New Jersey: Jewish Group Holds Vigil…For Muslims

at Presbyterian church.

Jewicidal news sent from a reader. Source: Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom Holds Jewish, Muslim Vigil – Flemington/Raritan NJ News – TAPinto

The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom held 100 vigils across the country, including one at Christ Presbyterian Church, on Washington Valley Road, to raise voices in prayer and song through gatherings led by Muslim and Jewish women of the organization.

The idea for the vigil was developed at the beginning of February by Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom founder Sheryl Olitzky. The organization itself was started four years ago to bring Jews and Muslims together to have discussions.

“People need unity to reassure ourselves we’re together,” said Pam Mahmoud, co-leader of the Somerset and Hunterdon chapter of the organization. “We are bringing song, poetry and liturgy together, and we had no idea how many people would come.”

The vigil, which was attended by around 50 people, included Muslim prayers, Hebrew songs and more, and featured Rabbi Ron Isaacs, rabbi emeritus of Temple Sholom in Bridgewater, and Yasser Abdelkader, president of the Al Falah Center of Bridgewater.

Bogen said they kicked off the Somerset and Hunterdon chapter of the organization, with third co-leader Randi Schweriner, in May.

“As we went through the political season, it became more meaningful,” Bogen said. “This was the right time.”

Rev. Susan Joseph Rack, of the Christ Presbyterian Church, said she was very pleased to be asked to host this vigil.

“I hope this becomes an example for everyone to let go of stereotypes and embrace the beauty that comes from working together and the collaboration of all backgrounds,” Abdelkader said. “This really enforces and strengthens the ties between all of the communities, and shows the spirit and solidarity between all people.”

Mahmoud said she hopes guests understand from the vigil that people are not alone, despite all the attacks that have occurred lately, from a mosque burned down in Texas to recent bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers across the country.

“Since the election in November, the organization has been inundated with people requesting to be part of it,” she said.

Why didn’t they hold it in at the rabbi’s temple?


6 thoughts on “New Jersey: Jewish Group Holds Vigil…For Muslims

  1. People who support anyone who thinks Sharia Law should be allowed in the United States of America is putting their lives and our lives in great peril.

    • The fools will never learn.,don’t forget muslims are clever in some ways fooling infidels/kafirs like you see here.when muslim lie to Infidels/kafirs its called ”al-taqiyya’=deception=lie. From Muslims Quran Sura 5:51 ” O’ Believers take neither Jews nor Christians as your friends and protectors, for they are friends and protectors of one another,whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them ,shall become one of their numbers Allah doesn’t guide the wrong doers” Evil Quran is full of hate towards Jews and Christians

  2. Why is it that everytime one of these outreach programs by Christians and Jews takes place in a Church or synagogue. When will the Moozlems allow these Christians and jews to pray to their god in a mosque? Don’t these fools see whats happening in Moozlem countries? Do they really believe that by kissing Muslim ass they will be spared if Moozlems ever gain control. Stupidity and Insanity reigh supreme.

  3. This is one way the Muslims can pretend to suck up to the Jews, if it was any other country they would be spitting on them. In France 40,000 Jews have have immigrated to Israel to get away from the mistreatment they run into every day. No one can blame them for doing what it takes to keep their families safe.

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