Seattle: The costs of Muslim sharia-compliant swimming


univ-minn-somali-sharia-swimA few years ago we informed readers that in the state of Washington, At least 8 King County pools offered sharia-compliant swims for Muslims – Three owned by the city of Seattle.

A reader shared feedback from an inquiry on the issue and related costs, albeit not in dollar terms.

21 January 2016

Thanks for your inquiry about women-only swims offered at Seattle Parks and Recreation pools.

We currently offer women-only swims at a few of our pools because public interest is sufficient to sustain those programs. There’s not enough public interest to sustain women-only swims at all our pools.

Because we don’t have the money to subsidize programs, we need every program to generate at least as much money as it costs us to run the program.

We would like to be able to offer more swim times, but logistics are difficult.

Because of cultural and privacy issues, women-only swim times can’t be scheduled back-to-back with other public programs that men might attend.

There also needs to be time to cover the windows. That means the pool has to schedule half-an-hour of unused/unusable time before and after each women-only time. So the sessions need to be scheduled at the end of the day.

During operating hours, each pool schedules multiple programs in order to use all of the water space, run a variety of programs, and maximize our ability to bring in revenue. There just isn’t time during the day or between programs to operate a women-only swim.

Participants attending the different pool programs cross paths coming and going between locker room and pool deck, so we’re unable to offer privacy during the day.

Another factor is that our pools are staffed by men and woman—it wouldn’t work to dismiss the male lifeguards and other male staff during the day in-between programs that they work.

It has already been a challenge to hire only female staff for our existing women-only swim times.

We’re received a few inquiries about men-only swims, and collected information on that, but so far there has been little community interest.

Thanks for your inquiry.



[redacted] Seattle Parks and Recreation

This is a microcosm of just some of the the costs and burdens of Islamization in the West.

7 thoughts on “Seattle: The costs of Muslim sharia-compliant swimming

  1. Don’t complain to much. Trump will shut you up. One tweet and your site is done! Maybe covered bodies would be more moral anyway. Check your Bible. John 15:12 and Matt 5:9. Love is easy. Hate takes a ton of energy.

    • This is exactly what they want is for us to live our lives like they do…. I’d find the smallest bikini if I was swimming in their presence… The Muslim men are pigs…that is why they think the pig is dirty because it resembles the Muslim men…PIGS….The women in this cult need to start standing up for themselves and quit being slaves to these filthy men… Men that rape their daughters, their wives and little girls…

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  3. They must conform to the American way of life so if they want to swim they can go build they own pools and women’s facilities if they stay here or go back where they came from to have it. In America men and women share favilities.

  4. How about this is America, these are the swim times. Don’t like it, stay home, lay out your little prayer towel, bend over and pray about it.

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