Kansas City Muslims Reject Interfaith as Apostasy (video)

How Muslims really feel. h/t CausingFitna

The last time we heard from Kansas City: Kansas City and North Carolina mosques: Muslims can’t participate in Christmas with KUFFAAR

8 thoughts on “Kansas City Muslims Reject Interfaith as Apostasy (video)

  1. I’m not surprised. A local radio show was dealing with the topic and and a Muslim caller showed how radicalism is here in KC. In typical fashion the liberal media networks here are reluctant to investigate any such matter. Instead they report what very well may be false hate crimes.

    If I recall correctly there was an NPR report years ago on radical Muslim organizations. I seem to remember it being not far from the KC area, if not in the general proximity.

  2. Sorry, but I’m in agreement with Muslims on this one. The entire point of “interfaith” runs along the lines of the Hegelian Dialectic, with each person of their own belief system giving up portions of that belief system in order to meet everybody in the center. What you end up with is a whole lotta nonsensical half truths and lies, just in order to “get along.”

    As a Christian I see nothing right and everything wrong with all this interfaith nonsense. You cease being a Christian when you relinquish parts of the Truth and your own Faith for the sake of peace with those who, quite frankly, deny the Christ. From Jesus’ own mouth we know that anyone who denies Christ is an anti-Christ. Why would any Christian desire to appease an anti-Christ?

    • Agreed. I believe everything in Qur’an represents a full 180° from Christianity. I want nothing to do with anyone in the Islamic “faith” because they deny the Father and the Son, and not only deny, but actively REJECT the true God.

  3. Interfaith dialogue and meetings are counter productive, and are lies. They will only lead to a weakening of the Gospel.

  4. A large percentage of the U.S. population simply refuse to believe what the Islamic ideology means, they ignore it because they don’t believe it can hurt them no matter what they are told they seem to feel its none of their affair all the while marching in the streets to allow all the Muslim refugees that want to come to the U.S. in to eventually take over the country when their numbers are large enough to start their demands on the host country. This is what is going on in EU most of the EU countries will be gone I believe in the next 10 or 15 years. With whole sections of cities and towns in every country no-go zones where the police are not allowed to enter where the ambulance drivers won’t go! If the snowflakes get their way the U.S. will fall for the same stupidity that has taken over the EU while our tax dollars support 90% of them, that is what the EU’s crooked politicians has allowed to happen for decades the EU is now on life support.

  5. I keep reading folks who make excuses for al salam (SUBMISSION, not peace) and who diligently work at avoiding the seminal point of that “alleged Abrahamic religion”; The “religion” of islam was established by the so-called perfect man of islam, mohamid. mohamid preached that dogs, especially black dogs were bad and should be killed or avoided, at best. mohamid also prescribed the drinking of CAMEL URINE to cure a number of ailments. but even more profoundly, mohamid was 50 when he was romantically attracted to the six year little girl of his friend who was playing with dolls with a little playmate of hers; the girl was AISHA. after the scandalous sexual attraction furor died down, a revelation from mohamid’s magic cave later, 50 year old mohamid married six year old Aisha and mohamid proceeded to masturbate on Aisha’s littl body until she got old enough, in mohamid’s judgment, for mohamid to have sexual intercourse with Aisha…. mohamid had sexual intercourse with Aisha when she reached her ninth birthday. how can any sane human being even pretend that a vile pedophile like mohamid is anything other than a sexual deviant demonic piece of SH*T!!!! Any so-called “religion” that such an evil creature would form must truly be a (ahem) “GIFT FROM SATAN, or another similar demon.” Sharia Law is simply the disgusting synthesis of the evil from the perfect pedophile of islam, mohamid the servant of the Jinn in the cave that he purposefully misidentified at the behest of his old rich widow woman wife as being the “Angel Gabriel.”

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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