Prince Charles tried to delay the Afghan invasion…to honor Ramadan!

Source: The day Prince Charles tried to delay the Afghan invasion

Prince Charles tried to halt the American invasion of Afghanistan to ‘honour’ Ramadan.

He made the plea to the US ambassador to London four weeks into the huge military operation launched after the 9/11 terror attacks.

The startled envoy asked the prince, ‘Sir, are you really serious?’ according to a book being serialised from today by the Daily Mail. Charles’s intervention appears to have been made behind the back of then prime minister Tony Blair.

Last night an officer who led UK forces in Afghanistan said the prince’s request was absurd. Critics described it as grossly irresponsible. Politicians in the UK are used to the prince trying to meddle in policy and his handwritten ‘black spider memos’ are legendary.

Twenty thousand American and British troops were ordered to Afghanistan by George W Bush and Mr Blair in October 2001 because the ruling Taliban had refused to give up Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Around a month into the offensive – and two weeks before the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan – Charles placed an ‘urgent call’ to William Farish, Washington’s ambassador to London.

Interviewed for the new biography of Charles, Mr Farish recalled: ‘Prince Charles asked me if it would be possible to stop the invasion to honour Ramadan, and if I could convey that request to President Bush.’

The ambassador explained it would be rather difficult to halt a military invasion already in full swing, but the prince allegedly protested: ‘But Americans can do anything!’

The envoy asked: ‘Sir, are you really serious?’ and the heir to the throne replied, ‘Yes I am’.

The extraordinary exchange is revealed in Prince Charles: The Passions And Paradoxes Of An Improbable Life by Sally Bedell Smith. The respected historian based the biography on interviews with more than 300 friends, family and associates of the prince.

3 thoughts on “Prince Charles tried to delay the Afghan invasion…to honor Ramadan!

  1. England / The United Kingdom / Britain (whatever their official name is now) is doomed with all of its importation of Muslims and allowing Sharia Courts, no go zones, and all of the financial support that is given to their invaders.

  2. This is the guy that cheated on his wife with his married mistress, loves painting and tending his garden. His mother refuses to step down and hand him the keys to the castle and his oldest son has more credibility than him. Why would anyone listen to this useless fool?

  3. @ Carole T. : You are correct. Prince Charles has shown himself to be a huge useless fool. Prince Charles had it all. The Fairy tale life in all respects. The Wedding of the Century to one of the most beautiful Princesses in the land who was loved and adored by all. He was the elephant eared beast to Diana’s part of being the Beauty if it were a Disney movie for comparison.
    Most people, my self included, still never understood how, why, he chose Camilla and screwed up his direct head of the line to the thrown. He probably would have made a crappy King which is why the Queen did what she did. Not trying to disparage any of them but I really think the Queen’s action speak for themselves. I’m sure her original plan was to have Charles and Diana be the King and Queen so she could retire. Charles Royally F’d that up.

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