NYC: Muslims demand removal of names etched on city sidewalks…at taxpayer expense

Death by a thousand sharia demands. Source: Push to have sacred Muslim names removed from NYC sidewalk | New York Post  h/t Jihad Watch

The city must remove 11 names revered by Muslims that are etched on downtown sidewalks — because it’s an insult that people are trampling on them, critics are demanding.

“It is a hate crime and must be prosecuted,” Alina Nisar wrote on an online petition calling for the removal of the name Mohammad from the 200 names in black granite along Broadway from Battery Park to City Hall, installed in 2003 to honor every ticker tape parade to travel down the corridor.

To many Muslims, trampling over sacred names — such as the religion’s prophet Muhammad — is an insult.

“Walking on an important symbol is a sign of disrespect,” said Ibrahim Hooper, the spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

[ICYMI: CAIR is a Hamas-linked, terror-listed Muslim group]

“As Americans might view walking on an American flag or a grave disrespectful, in Islamic culture, the prophets are some of the most important things in the world.”

But the engraving — located on Broadway between Rector Street and Exchange Place — isn’t for the prophet at all, it’s for Mohammad Reza Pahlevi, the former Shah of Iran who was a close ally to Uncle Sam.

Pahlevi’s name was installed to commemorate a City Hall reception and parade for the ruler on Nov. 21, 1949, as part of the Big Apple’s “Canyon of Heroes.”

“It was with the utmost respect…that we placed granite markers…to more permanently commemorate them,” said Jessica Lappin, President of the Alliance for Downtown New York.

It’s unclear why there is a movement afoot now — as opposed to 14 years ago — to remove that name, and 10 others.

[It’s clear to anyone who is paying attention.]

“It really hurts the feelings of people of Muslim faith,” said Yasir Bhai, the treasurer for One Nation US, who helped create a separate petition late last year that now has over 700 signatures, they said.

Other revered names the group would like removed from the sidewalk include Ibrahim, Ahmad, Hassan and Ali.

Those names appear for the former President of Sudan Ibrahim Abboud, the former President of Guinea Ahmed Sékou Touré, the former king of Morocco King Hassan II and the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaguat Ali Khan.

A Downtown Alliance spokeswoman estimated it would cost taxpayers roughly $10,000 to remove each name totaling $110,000 for all 11.

Removing the names of Mohammedans from a sidewalk might be easy, but removing the real problem won’t be.

12 thoughts on “NYC: Muslims demand removal of names etched on city sidewalks…at taxpayer expense

  1. FACT: Islam and Sharia Law are 180° opposite from American values, traditions and our Constitution.

    FACT: Muslims do NOT WANT to assimilate…Take a look at Europe. If anything, “No go” zones in some places…and the mayhem and rapes perpetrated by Muslim refugees across Europe.

    FACT: Muslims don’t want to be Americans either and have NO idea or care for our laws and way of life. They just want to continue life as Muslims and follow Sharia law…They have absolutely no intention to be integrated into the America…Just use our system to undermine us.

    FACT: There are NO peaceful Muslims. ONLY varying degrees of patience. Some are doing jihad now, others are waiting. BUT, all have the same goal…an Islam world.

    FACT: Muslims conquer when they can. If they cannot conquer, they try to integrate . . . until it is time to conquer.

    FACT: And then there is Islam’s secret: Hijra … jihad by immigration….immigrate and take over by population expansion.

    • Fifth fact should read: ‘FACT: Muslims conquer when they can. If they cannot conquer, they try to appear that they have integrated . . . until it is time to conquer.’

  2. This movement MUST be stopped!!! Write to the White House and demand that Sharia law and Muslim demands be a cause for retribution to the perpetrators trying to undermine the American way, rules and system.

  3. I smell CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood in this. Those groups will go to any lengths to push the Islamic agenda to eventually take over every part of society in the Western world. Stop kowtowing to them and force them to assimilate and accept that they are not the rulers of the world. Either get along or go home.

  4. These Muslims want to remove some NYC history.Perhaps they don’t like it that some of these official’s visits have been commemorated.The city should not cave to their demands! The usual expectation on their part for us to make acomodation for them and pay for it to boot!

  5. If they’re so concerned with respect why do they think it’s OK to trash American Graves and burn American flags? If you want respect, you need to give it. As long as they’re calling for our deaths I will give them zero respect.

  6. First of all: Who gives a damn what the Muslims want?? But–But—But they only want to dominate the whole world so they will have plenty of heads to “strike their necks”! (I know”grammer) Second–Why does anyone even listen to their whining??

  7. Let’s do something close to their heart and pour acid on these names and obliterate them forever. I mean who wants those names on a sidewalk in any case.

  8. The more Islam is allowed the more it will demand, Geert Wilders is 100% correct time to give Islam a new status in our nation, AMERICA as a political movement and demand that it be removed, shut down as a religion and all the Mosques demolished and the land they sit on be reclaimed as American land and not Islamic state property..

  9. To Hell with these Muslims!!
    Obama & Hillary wants what is happening in Britain, Germany & France to happen here!
    This is the most important video you can watch about the problem!
    Watch this shocking video!

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