Idaho: Hearing today for girl, 5, sexually assaulted by Muslim refugees

Source: Forgotten case: Girl, 5, sexually assaulted by refugee boys

Lacy Peterson and her husband, Levi, have endured nearly 10 months of public shaming and lies told against their family. Even county prosecutor Grant Loebs has used local media to downplay the savagery of what happened to their little girl last June. That’s when two boys from Iraq stripped the girl naked and molested her while the third boy, from Sudan, filmed the incident.

If it had not been for an alert elderly resident of the low-income apartment complex, there is no telling how much worse the assault may have been.

What never could have been anticipated, however, is the way the family and its supporters have been held up to public ridicule by powerful refugee supporters in Idaho and nationwide. City councilmen, the county prosecutor, police chief and even a retired state Supreme Court justice have all taken turns trashing the conservative media that reported on the assault as well as those who have come to the aid of the family.

“We have been treated horribly,” Lacy Peterson said. “The way I feel, our case has been pushed under the rug and soon to be forgotten about. Since June we moved into a house that we can hardly even afford. We were totally fine in the apartments until now.

“I don’t think it’s fair that us Americans get to struggle and work hard and live paycheck-to-paycheck and pray to make bills,” she continued. “And the refugees get to have everything handed to them.”

Lacy suffers from a liver disorder and cannot work. Her husband is a cook at a local hotel. They are raising funds through a GoFundMe account to help with medical and legal bills. They’ve hired a local attorney to represent them in a possible civil suit, but that suit can’t be filed until the criminal case is resolved.

The incident, which happened June 2, 2016, at Fawnbrook Apartments, was witnessed by Jolene Payne, an 89-year-old retired nurse who told WND she saw a 14-year-old boy from Sudan filming the assault in progress inside the laundry room. Two other boys, ages 7 and 10 from Iraq, were inside the room with the little girl, all three with their clothes off, while the older boy shot video.

According to the family, that video showed at least one of the Iraqi boys making contact with the girl’s backside with his exposed genitals. The boys also urinated on the girl and in her mouth, according to the witness and victim accounts.

A pre-trial hearing has been set for Monday, March 27.

The trial has been delayed twice and is now set for April 4-6.

A civil suit against the refugee family and possibly the College of Southern Idaho is also being prepared. CSI gets paid as a contractor to resettle refugees into the Twin Falls area, including those from Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Julie DeWolfe, a local activist and friend of the family, said the perpetrators have been treated with more kindness and concern than the victim, a special-needs girl from a poor family.

“The rapists still attend public school with the community’s children and live at home with their families,” she said.

“At this point, there is no justice for Jayla. There are fewer people fighting for her because refugee biased political figures have buried the issue, deceived the people through inaccurate statements, and postponed proceedings,” DeWolfe added.

A March 27 court hearing will determine “if this case gets resolved or proceeding to trial,” said Mark Guerry, the attorney representing the family in potential civil proceedings.

“The cynical side of me suspects nobody is anxious to resolve this case or for this case to get back on the public radar and media radar, because they know they are going to have to endure a lot of questions and local interest, and especially with the dissatisfaction when my clients, the parents, and all their supporters who have supported Levi and Lacy from the beginning,” Guerry said. “They are the ones who have pushed hard for prosecutions. They’ve been there and done everything they could to get their side of the case out.”

Guerry said he suspects the local prosecutor, Grant Loebs, “would really wish this case would fall below the radar and stay there. The Twin Falls officials and he in particular have not liked the intense scrutiny that has been given this case, and he has said from the beginning that the victim’s family and their supporters have really exaggerated what happened.”

Loebs has done more to defend the Muslim refugees caught on video rather than vigorously defending the five-year old American victim and her family.

49 thoughts on “Idaho: Hearing today for girl, 5, sexually assaulted by Muslim refugees

    • Haven’t you heard? The Church(LDS) can’t do enough for them(muslim refugees). They are “another” blessing to the Church. Our Branch just gathered goodies for them recently. It makes members feel so international & non-bigoted.

      • This sickens me! I have watched the city council meeting and when The people of Idaho falls asked about it,they are where boxed into questions like ” Are you a white supremacist ” WHAT”??? How about I want my children safe!!!
        Look into the council man that helped the big yogurtcompany move to Twin Falls, the money they made!!! Listen to this lady and see how they plan on getting more refugees in!

        • PC made words SCARY and powerful! STOP CARING ABOUT STUPID WORDS! WORDS ARE JUST WORDS! They have NO POWER IF YOU DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM. If someone calls you something and it’s the truth FINE it’s the truth! If it’s a lie, then it’s a LIE! WHATEVER! People need to STOP ALLOWING THE LEFT to control us and INTIMIDATE and SHUT US DOWN….WITH….(insert haunted house ghost wailing music)….words. This has gone on too long! Obama SILENCED US and now it’s time to take BACK OUR VOICES! UNITE AND SCREAM! Forget about….words. PC MUST DIE NOW!

          • Right if they through those accusations out there don’t let them distract. Yeah you can come back with a question if they are a terrorist enabler or do you have a problem with white people or whos ancestors made this town your taking for yourselves and at what cost or profit to them. Churches or certain ones are getting paid also. Demand they answer the question. Also that the city wants accountability to letting immigrants in without any concern for their economy, culture, saftey, double standards.. Of standards, and the drain they will cause. There is no planning just dumping driving costs and taxes up wages down.

    • – – YES , castration would solve THIS PROBLEM permanently – – – NO MORE reproducing by THOSE – – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately, that doesn’t help that little girl. She needs her daddy with her, not in jail. You know anyone who does anything will be put in their place swiftly unlike the prosecution of these animals.

  1. The politicians who allowed these ” Refugees ” into The United States and the ones harboring Illegal invaders need to be held accountable for all of the crimes they have been committing. The Politicans need to be Removed from their positions and be put in prison. The job of the government is to keep it’s citizens safe, not play Russian Roulette with us by allowing groups of people who have shown that they have people in those groups who harm others.

  2. It’s against their religion to tolerate those outside the filthy evil cult. Their “holy” book specifically tells them not to be friends, and that they are allowed to enslave non-moslems (and any other evil they might like). They are told that “all is as allah wills it” – providing an excuse to mistreat anybody that is under their power – anything they can get away with must be the will of allah.

    I think we badly need a “working definition ” of what ideologies are unacceptable, so that WE are not obliged to officially tolerate the spread of evil ideas.

    An Evil ideology might be identified by this rule: “Provides excuses, rationales and/or support of any kind for the worst impulses of mankind”. There are aholes among any group, but not all groups provide support for the worst.

  3. Grant Loebs is an appeasing arsewipe and a traitor to his country. A disgrace of a man who will one day meet his karma full on.

  4. “City councilmen, the county prosecutor, police chief and even a retired state Supreme Court justice have all taken turns trashing the conservative media that reported on the assault as well as those who have come to the aid of the family.” These are not men of authority and responsibility they are lilly livered cowards, .wetting their pants for fear of ISLAM lovers in our country who may criticize them at least…males with no “testicular useful function” a disgrace to the male species and to the offices they occupy… i can not find the words to describe the disgust and revulsion in my heart for their actions and reasonings … they should be publicly disgraced and thrown out of their positions and banished from society… instead of defending this 5 yr old child they side with the perps from an Islamic family and … Islams threats by an ignorant population and media… damn …WE JUST NEED A FEW GOOD MEN … WHERE ARE THEY ??? you know the bible states men would come to the place where in terror they would… JEREMIAH 30:5-6 …we have heard a voice of trembling of fear and not of peace Ask ye now and see whether a man doth travail with child? wherefore do I see every MAN WITH HIS HANDS ON HIS LOINS as a woman in travail and all faces are turned into paleness… I just wonder if this child sexual assault victim was theres what they would do… i never thought i would see the day when so many men in POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY would be so chicken so cowardly so unreliable …

  5. It’s too bad that the go fund me site wants all your information, including name, email, postal code, credit card number, city, address, &c. Would have given money to help. But I am not forfeiting the details of my life in order to do it. Also, the go fund me pitch is, I think, inaccurate. The girl was anally raped by ten and seven year olds? If she was undressed and pissed on, that is enough. No need to exaggerate.

  6. This is horrible they should be put away for ever send them back where they came from they wouldn’t want done to them what they did to her my god she’s an innocent child obviously someone taught the violence is the way to go put them in the adult prison and see how long they last they would be so abused they for sure woildnt make they would tear them apart this is why Americans don’t want anymore refugees we have enough and they think America owes them well we don’t so get over it and go back where you came from

    • The families of these boys should be deported, these boys should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives, where they will live daily with the fear of what darkness will bring. If you send these boys back to their home countries,
      they will just grow up and return to the USA to reek havoc on some other innocent being

  7. Put them in prison general population they will be history they will tear them up so they can feel what they did to that poor little girl went through then pack them up and send them back this is our country if they want to live like animals let them do it at home I don’t like trump but this is exactly what he’s trying to stop is the violence so many refugees think we owe it to them enough is enough

  8. I think they ought to Fry the little bastards….general population..let it be known what they did to this poor little innocent girl and believe me, they won’t make it 3 days in prison.


  10. Wow, I like to consider myself an intelligent person, I am a compassionate person, a tolerant person, a peaceful person, a professional person and a deep thinking person. I am a professional clinician and licensed in my chosen career field. I am a woman. I am a woman who at the young age of 17 had my first introduction to Islam by dating a man going to school in the community college in my small area of Colorado. I have been to Idaho, worked there, made friends there and spent quite a bit of time there. Be patient I will get to the point. It is hard to believe the condition this county has come to, the state of being that Idaho has come to and even the condition my home state has come to in just 20, seemingly, short years. I dated an Iraqi man when I was 17. I was young and naïve. When this man TOLD me I WAS going to marry him, give up my home and family to go to his country and live under the rule of his mother in their household, I told him not only NO but HELL NO!!! I was NOT going to marry him, I was NOT going to go to his country and say good-bye to everything here!!! I told him, “You can not make me!!!” He walked away from me, got another girlfriend who was more naïve than I was and she followed him to California and God only knows where she is today. Shortly after that, the movie, “Not Without My Children” – Sally Field, came out. I have NEVER regretted what I told him. I learned early in life what it meant to live under Sharia law and decided then… NO WAY!!! I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE UNDER IT NOW!!! It is hard to believe these people who have no clue what they are talking about in Idaho are in positions of leadership!!! These MEN do not belong here in the society we live in in the United States and with the strides women in positions of Human Service such as myself, have taken against Domestic Violence in the individual States as well as in this country!!! This county still owes a debt and apology to Nichole Brown for what OJ did to her!!! Those so called male officials in Idaho owe that 5 year old girl and her family an apology…. and ANY MAN IN THIS COUNTY WHO SUPPORTS ISLAM AND SHARIA LAW IN THIS COUNTY IS JUST AS BAD AS OJ SIMPSON AND NEED TO LEAVE OUT OF DISRESPECT TO ALL WOMEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! NO, COLORADO SHOULD NOT BE A SANCTUARY STATE!!! And…. if ANY man supports Islam and Sharia law in this country they have just taken strides backward in making Domestic Violence LEGAL again in every aspect. I sat as a clinician in domestic violence groups early in my career and watched Arabic men get away with beating their wives to death, practically, and they sat in group smug because under their law it is allowed and they could not understand why in this country we made such a big deal out of it because they were “handling” their women!!! REALLY??? WOMEN ARE NOT POSESSIONS!!!!! WE ARE PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS, for God’s sakes!! America, you turn to Sharia Law and you have gone light years into the past and just turned your back on every female person in this country who was born here!!! Do we really want to fight that battle again?? AND… this land really belongs to the Native American Tribes, who… VALUE THEIR WOMEN!!!

  11. Mr. Loebs you are a pathetic excuse for a man! It is the preversion of justice when you call evil “good” and good “evil”. Do what’s right and prosecute these refugee boys to the fullest extent of the law!!!

  12. If they had done that to my child there would be some refugees missing. Idaho has lots of rural land where you can hide bodies and no one will ever find them. In a case like this, I’d confront the little bastard’s parents and if they tried to defend their actions those parents would suffer as well.

  13. Just now ·

    Twin Falls may lose $$$ if prosecution moves forward CHOBANI YOGURT CORPORATION brought these refugee families to work in plant they built in Twin Falls IDaho…BOYCOTT CHOBANI
    collusion between city and Chobani

  14. I wouldn’t eat Chobani ever again for another reason. They have had hundreds of complaints and many safety violations that have led to recalls of their products.
    I Met a person who used to work there that left when the first group of the refugees started getting hired there and they personally witnessed women going to the bathroom, heard them go number 2, and walk right out without washing their hands. Coworkers also said the same thing happened with males. Some of the countries the people are from still use their left hand in lieu of toilet paper. Some of the people would stand on the toilet seat and squat done to go. Other workers started to wonder when they would see someone go in the stall and then disappear. Many instances where someone would walk in and not see any feet at bottom of stall and think it was empty only to try door and realize someone was in there. I’m no scientist but I’m sure that extra fecal matter isn’t supposed to be in products like Yogurt. This has also presented itself to be a problem in the medical and dental fields as well with workers not properly removing germs from their hands.
    If someone is living a 7th Century lifestyle there should be certain professions that they need to be banned from for health concerns here in the 21st Century.

    • OMG, tyedyed, THANK YOU for not sparing the sordid details here! Ppl really need to know what kind of 7th century dirtbags that we are dealing with! Imagine the filth–NO, I’d rather not! It blows my mind to think these are FOOD-SERVICE workers!!!! OMG! OMG!!!! THANK YOU for sharing the raw details!!!!!

    • Sorry, I live in Idaho and this is the most Republican state in the Country.(at least in name) Even our leaders are coming to act like they want the UN and Agenda 21 or 30, or whatever they call it now, to take over our country.

  15. When will you people that make the laws uphold them
    Protect the victims
    If it were your family it would be a different story
    Stop protecting those evil refrugees
    Uphold the laws

  16. How can this happen in America! What is wrong with this picture. Can’t you ignorant people see what is happening here? They are trying to take over our country and these morons are helping them!

  17. It’s funny it used to be people moved to places like that to get away from inner cities and the problems it brough as well as care to the natural environment. Now you have a Gov system thats importimg it from other country’s Ho don’t even love our country or respect our laws for profit. Nothing like Hippocrates in their counties making a laughing stock out of themselves not only to muslims but citizens watching these cowardly morons destroy their own cities and turn them into ghettos with no though to what their doing or the drain their putting on infrastructure schools jobs taxes housing. Till they’re no different to East LA or Chicago.

  18. The people should demand that the officials in office do their job. Either that or fire them. This little girl is ruined for life while these smugg bastards do nothing to these slime balls. God help these little bastards if it was one of my daughters. They would not be running around without something marking them have a bad accident.

  19. and my son who was over 18 gets his girlfriend pregnant and because she was 16, he went to prison and has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. it didn’t matter that she came to his first parole hearing and told the board that she was a willing partner; it didn’t matter that when he was finally released, they were married and had another child together. This was in Idaho. Some of the most archaic laws are practiced in this state.

    These poor little IZLAMIC MOOZLIM TERRORIST rapers will get NOTHING done to them. Way to go, Idaho

  20. Force-feed the little phuckers all the bacon they can hold [cooking optional]..
    Put on public display for all the town’s males [as well as any BOLD FEMALES] to piss on them as they did to the HELPLESS victim..
    THEN deport the lil’ bastards!!
    …only a suggestion, take it as you will!!

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