Saudi Raped Univ of Montana Student, Fled U.S. After Dean Alerted Him

Former UM President Royce Engstrom insisted the school did nothing wrong

Sent in by a reader who recalled this 2012 rape by a Muslim student visa holdertens of thousands of whom are Saudi Muslims – who never leave the U.S.

Source: Saudi student accused of UM rape has fled the U.S. | Local |

A man accused of raping one University of Montana student and assaulting another earlier this month was contacted repeatedly by UM Dean of Students Charles Couture before fleeing the country.

After Couture informed the man – who was accompanied by his lawyer – that he was being accused of sexual assault under the university’s Student Code of Conduct, the man left the area, UM President Royce Engstrom said Friday.

In fact, the man – a Saudi national studying at UM – has left the country, Missoula Mayor John Engen said police told him earlier Friday.

The campus is safer because of the man’s departure, Engstrom said at a news conference that he called to clarify the sequence of events involved in the incidents. He called the university’s actions “timely” and “appropriate.” Any impression “that we sat around for a week before we did anything” is untrue, he said.

“We can let people know we have dealt with these (alleged assaults) and that particular perpetrator is gone,” Engstrom said.

Both women allegedly were assaulted by the man in separate incidents on Friday, Feb. 10. One woman reported her assault, which Engstrom termed not sexual, to campus police that same day.

Couture received the campus police report on Feb. 14, Engstrom said. He then wrote a letter to the alleged perpetrator, and also requested a written report from the victim, Engstrom said. On Feb. 17, he said, Couture received that victim’s report, and also learned of another assault – this one a rape – by the same perpetrator.

At that point, Couture called the alleged perpetrator and told him about the sexual assault report, Engstrom said. At the end of the day on Feb. 17 – a Friday before a long holiday weekend – the university sent a campus-wide email warning of “Sexual Assault … Possible Threat to Community.”

That was the first Missoula police heard of the incidents, Engstrom confirmed Friday. Missoula police quickly contacted university administrators, he said. However, a week had passed since the alleged attacks.

“Police learned about it at the time we sent out the email,” Engstrom said. “I believe they contacted us.”

Deputy Chief Mike Brady spoke with university administrators that same evening to request that they meet with Chief Mark Muir and Mayor John Engen, he said. That meeting – which Engstrom called “a very healthy discussion” – took place another week later, on Friday morning, Feb. 24.

“One of the things I think we could do better and will do better is be in contact with Missoula police” after allegations of sexual assault and other serious incidents, Engstrom said.

 Missoula police detectives did not interview the alleged victims until earlier this week. By that time, the alleged perpetrator apparently was gone.

On Thursday, a student who lives at UM’s International House on Eddy Avenue – where the accused man also lived, and where the alleged assaults occurred – said the man had been gone for a few days.

“From UM’s perspective … he is no longer part of the campus community,” Engstrom said Friday. In fact, the man has fled the country, Engen said, and Missoula police were never able to contact him once they learned of the allegations.

Did his lawyer advise him to flee back to his Muslim country? More:

University of Montana President Royce Engstrom has insisted repeatedly that UM did nothing wrong when a dean informed a Saudi exchange student that another student had accused him of rape.

The university didn’t notify police. The man fled the country.

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