Vermont: Mayor Who Plotted Secret Muslim Refugee Resettlement Loses Re-election

Ousted ex-mayor Christopher Louras

Documents from the ousted mayor’s office prove the Secret Syrian Muslim Refugee Plans Were Funded by Taxpayers.

Once again, the people have spoken with their votes, via: In Referendum on Refugees, Rutland Mayor Loses Reelection Bid | Off Message

Rutland Mayor Chris Louras, who endured months of withering criticism for his plan to bring Syrian refugees to the city, lost his reelection bid on Tuesday.

In unofficial voting results, David Allaire, a city alderman and leading critic of the resettlement, trounced Louras, a 10-year mayoral incumbent, by a 776-vote margin, according to results cited by the Rutland Herald and WCAX-TV.

“I’m simply wishing him luck and I’m moving on,” Louras told Seven Days Tuesday night. He declined further comment, saying he would “not hazard a guess” as to what the election results say about Rutland’s support for refugees.Allaire did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

While Louras campaigned on a series of issues, and touted a reduction in many categories of crime, along with an improved downtown business district, the refugee debate has dominated political life in Rutland for the past year.

Louras had beaten Allaire in two previous mayoral elections.

A Rutland native, Louras reached out to refugee resettlement officials in late 2015 and hatched a proposal to bring 100 refugees from Syria and Iraq to the city, which has been losing population for decades. The mayor pitched the plan, without consulting the Board of Aldermen, as a humanitarian imperative and economic development initiative.

He faced a fierce backlash from many residents and aldermen, some of whom engaged in nativist rhetoric. Reporters from across the state and country descended on the city.

After months of conflict, Louras in September appeared to have scored a legacy-defining victory when the U.S. State Department announced that Rutland had been approved as a resettlement site and would begin accepting refugees. But President Donald Trump’s executive orders cracking down on immigration from Syria and other Muslim countries scuttled the plan. Only two Syrian families made it to Rutland.

Allaire always insisted he is not anti-refugee, but he led the charge to investigate whether Louras broke any laws in his handling of the proposal.

“We’ve had a difficult time getting any information from the mayor’s office or the refugee resettlement folks. It seems to be all cloak and dagger, behind the scenes,” Allaire, a sales manager for Interstate Batteries, told Seven Days last month.

To varying degrees, all three of Louras’ challengers opposed his refugee plans.

Mike Coppinger, head of the Downtown Rutland Partnership, garnered 559 votes, and perennial candidate Kam Johnston earned 54 votes.

More background:

Vermont: Mayor planned in secret, now 100 Muslim migrants forced on tiny town

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PS: There’s no indication the new mayor will prevent rogue, unaccountable refugee resettlement agencies from continuing to flood the town with Muslims. In fact, they have indicated they will bring in 50 more Muslims this year.

In the interim, VRRP and USCRI have continued to pursue refugee settlement in the city, despite anger from residents regarding the agencies’ secretive dealings with city officials, including the ousted mayor.

This week, Lavinia Limon, CEO and executive director of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, told the Burlington Free Press that only about 50 people are now likely to settle in Rutland. USCRI did not respond to Watchdog’s request for comment.

Once the pipeline is opened, it never shuts. Wives, husbands, grandparents, relatives who aren’t related in any way – there will be hundreds and eventually thousands of Muslims in Rutland.

7 thoughts on “Vermont: Mayor Who Plotted Secret Muslim Refugee Resettlement Loses Re-election

  1. Secrets can end your career faster than lying, just waiting for legal issues to mount if any at all will arise against the former mayor.

  2. Its amazing how the goals of one man can trump an entire community’s welfare and well being. This is not the kind of government our founding fathers wished for but the kind they warned about.

  3. Nefarious Intentions for sure since he was going behind the City’s back that he was supposed to be protecting as the Mayor. Scary to think how much more of this type of thing happened in the obamanation as we all know he was playing Johnny Jihadseed with his resettlements across The United States. It will takes years if not decades to get rid of the Terrorists that were imported under obama’s rein. Barry Soetoro will go down as the most Anti-American person to have been in the Oval Office.

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