Video: The Bankrupt Professors and Pastors (re Islam)

via Political Islam

Islam is not so strong, but we are so weak, because we can no longer debate in the universities. Islam is protected in the universities. There is little critical thought about Islam in theology, sociology, women’s studies, history, slavery history or Sharia.

We are weak because the pastors refuse to support the persecuted religious minorities, including Christians, in Islamic lands. Pastors do not teach the young how not to marry Muslims or avoid conversion to Islam. Most churches do not try to convert Muslims.

Schools and pastors teach about Islam in such a way that no Muslim is offended. If the professors and pastors were brave enough to do their job, we would defeat Islam.

One thought on “Video: The Bankrupt Professors and Pastors (re Islam)

  1. Minister’s and Pastors today are all seeker sensitive-charismatic feel good people- We need people like
    Elijah again-He killed the prophets of Baal and told his people-If God is God serve him alone.
    Preachers today want you to feel special about yourself- they do not tell you that you are vial and wicked and an abomination to God because of your sins. They teach a compromising gospel that we can all get along-that GOD loves everyone and that Jesus died for all mankind— WRONG!!!!! GOD hates the wicked-He doesn’t send the sin to hell- HE sends the sinner to hell. Read your bible and stop listening to some fluffy pants minister- YOUR salvation is a stake- come out from among them and be ye separate.
    Two can not walk together unless they be agreed. Israel was destroyed for “getting along with the heathen around them”. You can not agree to dis-agree–either you follow Christ and give it all up or you follow the false religions of the world, and that will cost you– “not all that say to me LORD, LORD will enter into the kingdom of GOD, but they that do the will of GOD” We are in the perilous times of the last days when men/women are lovers of self more than lovers of GOD…. wake up!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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