Texas: Farmersville approves plan for Muslim cemetery


Creeping along in Farmersville. Then again, Texas has been one of the top destinations for Muslim refugees and immigrants, as well as those here illegally.

Source: Farmersville approves basic concept plan for Muslim cemetery | WFAA.com

You can count on one hand the number of Muslim cemeteries in Dallas-Fort Worth. That has slowly become a growing concern as cemetery spaces start to dwindle.

“We need a place for our loved ones who passed away,” said resident scholar Arsalan Haque with the Islamic Association of Collin County.

There are three main Muslim cemeteries, according to the community members WFAA spoke with: In Denton, in Dallas at Restlands, and in Fort Worth.

In Farmersville on Monday night, the Islamic Association of Collin County took a second pass at putting in a cemetery just off Highway 380.

Arsalan says the association made the necessary adjustments this second time around.

“They asked us to widen the roads and they asked us to have two major accesses to the cemetery instead of just one,” said Haque.

The city’s planning and zoning committee didn’t take public comment and it normally doesn’t this early on in the process. But that didn’t stop George Sossamon from publicly showing how he felt with a shirt that read, “Just Say No to Muslim Cemetery.”

The committee voted to approve the concept plan. The discussion will soon move onto more specific parts of the project as the committee votes on preliminary plat process. A decision on when that will be heard is still up in the air and will certainly come with a public hearing.

WFAA met with David Meeks is a Christian pastor at Bethlehem Baptist in Farmersville.

“What happens when the door gets opened for a cemetery? Eventually there’ll be a mosque and eventually we’ll have a conclave,” he said.

If approved the cemetery would be three miles from George’s home.

“It affects me as the reputation of my town. What does everybody else view it as?” he asked.

The portion of land under consideration is roughly 34 acres and has already been purchased by the association. The group hopes there’s room for 14,000 burial spaces and expects opposition at each step.

“We need to reach out and help people get to know real Muslims,” said Haque.

Passage Monday night did not take long, but it is just the beginning for both sides.

Another media report had conflicting numbers regarding the number of Muslim cemeteries in the area and the number of burial plots at the Farmersville site.

Muslim leaders say there are some five Muslim cemeteries in North Texas and they have little remaining space. State rules limit where a new cemetery can be placed and Muslim officials say Farmersville was one of the few options open to the association. The Farmersville land would offer up to 15,000 burial sites.

6 thoughts on “Texas: Farmersville approves plan for Muslim cemetery

  1. Why at less than 2.5% of the USA population, why do Islamist’s deserve more rights and entitlements than any of the other other Cults and Religions within the USA?

    Why do they get 110% coverage by the media for the acts of self infected Islamist’s crimes against other Islamist’s and their mosques.

    Islamist’s have been within a Civil war for over 1400 years between their Islamic Sects!

    Why do they need to bring their overtly uncivilized belief’s and culture of Sharia law which promotes honor killings of females, rape, pedophilia, anti feminist rights, and complete male dominated society in to our country and cultures?

  2. What these Muslim jihadists are asking is they be allowed to build another fort in the DFW area, like the one in Falluja where so many US Marines lost their lives fighting an enemy who had no respect for their dead or mosque, while our Marines had to be careful of the sensitivities of the Muslims. No mosques or Muslim cemeteries in Texas or the rest of America. If they are here they can feed their dead to pigs.

  3. The county in which I reside favored a mosque in a town meeting, it was by all accounts approved before the meeting, a cemetery is another form of creating an Islamic state, all mosques etc once the land is purchased is considered an Islamic state, they build the signs first so everyone knows its a piece of Islam, Islamic burial rituals can be read in Reliance of the Traveller: Islamic Sacred Law, they have several chapters on prayer for the dead, burial etc.

    I would not want to have an Islamic Cemetery anywhere near housing, schools, farms, roads etc as decomposing bodies filling the air with stench along with the bodies filling the land and water with who knows what as it decomposes.

  4. WowWe Farmersville’s Love our Muslims . Just like our own white men beating on us women. Hell a lot of white men here in Farmersville Texas beat us women over just been women. Not feeding us the White men love that. By eating at their mom house not with their wife.

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