North Dakota: Muslim refugee tells 911 dispatchers he supports ISIS, wants to “go home”

Mohamed Aweis Mohamed

If he weren’t a refugee, why would he say he wanted to go home? Reporters today can’t be bothered to actually report so we’ll never know. Source: Police: Grand Forks man told 911 dispatchers he supports ISIS | Grand Forks Herald   h/t TROP

A Grand Forks man has been charged with harassment after police said he called dispatchers almost 50 times to say he supported ISIS.

Mohamed Aweis Mohamed, 30, was booked Thursday into the Grand Forks County Correctional Center after 911 dispatchers said they received 47 calls from him in less than a week in early February.

On Feb. 3, dispatchers said the suspect called 44 times to express his displeasure with President Donald Trump, according to court documents.

A Grand Forks Police officer who eventually met with Mohamed checked the suspect’s phone log after he voluntarily showed it to the officer, according to court documents. That officer said the phone showed a log of emergency calls.

Court documents detail conversations between Mohamed and dispatchers, including his claims that Trump fueled “morale” of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Mohamed reportedly said he felt he had no freedom in the U.S. and that he wanted to go “home” or to Canada. He also allegedly said he supported ISIS and “dislikes” women.

“The male subject knew law enforcement (was) en route to his residence and said he would run, would not answer the door and would not be cooperative with them at any point,” officers said in a complaint.

Officers were dispatched Feb. 3 to 2819 20th Ave. S., where they said they heard a male subject speaking from inside the home.

“The suspect would not open the door for officers and continued to call 911 for no legitimate purpose other than to vent his frustrations,” the complaint said.

An officer again contacted Mohamed on Feb. 8, asking the suspect to stop calling and inquiring about his connection to ISIS. Mohamed said he called 911 because “he knew his rights and because he loved America,” the complaint state.

During the meeting with the officer, Mohamed cited drinking for the calls the complaint described as “rants about U.S. President Trump.”

The harassment charge is a misdemeanor that carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $3,000 fine. He has an initial appearance scheduled for March 29.

Mohamed faces two other harassment charges in separate but similar February cases. In one case, 911 dispatchers said he called more than 10 times and yelled at them. In the other case, he allegedly told dispatchers he needed an ambulance but later admitted he only wanted a taxi, according to a criminal complaint. 911 records show he called 15 times, prompting emergency responders from Altru, the Grand Forks Fire Department and Grand Forks Police Department to respond.

His next court appearance for the February cases are in June.

Grand Forks Police Lt. Derik Zimmel said there is no evidence at this time to indicate Mohamed is a threat to the public.

Without digressing too far from the above story – a quick search on this story turned up multiple Mohamed Aweis Mohameds. At least one of those was in the same Grand Forks, North Dakota town, with what appears to be a different photo: Police arrest man on suspicion of attempted murder at Grand Forks apartment:

Mohamed Aweis Mohamed, 31, unknown address, made his first appearance in court Friday afternoon on felony charges of attempted murder, terrorizing and reckless endangerment.

Mohamed indicated he has lived in the United States since 1997 but is not a U.S. citizen. His country of origin is Somalia, he said.

Back in July in Grand Rapids, more Mohameds were arrested:

Police arrested 19 year old Hudefi Aweis Mohamed and 26 year old Hassan Mohamed. They’re facing charges of Burglary and Aggravated Assault.

Not be confused with other Aweis Mohameds in Massachusetts:

Shariff Aweis Mohamed, 22, 29 Mansfield St., Everett, was arrested for malicious destruction of property worth over $250 and with two counts of breaking and entering in the night with intent to commit a felony.

Or in Tennessee:

Aweis Haji Mohamed charged with murder in the first degree and felony weapon possession.

Now imagine trying to vet hundreds of thousands of Muslims with no identification, no paper trail and no reason to be in the U.S. except to receive welfare. And spread Islam.

But remember, there is “no evidence at this time to indicate Mohamed is a threat to the public.”

7 thoughts on “North Dakota: Muslim refugee tells 911 dispatchers he supports ISIS, wants to “go home”

  1. Am I the only one who can see some form of genetic aberration in this face, and many other Islamic faces? Inbreeding or just the norm? It gives me the creeps!

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  3. The Islamic world has the highest percentage of birth defects which is caused by the inbreeding and also the highest occurrences of schizophrenia in women over 40 from lack of Vitamin D wearing clothing that covers their whole body blocking sunlight. 21st Century Science proved it but they want to live in the 7th Century. The genetic defects take 6 generations of non inbreeding to reverse. Taking Vitamin D supplements only lessons the effects of lack of sunlight. Only cure is to get rid of full body clothing and get outside in sun a few days a week.
    In short, their problems in these areas are self induced and will not change until they change themselves. Their interpretation and practice of their lifestyle of Islam is the problem.

  4. ‘Mohamed reportedly said he felt he had no freedom in the U.S. and that he wanted to go “home”…. ‘
    Wouldn’t it be much less fuss and expense to just arrange his passage home?

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