Sweden: Muslim teens who raped 14-year-old girl at school remain, girl is transferred

“Boys who raped girl is left at the school,” translated from “Pojkar som våldtog flicka går kvar på skolan,” Sydsvenskan: h/t Jihad Watch

Two boys who raped a girl can remain at the school but the girl is being taught elsewhere. The incident occurred in May, and in December, the boys, who were over 15 years old, were sentenced for the rape of children.

The girl has not been to school since she was subjected to the abuse, but the boys still go there, and several parents of other students have responded. Now head teacher says that it may be appropriate to review.

“This is something I have struggled with and think about daily and hourly. It is something about which I have a dialogue with the government,” says the principal.

The girl is still enrolled at the school.

Why she taught elsewhere?

“Because she is too distressed to go to school as usual.”

Because of the two boys?

“Yes, you could say that.”

Yet it is they who are still at the school?

“That’s how it is.”

How did you decide this?

“It is a delicate problem. We’ve talked about it at the administrative level. The judgment has been delayed for six months.”

The principal says that the school acted properly.

“I think that we have not been able to do differently. But yes, it’s hard to say what is right and what is wrong in this situation.”…


“Ann Heberlein: The rapist – about crime, punishment, and our rule of law,” translated from “Ann Heberlein: Våldtäktsmannen – om brott, straff och vårt rättssamhälle,” by Ann Heberlein, Ledarsidorna.se, March 4, 2017:

My daughter’s friend is in the same class as a rapist. My daughter’s friend Anna is in ninth grade at a secondary school in the outskirts of Lund. In the same class is Ajuub. He was sentenced in Lund District Court on December 13, 2016 for “child rape.” Tindra is now in the eighth grade. It was she whom Ajuub and a friend raped at the recreation center on May 30, 2016. In the district court protocol, we read that Ajuub acknowledged the act – but argued that the act should be considered as “child sexual abuse.” The district court found, however, that the crime of “child rape” was reasonable. They believed Tindra’s story, and found it “unlikely that the plaintiff voluntarily had sex with two guys” in a restroom at the recreation center.

When my daughter — who is in eighth grade at a school in central Lund — told me about Ajuub, I did not believe her. “Yes, it’s true. He raped a girl in the eighth grade. And he is in Anna’s class. ” Gossip, I thought. Rumors. Teens love to talk shit about each other. Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine that a convicted rapist is in a regular class at an ordinary school in Lund. I requested the judgment of the District Court of Lund, and there it is, black on white, that Ajuub was convicted of child rape. His buddy was, when the act was committed, not yet criminally responsible. The verdict is miserable reading. The image of a broken girl — Ajuub states in the interrogation that he saw that she had cut herself on her arms — frightened, bullied and alone. The girl, who was 14 years old when the abuse took place, said in interviews that she did not dare tell her mother what had happened. Only several days after the rape did she call her contact at a child and youth psychiatric clinic in Lund and tell about the rape. Along with her, the girl made a police report.

3 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslim teens who raped 14-year-old girl at school remain, girl is transferred

  1. More Proof that Liberalism is a Mental Disease. They have the worst Risk Management skills on the planet as they want to bring in more the the most riskiest and potentially dangerous group of people there are. The Liberals policies cause a ticking time bomb. Shown in every 21st Century Western type country that is bringing in followers of a 7th Century lifestyle.

    • The parents of the little girl need to connect with other concerned Swedish parents and file a class action lawsuit( or Swedish equivalent) against the government for neglecting their duty to protect the rights of Swedish children, by not enforcing a safe environment, and by not properly vetting foreign immigrants from countries where the foreign culture is KNOWN to allow, or encourage (through ignoring, and/or by custom) violence by men, “young and old”, toward the young, the weak, children, women, and people of other nations. Also, whose Imam, Mullah, Political, Sect and other leaders of those nations of these foreign immigrants’, have declared war against all Western Countries American and European, and have SWORN to enter those Countries for the purpose of infiltrating, terrorizing and eventually, when their numbers are enough, to take those Countries by force, or by usurping their governments. Those leaders have also, ADMITTEDLY, stated that Jihadists had already entering been into Western Countries, that more were entering in among other migrants, and that they would integrate, indoctrinate new Jihadists, build communities, etc., until they are called upon to perform their duties as Jihadists. The Jihadists of those countries can be male or female, and have no age limits, so young men and women entering Western countries as students of any age, could also be Jihadists, and will bring lawless customs with them. These immigrants are bound to the laws of their land, in this case Sharia, regardless of what country they live in, even if it conflicts with the laws of the new country, and which they intend to enforce and follow without regard for the new country’s laws. In this case the KNOWN common culture, and freedoms taken by Islamic men to physically and sexually abuse females, and both male and female children, were IGNORED by Liberal Swedish officials, who are more dedicated to the EU, and UN agenda than they are to their Countries and People whom they are sworn to protect. The agenda is to waterdown existing populations of established, patriotic citizens in every country to upset the demographic balance, and weaken countries from the inside out in order to eventually cause every country to be absorbed under one global UN governance.

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