Texas: Muslim Phlebotomist Gets 19 Years for 7 Counts of Indecency with a Child


Mohammad Ali

Source: Former Phlebotomist Sentenced to Prison for Sexual Misconduct | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth   h/t @Mulder24 (yes, you can send us tips via Twitter)

A former employee of Children’s Medical Center of Plano will spend 19 years in prison, according to Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis.

Mohammad Ali, 46, of Plano pleaded guilty to seven counts of indecency with a child during his time as a phlebotomist.

The first victim came forward in December 2015 and claimed Ali had touched her inappropriately over her clothing while he drew her blood in the laboratory. Five additional victims confirmed they had also experienced similar offenses between August and December 2015. The victims were between 12 and 15 years old at the time of the offenses.

“This perpetrator preyed upon young teenaged girls who trusted him to do his job right,” said Willis. “In the end, it was the courage of these very girls that helped us catch him and hold him accountable. He won’t be preying on any more children.”

Ali began work at the lab in March 2015 and was placed on administrative leave from the hospital and ultimately fired prior to his arrest for three counts of indecency with a child in January 2016.

Plano Police Detective Chris Jones investigated each case. Children’s Medical Center cooperated fully with the police department throughout the criminal investigation. Judge Richard Davis presided over the case and sentenced Ali.

On Friday, Ali pleaded guilty to a second degree felony in exchange for the 19-year sentence. The maximum sentence for this offense is 20 years.

Some of the victims and their families were present for the plea. Victims who were present gave statements about how Ali’s abuse impacted them.

17 thoughts on “Texas: Muslim Phlebotomist Gets 19 Years for 7 Counts of Indecency with a Child

  1. It isn’t just a wives tale that he will be tortured in prison for what he has done. It will be raped and possibily murdered.

  2. Is it just me but why do all of the supposedly “Peaceful” Islamist’s have this 1000 yard stare of death and look like they have no soul.

    • It’s not just you! I notice that also. There is no light in their eyes! No love of living. I think that being a Muslim and living the Islamic/Muhammad lie kills their soul and spirit and it shows! How sad.

      • I hate to have to respond in a civil tone…HE DESERVES anything that happens to him! That was my “civil tone”…He will be repeated beaten and raped himself!!

  3. Moslems have no soul because they are not Christians. Their actions in the name of their so call “religion” have damned each and everyone of them to hell! That is why their eyes are empty!

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  5. I feel absolutely no sympathy for this pervert. As a Christian, child sexual abusers are so hard for me to pray for and care about. I know it’s wrong, but I wish paedophiles would get the death penalty. They cannot be fixed.

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  7. That’s is why all these bleed heart Libtard want these satanic extremist here. They are all a part of the pedophile perversion. That the real news you want here from cnn. You want real news infowars.com

  8. Sorry to say but to hell with it. If Islam is a conflic with the job description don’t hire them. Then maybe the moderate Islamic believers will stand up and speak out. Let them scream discrimination. As an employer it is your responsibility to not put your patience or customers in an unsuitable position. There are consequences for choices. Fact radical Islam should not be in our society. But how do you know the difference. Who chooses to follow the Quran and who chooses not to follow. I’m sure we’ll find out real fast when finally the moderates of Islam will scream discrimination. There’s good and bad in every religion and every race but until you weed out the bad ones the good ones suffer the consequences too. One Bad Apple ruins it for everybody

  9. I had blood drawn by a female Muslim phlebotomist…her last name was Arabi and she looked ME. She caught me staring at her name tag. Then, she YANKED THE NEEDLE OUT OF MY ARM! I cried out “Ow!”. ” Did that hurt?” she said. I wanted to report her then and there. But I had no witnesses and feared retaliation.

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