New York: Muslim convicted in jihad attack that killed two U.S. servicemen

Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Harun

Imported to the U.S. by Obama and Holder. He’ll spend 40 years at U.S. taxpayer expense eating halal food and recruiting criminals to wage jihad.

Source: Admitted Al-Qaida fighter convicted in NY terror case that left two U.S. servicemen dead, including Oklahoma soldier |

An admitted al-Qaida fighter was convicted on Thursday of federal terrorism charges for participating in a fierce firefight in Afghanistan that left two U.S. servicemen dead.

A jury in federal court in Brooklyn deliberated for about two hours Thursday before convicting Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Harun.

Harun, 46, was extradited from Italy to the United States in 2012. Prosecutors told jurors that while in Italian custody, he confessed that he threw a grenade and shot at an American military unit in a 2003 ambush that killed Army Pvt. Jerod Dennis, of Antlers, Oklahoma, and Air Force Airman Ray Losano, of Del Rio, Texas.

While on the run, Harun later masterminded a failed plot to bomb a U.S. embassy in Nigeria, the government said. He was under the direct supervision of al-Qaida higher-ups, including some still held at Guantanamo Bay, the government said.

The Saudi-born defendant who claims Niger citizenship had insisted he was a “warrior” who should face a military tribunal rather than a civilian court prosecution. He refused to attend his trial, and his lawyers took the usual step of not giving a closing argument and focusing on post-trial motions challenging a conviction.

Harun faces a possible life term at sentencing on June 22.

More via Al Qaeda ‘bomber’: I wanted to be a terrorist since I was kid

Excerpts from the chilling​ three-day interview with authorities in Italy were played for federal court jurors Tuesday, translated into English.

It started out long ago, all the way back to my elementary schools days when I began to understand things at the time of the Afghan war against the soviets,” Harun said in one Sept. 14, 2011 audio recording. “That’s when I first decided to join jihad.”

In later recordings, he recounted the day he began attacking the Americans.

“At that time there was a grenade in my hand and I took that grenade and threw it at them,” Harun said. “I threw it directly at them and it blew up in between them. At that point, I am certain that both of them were injured.”

The accused terrorist also shot at troops.

“Because we were face to face and I had a direct shot, I opened my Kalashnikov [assault rifle] and started firing at them,” he said. “I shot and yelled, ‘God is great, god is great!’ I was worried they would have a grenade and throw it. I started throwing grenades one after another. They started returning fire.”

The DOJ Press RELEASE here.

6 thoughts on “New York: Muslim convicted in jihad attack that killed two U.S. servicemen

  1. All these islamic scum have been indoctrinated from birth to hate, murder, lie and use deceit to destroy civilization. I strongly oppose his being given halal food in prison at great expense. He should be only fed the Sheriff Arpaio diet of cold cuts or better yet starve. His medical care should be entrusted to the Hells Angels who could perform the necessary neutering of this animal.
    As muslims are all expert in the art of deception such as Taqiyya and Kitman they should not be allowed in our armed forces or we will see many more Maj. Hassans.

  2. So Obama and Holder brought enemy combatants onto U.S. soil to give them a trial by a jury of their peers, complete with court appointed attorney, grand jury bill of indictment and review by a federal court of appeals.
    How absolutely stupid. Do Americans realize how expensive defending this country had become under Obama ???

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