Maine: Obama Admin Refused to Suspend Islamic Market Guilty of Food Stamp Fraud

Source: Islamic Market Guilty of Food Stamp Fraud Gets a Pass | LifeZette

Maine Gov. Paul LePage is objecting to a break the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the Obama administration gave a halal market that made fraudulent food stamp transactions.

But federal officials told LifeZette the decision is final.

The case involves Sindbad Market in Portland. According to the Agriculture Department’s Office of Inspector General, the market made four fraudulent transactions with three ineligible customers. Because the owner was personally involved in one of the transactions, that ordinarily would trigger a one-year suspension of the ability to accept food stamps, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

But an attorney for Sindbad Market asked for and received an exemption in September on grounds that suspension would cause a hardship for Muslim food stamp recipients, who rely on the market for its preparation of halal meat, in accordance with Islamic law. The federal government agreed to impose a $33,000 fine instead.

“In consideration of the attorney’s response and our analysis of other SNAP retailers in the area, it was our determination that disqualification of Sindibad [sic] Market LLC would cause a hardship for SNAP households due to no comparable stores within a one mile radius,” a federal document states.

LePage, who has made rooting out social services fraud a central feature of his administration, criticized leniency for the rule-breaker.

“I don’t agree with the last administration,” LePage told LifeZette. “I think they should have been suspended. If you have rules, you need to follow the rules. The problem with the previous administration is they were very, very weak on fraud. In fact, they were so weak, it was an incentive to get into fraud.”

Under Department of Agriculture regulations, federal officials consider whether there are comparable vendors within a mile radius of the store that has committed a violation. In this case, according to the documents, there is another medium grocery store within a mile of Sindbad. Makkah Halal Market, is a medium specialty grocery little more than a tenth of a mile away.

But investigators from the Agriculture Department determined that the store does not sell fresh halal meat, only frozen.

“It was felt the subject store’s disqualification would cause a hardship to SNAP households due to the absence of comparable stores offering fresh meat products (Halal) within one mile of the subject store,” the document states.

LePage rejected that.

“I spoke to the people in the other market, and they said there shouldn’t be a difference,” he said.

Jalil Isa, a spokesman for the Department of Agriculture, said the federal government gives flexibility to states in managing the federally funded food stamp program.

“But as far as the penalties are concerned, this is something that very much falls in the purview of the federal jurisdiction,” he said.

Isa said the market already has paid the fine and that the decision is final.

Maybe, Jalil Isa, is part of the rampant Muslim food stamp fraud problem and why these Muslims were exempted.

It should be noted that an ISIS terrorist frequented the store.


9 thoughts on “Maine: Obama Admin Refused to Suspend Islamic Market Guilty of Food Stamp Fraud

    • No others law in America , only America law or if you prefer Shsria law move back to you country . It is our country you have to follow our laws or out. No food stamp for them , why we waste too much our money to give food stamp to these people and demand us to follow their rules . Out confiscate all their assets.

  1. An attorney for Sindbad Market (could this attorney be bought and paid for by the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR) asked for and received an exemption in September on grounds that suspension would cause a hardship for Muslim food stamp recipients, who rely on the market for its preparation of halal meat, in accordance with Islamic law. This is why CAIR is all upset with states passing laws against practicing foreign law in the Constitutionally protected states of the United States. President Trump needs our support to get this leaching cancer of the backs of the American taxpayer.Thank god we still have Maine Gov. Paul LePage

    • If you are hungry you could eat anything . It is not a restaurant you pay for what you want. It is a humanity help and taxes payers don’t have to pay for the food they prefer to eat .oK or go back to your country . It is no need to feed these killers. Lawyers are a bunch of liar and deceiptive people

  2. The American people do not feel comfortable having this growing Muslim population in our country, especially after the recent attack in England. Keith Ellison, as a good Muslim, are you compelled to tell the truth to the infidels of America? Have you read or do you know anything about: Reza F. Safa, author of Inside Islam: Exposing and Reaching the World of Islam, estimates that since 1973, the Saudi government has spent an unbelievable $87B to promote Wahhabism in the United States, Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe. How much money have you received from the Saudi government, Obama’s OFA, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and George Soro? Have you pledged allegiance to America? Because the American Constitution has protection for a religion, the Muslim theocracy pushes the religious angle to justify their existence in America. The Muslim theocracy has taken a small setback now that we have President Trump. Muslim Keith Ellison will do his utmost to get the Muslim theocracy back on track. Keith Ellison is a good Muslim as I had stated before. Not so good for America’s core beliefs and the Constitution. Every state must get legislation to protect the American people from Sharia Law circumventing the American Constitution and the core beliefs of the American people. If Muslim Keith Ellison gets a stronger position with government, the American people can say goodbye to the American core beliefs and the Constitution. Keith Ellison is looking for the chance to preform the ULTIMATE JIHAD on the American people.

    • Eagle 669,
      Agree with you 100% there was a good article that came out in on April 2, 2017
      about what has happened to London which the author called Londonistan: 423 Mosques; 500 Closed Churches, I would advise everyone to read this because this is just what could very easily happen here in the U.S. especially with the mindset of the Democrats which Keith Ellison is a member. Another good article that also came out in Gatestone March 30, 2017 called, The Muslim Brotherhood; Peddling Sharia as Social Justice. The Muslim Brotherhood is another group that needs to be kicked out of the U.S. and all of their operations shut down.

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