Oklahoma lawmaker flips the script, asks Muslims to clarify views on Koran, sharia

Muslims either agree with the Koran and sharia or according to the Koran and sharia, they are not Muslims but apostates. But when it comes to answering questions from a lawmaker and former U.S. Marine, apparently Muslims prefer a one-way interrogation.

Source: Oklahoma Rep. John Bennett to Muslims: ‘Do you beat your wife?’ – CNN.com

Three Muslim students who wanted to talk with an Oklahoma state legislator about Islam were told to fill out a questionnaire first, said a state leader of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“Do you beat your wife?” said one question on the form Rep. John Bennett’s assistant gave them. “Do you denounce the terrorist organization Hamas?” was another.

The law student and two high school students were shocked and insulted because the 17 questions were based on misinformation about the religion, said Adam Soltani, state director of CAIR.

The students didn’t meet Bennett, a Republican, and left his office in the state capitol.

The lawmaker’s response

CNN was not able to reach Bennett for comment, but he provided details of the incident to CNN affiliate KFOR.

Bennett said he had already left his office when the students visited, KFOR reported. He said he instructed his assistant to tell the students to fill out the questionnaire, make an appointment and bring their religious texts for a discussion.

Bennett, who has been critical of Muslims in the past, said the questionnaire is based on Islamic religious books and writings by Islamic scholars.

For instance, the full question about wife-beating is: “The Quran, the sunna of Mohammed and Sharia Law of all schools say that the husband can beat his wife. Do you beat your wife?”

Among the questions three Muslim students were asked was: Do you beat your wife?
In the response to KFOR, Bennett wrote: “In summary, according to the Quran, Hadith and Islamic law, a woman may indeed have physical harm done to her if the circumstances warrant, with one such allowance being in the case of disobedience.

This certainly does not mean that all Muslim men beat their wives, only that Islam permits them to do so.”

Another question: “Mohammed was a killer of pagans, Christians and Jews that did not agree with him. Do you agree with this example?” Another: “Sharia Law says that it must rule over the kafirs, the non-Muslims. Do you agree with this?”

“The questionnaire was left for them to provoke their thought. If they weren’t aware of what Islam stands for they should know and research, then make a better informed decision on what they want to support or not. If they are aware of what Islam, Sharia, CAIR, jihadist stand for and still support it then they are part of the problem,” Bennett wrote to the station.

The three students visited the state capitol last Thursday for an annual event in which state Muslims talk to lawmakers.

Bennett says he served in the Marines and is a staunch Christian, according to a video on his legislative page. He’s known for making highly critical statements about Islam.

In 2014, he posted on Facebook that Oklahomans should “be wary” of Muslim Americans, reported CNN affiliate KWTV.

That same year, the Tulsa World reported, he told a group Islam wants to destroy Western civilization and “is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out.” He’s also been critical of CAIR, which he calls “a terrorist organization.”

While CNN seems to have done a minimum of due diligence on Bennett – or simply copy and pasted the Hamas-linked CAIR talking points – they leave out some important details regarding who the Muslims were, the group representing them and why they were at the Oklahoma capitol.

ABC fills in some of the gaps, but not all:  Oklahoma lawmaker asks Muslims: ‘Do you beat your wife?’

Republican state Rep. John Bennett’s office distributed the questionnaire on Thursday as the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations organized its annual Muslim Day at the Capitol. The lawmaker’s office gave the list of questions to three Islamic school students who came to his office and asked to speak with him.

“(The prophet) Mohammed was a killer of pagans, Christians and Jews that did not agree with him,” read one of 18 questions on the form. “Do you agree with his example?”

The questions asked Muslims whether they would denounce terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah and whether they believed former Muslims should be punished for leaving Islam. One question asked Muslims if they agreed that Islamic law, known as Sharia, should rule over non-Muslims.

Three Islamic school students. If they are studying Islam and the Koran in an Islamic school, the questions would seem highly relevant and should be quite easy to answer – even if they lied.

Left unasked and unanswered is who are the students? What school do they attend? Are they members of the Muslim Student Association – founded by the Muslim Brotherhood?

Who runs and funds the school? What textbooks are used? Do those textbooks address any of Bennett’s questions?

Furthermore, neither CNN nor ABC alert reader’s that CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror finance conviction in U.S. history, they are banned by the FBI, declared a part of Hamas by a federal U.S. judge, are listed as a terrorist organization in at least one Muslim nation – as CNN itself once reported.


CAIR is a notorious pro-sharia, pro-jihad organization who has had numerous leader’s arrested and convicted of various crimes including terrorist activities.


As for the event, it is called Muslim Day at the Capitol. Here’s what was said at a similar even in Texas:


Need we say more?

9 thoughts on “Oklahoma lawmaker flips the script, asks Muslims to clarify views on Koran, sharia

  1. A major problem in Canada is that politicians, police, and most educators are illiterate when it comes to Islam’s core beliefs, its political objectives and Islamic law, and as a result they are misunderstanding, misrepresenting and over-accommodating based on ignorance and deception, whether intentionally or unwittingly. Having studied and observed Islam historically, ideologically, politically and comparatively in its various forms and manifestations by both traditionalists and liberals alike, and seeing how so much information is so easily and readily available, it boggles the mind that such ignorance and attempts to conceal and mislead are so prevalent in ‘western’ liberal democracies who as open societies, are supposed to preserve and value individual freedom above all else. Those who know what’s going on have a duty to speak out as truthfully and as loudly as possible to as many as they can before it becomes impossible to do so. Ignorance and apathy are the real threat for which there is no excuse.

  2. Great article! I wish this guy was my representative. This is exactly what needs to start happening at every level of discourse in our nation – the questionnaire should be mandatory before any discussion starts with Islamists.

  3. Each and every elected official needs to have question sheet like this in their offices where Islam is concerned. Its not racist to protect one’s nation from harm, its deadly when you don’t.

  4. all politicians should look into sheria Law. find the truth! it seems to me it is against our constitutional rights to let this /sheria law to be aloud in our nation of freedom. and if a woman is muslim she has right to leave! if her husband abuses her in anyway. If she wants to drive a car she can, if she does not want to were a head scarf she does not have too. She is now free to choose if she wants to be a christian she can, she has the right to choose in the United States of America.. if you r here legally you are a american. don’t destroy your freedom with sheria law..Remember if u steal food in america cause u r hungery we don’t cut off your hand neither. I think Sheria law does even children unless they repent. King David and Jesus stated Love they enemies that u may win there hearts paraphrasing. not to kill them.

  5. all lawmakes should do like Bennett ask questions, find out deceiving muslem can be, there bible suppose to allow deception to meet there goal. if law makers shrug off sheria law. and all these things are true about muslem bible. we could be in big trouble in the near future Woman could loose everything they have worked for may even have holy wars over here instead of middle east, i hope i am wrong. R government needs to nip this in the bud now. not a muslimphobic neither. they r people too. just want our freedom took away.

    • sorry Don’t want our freedom took away left out a word wow i read it three times and didn’t catch error till i posted. bush

  6. That same year, the Tulsa World reported, he told a group Islam wants to destroy Western civilization and “is a cancer in our nation that needs to be cut out.” He’s also been critical of CAIR, which he calls “a terrorist organization.”

    This is damn well true!!

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