Video: Geert Wilders on “the patriotic spring” sweeping the West


Source: EXCLUSIVE: Geert Wilders on “the patriotic spring” sweeping the West – The Rebel – Ezra Levant

The Netherlands has its Parliamentary elections in a couple of weeks, and the man who is leading the polls right now is Geert Wilders.

Wilders is the leader of the Party for Freedom. His chief campaign focus is de-Islamification:

Stopping mass immigration, for sure, but more specifically, stopping the cultural, legal, criminal and social ramifications of bringing in a million Muslims into a country of 17 million Dutch.

(That’s twice the Islamification that Canada has, proportionately; we have just over a million Muslims in a population of 36 million.)

I sat down with Geert Wilders in The Hague on Thursday morning.

That very day, news broke that one of Wilders’ own security staff was caught secretly passing on information about Wilders’ movements to a Moroccan jihadist group.

Of course they want to kill him. He’s the only one trying to close the door, while the rest of the politicians there are prying it further open, in return for power or votes or money…

Watch all the footage from my trip by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Video: Geert Wilders on “the patriotic spring” sweeping the West

  1. So! A member of Geert Wielders security staff, leaking Information about his movements to terrorists no less. That sounds much like the leaks coming from President Tramp’s White House being leaked to the terror supporting Demoncraps and media. I don’t doubt Obama’s people left the White House loaded with bugging devices. We should all be concerned for attempts on his life and demand Congress begin cleansing America of Islamic and Communist influence. PC be damned!

    • I wish you best of luck and god speed Mr. Geert Wilders. You are on a noble mission.The honest world expects you to succeed.

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