Muslims bought residential Yonkers mansion for mosque, sue city after ruled a landmark

Litigation and zoning jihads – planned well in advance.

Source: Islamic Community Group Sues City Alleging House Made Landmark to Stop Mosque – NBC News

A New York Islamic center is suing the City of Yonkers for landmarking a 108-year-old house owned by the group in an alleged bid to stop it from turning the mansion into a mosque.

The Islamic Community Center for Mid Westchester, which filed the federal lawsuit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in New York’s Southern District, accuses the City of Yonkers of religious discrimination and constitutional violations when the city in June landmarked a house the center bought last year.

The lawsuit said the designation, applied for by the Colonial Heights Association of Taxpayers, was a “pretext to discriminate against plaintiffs because of their religion, their religious practices, and against their religious institution.”

Exterior changes to landmarked buildings must go through an approval process.

“The landmark designation severely restricts the nature and type of renovations [the center] can undertake on its property,” the lawsuit reads. “The landmark designation denies [the center] the right to have a house of worship bearing all relevant Islamic characteristics.”

Following a public hearing, the Landmark Preservation Board in April found that the Islamic center’s house “was illustrative of growth and development of the city and had unique architectural qualities,” a finding the Islamic center disputes, court papers said. The Yonkers City Council later voted along party lines for landmark designation, with Republicans for it and Democrats against it, and the mayor signed the resolution on May 27, according to court documents.

Defendants named in the lawsuit also include the Landmark Preservation Board, the city’s planning board, the mayor, four Republican city councilmembers, and a Republican district county legislator.

The Islamic Community Center for Mid Westchester is asking the court to block the City of Yonkers from enforcing the landmark designation, and to award attorneys’ fees as well as compensatory damages no less than $25 million.

City of Yonkers spokeswoman Christina Gilmartin told NBC News in an email that the Islamic Community Center for Mid Westchester can open a mosque and the city is ready to help.

“But welcoming this congregation does not mean that the independent findings of our Historic Landmarks Board can be completely disregarded,” she said. “Hundreds of other building owners, and in some cases entire neighborhoods, manage to comply with historic preservation requirements. So must they.”

Will Gilmartin and the City of Yonkers stand strong or bow down to Islamic supremacists and give them money, land and more to further the jihad?

Elsewhere in Yonkers, Muslims are imposing their supremacist ways.

6 thoughts on “Muslims bought residential Yonkers mansion for mosque, sue city after ruled a landmark

  1. From Ann Arbor, to Sterling Heights to across the u.s. , they are becoming a destructive juggernaut of a force trying to take America down. I hope the city wins.

    • I completely agree with you. The American people need legislation to stop this Muslim destruction of America. The American people do not feel comfortable having this growing Muslim population in our country, especially after the recent attack in England. Keith Ellison, as a good Muslim, are you compelled to tell the truth to the infidels of America? Have you read or do you know anything about: Reza F. Safa, author of Inside Islam: Exposing and Reaching the World of Islam, estimates that since 1973, the Saudi government has spent an unbelievable $87B to promote Wahhabism in the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe. How much money have you received from the Saudi government,Obama’s OFA, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and George Soro? Have you pledged allegiance to America? the American Constitution has protection for a religion, the Muslim theocracy pushes the religious angle to justify their existence in America. The Muslim theocracy has taken a small setback now that we have President Trump. Muslim Keith Ellison will do his utmost to get the Muslim theocracy back on track. Keith Ellison is a good Muslim as I had stated before. Not so good for America’s core beliefs and the Constitution. Every state must get legislation to protect the American people from Sharia Law circumventing the American Constitution and the core beliefs of the American people. If Muslim Keith Ellison gets a stronger position with government, the American people can say goodbye to the American core beliefs and the Constitution. Muslim Keith Ellison will do everything he can to discredit President Donald J. Trump.

  2. I have seen these Muslim real estate agents at the property in Yonkers and I must admit they were extremely rude and secretive ..PEOPLE LIKE MELISSA MARK VIVERTO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF EVERYONE I KNOW

  3. Rhetorical question… So how did the Mudslimes get their hands on this place in the the first place? Who was stupid enough to sell it to them??? And exactly what did they think would happen to the historic mansion if the muzzrats got their hands on it????? Oh, don’t tell me–yes, of course it was going to become a “Community Center” for all races, religions and creeds!!!!! I guess it’s time for the Yonkers City Council to cry, Oops!!!!!

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