Indonesia: Church Can Reopen… if They Allow Mosque on Their Land

Source: Indonesian Protestants reach church

Members of a Protestant church have reached a compromise with local authorities, which they hope will end an almost decade-long dispute that has seen devotees staging weekly services outside the presidential palace in Jakarta.

The Yasmin Indonesian Christian Church has accepted an offer by the mayor of Bogor in West Java to build a mosque inside the grounds of the church.

The church was sealed off nine years ago after local Muslims voiced opposition to its presence.

If the congregation wants to reopen their church, they should share a portion of the land and allow local authorities to build a mosque, next to the church, Bogor mayor, Bima Arya Sugiarto said.

If a mosque and church can stand side by side, there will be no resistance from Muslims, he said.

Church members welcomed the compromise.

“We are glad and support the initiative,” a Yasmin congregation spokesman Bona Sigalingging told on Feb. 5.

Mayor Sugiarto’s predecessor froze the Yasmin church’s permit that allowed members to worship in the building in Feb. 2008 and sealed it off following opposition from Muslims.

Despite winning a legal battle in the Supreme Court, the Christians said the mayor refused to allow the church to reopen because of pressure from hard-line groups.

In protest the congregation began in 2012 organizing Sunday services outside the presidential palace in Jakarta, seeking the president’s intervention.

Sugiarto promised he would reopen the church after coming to office in 2014 and presented the congregation with his compromise on Christmas Day last year.

“This is the best solution for us rather than relocation,” he said, referring to previous offers to relocate the church.

Negotiations about how much land will be given over for the mosque has still to be settled.

If Indonesia’s Muslim Jihad on Christian Churches is any indicator, this won’t end well for the Protestants.

3 thoughts on “Indonesia: Church Can Reopen… if They Allow Mosque on Their Land

  1. The Scorpion and the Frog come to mind. The Mosque will be built and then the followers of Islam will attack and destroy the Church at some time in the future violating whatever agreement they entered into now. The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah has been relived since the 7th Century over and over again. How long did it take the Palestinian’s or the Peaceful ones on Mindanao to break the Peace Accords/Treaties they agreed to ? There are many many more examples throughout history but the pattern has not changed for 14 Centuries. Hard to change their nature. How many Churches are there still in Saudi Arabia ? How’s the peaceful integration going in Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, etc where there are large number of Muslims going ? Are they blending in with the locals or making Muslim Only areas ? I already know the answers just giving food for thought.

  2. Yea go ahead and allow a mosque to be built right next to the Church and when the Christians go in to worship the next story we read is that every Christian in the Church were burned alive when the Church was set ablaze and the exits blocked by the muzzies.

  3. Indonesia has a secular government. In the past, it has been generally ok allowing Christian churches and events like Christmas, yada, yada,

    Since the rise of ISIS, Indonesian Muslims have been on the rampage, shutting down Christian events, services, schools, churches and even threatening Muslims, who have no problem with Christians, Christmas and the religion.

    Indonesia’s population is mostly Muslim. I hope the government doesn’t allow itself to ignore it’s own constitution and allow Islam’s persecution of other religions to continue.

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