Florida: Muslim Convicted of (Honor?) Killing Wife, Requests Release for Pilgrimage to Mecca


Source: Man Convicted Of Killing Wife, Son Makes Odd Request In Court « CBS Miami  h/t religionofpeace.com

(CBSMiami) – The man guilty of killing his wife and son, and also shooting his lawyer five times, made a strange request in court as a judge sentenced him to life in prison.

I’m 14 years in Florida, working seven days to give my family the American dream,” Fadel Jabado said.

In court Friday, Jabado was ready to admit he’s guilty of killing his wife Bassima and their adult son Ahmed, as well as shooting at Kendall attorney Larry Harshman five times and shooting at two police officers.

But before entering his plea deal, he made an odd request. He wanted the judge to allow him to get out of prison when he’s in his mid-70s to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

“If God will, Allah gives us life, 76, I would like if it’s possible to allow me to go to pilgrimage,” he said.

Instead, the judge told him to wait until after his life sentence.

“You’re not getting out, it’s life,” the judge said. “If you’re asking me as a person of faith, I do believe that in the next life you will see Allah, you will see the profit, but you gotta count on that.  You can’t make that a factor that I’m going to have a pilgrimage to Mecca.”

Then the judge explained Jabado will spend the rest of his life in prison.

“As part of the plea it’s mandatory, day for day, for the rest of your life,” the judge said.

Harshman and his family did not show up for sentencing. Instead, his wife had prosecutors read a letter. She reiterated what she told CBS4 News months ago that she was stunned when she heard Jabado was the man who pulled the trigger.

“He was a previous client. Larry saved his home for free and he was very happy,” she said in November of 2016.

With that, the judge handed down the sentence.

“I’m now going to sentence you to life in prison,” the judge said.

More: Police say Fadel Jabado was so upset about a pending divorce that he shot and killed his wife and son and shot his attorney

Fadel Jabado went on a shooting rampage in South Dade two weeks ago because his wife wanted a divorce and he feared losing his home, an arrest warrant released Tuesday claims.

The subject was angry about [wife Bassima Jabado, 43] wanting a divorce and felt that [son Ahmad Jabado, 26, and Bassima] were going to take the house from him, leaving him homeless and without money,” Miami-Dade Police Detective Jessica Alvarez said in Jabado’s arrest warrant.

County records show Bassima Jabado began divorce proceedings in court in October.

Further investigation found legal paperwork addressed to Jabado inside a yellow folder in the red 2014 Toyota Sienna he was driving.

Inside the folder: A petition for dissolution of marriage and receipt from American Armory in Homestead for a 9 mm Highpoint semi-automatic firearm.

Reporter’s never bothered to ask why the wife wanted a divorce, where the killer is from, what happened to their other five children, or ponder the thought that it might be an honor killing. Why not?

5 thoughts on “Florida: Muslim Convicted of (Honor?) Killing Wife, Requests Release for Pilgrimage to Mecca

  1. A trip to Mecca, should have taken it before he slaughtered his wife and son and shot the lawyer, if allowed he will disappear in the masses and live a life of freedom in the middle east with another wife of an impossible young age to his age. However Judge said life and I hope he lives in solitary.

  2. Here is a perfect example of a thoroughly brainwashed brain. Can’t see the horror of what he did! Seeking only his own ‘whatever it is’ in the trip to Mecca. Beware of cults. Was Mohammed worse than Jim Jones? Yes! His lies have endured through centuries. How many people will die a horrible death because of the writings and those who believe the writings of Mohammed to slash and burn and kill for your lifes’ work? Rabid on Fire with hate! Still loose in the world! God help us all!

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