IRGC Strategist Claims Iranian Terror Cells Ready to Strike in America


Source: Video Clip Shows IRGC Support For Terror Against America

A newly-emerged – although undated – video clip purports to show Hassan Abbasi, an IRGC strategist and theoretician associated with the IRGC think tank, “Center for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis,” threatening to unleash terror in the United States.

Abbasi went on to threaten to direct “global guerilla organizations” to target U.S. military and vulnerable targets.

Excerpts of Abbasi’s video clip comments (The translation was reviewed by two first-language Farsi speakers):

“I’ll be brief with you. We have two million Iranians there [in the United States.]  Be assured that I will raise a guerilla army from among them against you. You are fully aware of this.”

“Look how vulnerable you were on 9/11, when four [sic] Arabs from Saudi Arabia who don’t pose the spirit of fighting, managed to endanger your foundations. Yet with us [Iran] you face a nation that is even more deeply rooted.”

“Don’t forget we have 7,000 PhD holders in the United States. If only 11 [sic] people carried out 9/11, do you realize that the possibility exists for us to execute [what we want]?”

“We don’t need nuclear weapons. You possess 6,000 nuclear warheads in your land. These 6,000 nuclear warheads are targets of our plans for our guerilla movements to destroy them right there.”

“It won’t even be an Iranian-only guerilla movement, but from all Islamic countries. You can deport all the Muslims, but we are involving and working on Mexicans as well, and Argentinians too. We will organize anyone who has problems with the United States.”

“… We have identified all of the U.S. Achilles heel: We have all their ground, naval, air, technological, and their other vulnerabilities.  We will let the global guerilla organizations target them.”

Queries sent to Abbasi by email and via his official website brought no response by press time.

Back up video here.

4 thoughts on “IRGC Strategist Claims Iranian Terror Cells Ready to Strike in America

  1. I don’t think this ignorant inbred Iranian understands there is a weapon for nearly every adult in America. All Iran has to do is screw with one of our Nuclear bomb facilities and swoosh! Off to Iran goes one right back at them.

    Not sure if any of the readers here have read Robert Spencer’s book on Iran, but it is profoundly enlightening.

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