high price for their reckless rebellion, made fashionable by the Clintons, Obama and the left!! An example needs to be made from their actions before it gets even worse!

  2. Texas has a law on the books that makes it a felony in certain instances for harboring illegal aliens, aka undocumented immigrants. If the US congress would pass such legislation then the Feds could arrest and prosecute the leaders of sanctuary cities and put an end to this nonsense.

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  4. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is just as much a terrorist as an ISIS member is. Trump needs to cut off ALL Federal funds from ALL cities, counties & even states that want to harbor criminals. They won’t uphold Federal law, then NO Federal dollars for you period.

  5. Really now (and all Islam-related):

    1. Beltway Sniper attacks — John Allen Muhammad and his teenage accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo killed 10 people over three weeks in October 2002 in the Washington, D.C., metro area, including an FBI analyst. According to The New York Times, during Muhammad’s trial, “All seven justices agreed that Mr. Muhammad’s conviction under a previously untested terrorism law was appropriate.” During the legal proceedings for Malvo, he presented a judge with dozens of anti-American sketches. They depicted Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and The White House in crosshairs, The Baltimore Sun reported.

    2. UNC vehicle attack — Nine students were injured on March 3, 2006, when Iran-native Mohammad Reza Taheri-azar drove a Jeep into a crowd of students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. According to CNN, police said the young man said he wanted to “avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world.” In his writings from jail, Taheri-azar said, “I was aiming to follow in the footsteps of one of my role models, Mohammad Atta, one of the 9/11/01 hijackers, who obtained a doctorate degree,” referencing his intention to pursue a psychology degree.

    3. Seattle Jewish Center shooting — On July 28, 2006, Pakistani-American Naveed Afzal Haq, shot six women at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, killing one. Haq, who expressed anti-Semitic and anti-Western views during the 911 call leading to his capture, was convicted of aggravated first-degree murder. King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg said upon his conviction, “The jury said that we want to live in a diverse . . . community and that hate crimes have no place here. The jury said that holding extremist views does not make you insane,” reported

    4. Little Rock Military Recruiting Center shooting — Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a Muslim convert from Memphis, killed one soldier in a drive-by shooting on a military recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas, on June 1, 2009. He appeared to be a violent jihadist who self-radicalized after traveling to Yemen, The New York Times reported. He claimed ties to al-Qaida, but they have not been confirmed.

    5. Fort Hood shooting — Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, killed 13 and injured more than 30 people during a shooting rampage in Texas on November 5, 2009. In seven pages of handwritten thoughts sent to Fox News, Hasan referred to himself as a “Soldier of Allah,” and appeared to renounce his American citizenship.

    6. Attempted Times Square bombing — Pakistan-born Faisal Shahzad ignited a bomb he’d placed in a vehicle parked in New York’s Times Square on May 1, 2010, but it failed to explode. The deadly plot was foiled by two street vendors, and authorities disarmed the bomb. Shahzad, who then-Attorney General Eric Holder said was reportedly trained by the Taliban in Pakistan, was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to a number of charges, including attempting an act of terrorism, The Wall Street Journal reported.

    URGENT: Which GOP Candidate Would You Support in 2016?

    7. Portland car bomb plot — On November 26, 2010, Somali-American student Mohamed Osman Mohamud attempted to set off a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon. He was unaware that the plot was part of an FBI sting operation, and that the bomb was a fake, USA Today reported. He reportedly believed he was working with a larger “ring of jihadists,” but they were actually undercover law enforcement agents.

    8. Boston Marathon bombing — Three were killed and more than 200 injured on April 15, 2013, when brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev set off pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Two police officers were killed as the result of firefights related to the subsequent manhunt for the Tsarnaevs. According to The New York Times, the brothers appear to have learned to build bombs by reading the online English-language magazine of the affiliate of al-Qaida in Yemen.

    9. Oklahoma Vaughn Foods beheading — Alton Nolen, a production line employee at the Vaughn Foods processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma, allegedly beheaded a coworker and stabbed and injured another on September 24, 2014. According to CNN, Nolan appeared to have converted to Islam during a prison stint, and had reportedly tried to convert coworkers to Islam. He also glorified jihad on Facebook.

    10. Queens, New York, hatchet attack — Zale H. Thompson, an African-American who’d converted to Islam two years prior, attacked four New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers on October 23, 2014, with a hatchet, injuring three before being shot dead by one of the officers. According to Reuters, Thompson “had made anti-Western postings on social media and visited websites associated with several radical Islamic groups, police said at a news conference.”

    11. Slaying of two NYPD officers — On Dec. 20, 2014, Ismaaiyl Brinsley ambushed NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, killing them with a 9-millimeter pistol, after alluding to the high-profile police-related deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner on social media. “Brinsley’s abandoned YouTube channel contained a video showing him heading to pray at Brooklyn’s Masjid At Taqwa, a mosque that has been linked to terrorist and anti-police activity,” The Daily Caller reported. Brinsley shot and killed himself shortly after killing the officers.

    12. Texas art show shooting — Would-be killers Elton Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi shot a security guard in the ankle at the “First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest” on May 3, 2015, before being shot and killed themselves by a quick-thinking Garland police officer, The Dallas Morning News reported. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, and both gunmen pledged allegiance to the terrorist group on Twitter before being killed.

    13. Chattanooga Recruiting Center shootings — Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez staged drive-by shootings on a military recruiting center and a U.S. Navy Reserve center on July 16, 2015, killing five. The perpetrator himself, a Jordanian citizen born in Kuwait and naturalized in the U.S., “searched the Internet in the days leading up to the attack for Islamic materials about whether martyrdom would lead to forgiveness for his sins, like drunkenness and financial debt, according to law enforcement officials,” The New York Times reported.

  6. With ‘Tacquyya’ the cultural mandate in dealing with Infidels, absolutely nothing in the way of ‘Vetting’ will ever be functional. In case anyone does not understand, Tacquyya is the requirement to blatantly ‘LIE’ to the infidels, as lying serves it’s purpose of ‘Progressively’ advancing the Islamic influence ‘Over’ the invaded nations.

    Eventually taking totalitarian Control through outbreeding and demographic change, as the historic political structure is transitioned, taken away from the ignorant indigenous. The ancient concept is nothing new, it has worked for centuries…. on every continent., with every country.

    Europe has today in one generation, naively succumed to it’s own desire for cradle to grave Welfare, which is a super magnet for Islam to invade…. by invitation.

  7. Well let’s break it down snowflakes. They crossed the border into America from Mexico making them immigrants and they did so ILLEGALLY. MAKING THEM CRIMINALS AND FUGITIVES So they should be called Fugitive Immigrants, Criminal Immigrants, or Illegal Immigrants. All would be correct terminology. PC POLICE need to sit down and shut up about being offended. I’m offended that our laws aren’t being enforced and illegal immigrants aren’t being deported!!!!– Yeah….great idea to let them stay here and live off the taxpayers dime. The benefits they receive, could and should be used for our veterans, the elderly, and our homeless. The jobs, that some do take , should be there for the benefit of the youth of America, our own unemployed citizens, NOT to someone who has circumvented the law. If we, as citizens, break a law, we face consequences, what makes you Libtards think that these illegals shouldnt live by the same standards and laws we are all held to and abide by?…..Oh…I forgot… are all bleeding heart ASSHATS!!!!

  8. What the fuck. Why are you passing a law giving them rights to pay no interest on loans that’s unconstitutional but it’s not unconstitutional to cut your budgets for picking and choosing what laws for your fuck up needs. Your a fucking piece of shit and I hope Seattle looses federal funding. Fuck ed Murray. You should cut everyone’s loans not just one group. Learn your fucking constitution . How the duck did someone as dumb as you get into office. Were going to fight against you and your fucking stupid board of what ever you call it

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