Florida: Student Suspended for Disagreeing with Muslim Prof Who Denied Christ’s Crucifixion is Reinstated

If you didn’t hear about this story earlier this week coming out of Florida, here are a few background links to catch up.

Muslim Prof Insists Jesus Wasn’t Crucified, Christian Student Suspended After Disagreeing

A Christian college student has been suspended after allegedly challenging his Muslim professor’s claims that Jesus wasn’t crucified and that his disciples did not think he was God.

Marshall Polston, a sophomore at Rollins College in Florida, was suspended after disagreeing with these assertions made by his professor, Areej Zufari, in his Middle Eastern humanities class, as reported by The College Fix.

“Honestly, it reminded me of some of the more radical groups I researched when abroad,” Polston told the Central Florida Post. “Whether religious or not, I believe even those with limited knowledge of Christianity can agree that according to the text, Jesus was crucified and his followers did believe he was divine… that he was ‘God.’”

After Polston challenged Zufari on this point, he received a 52 percent on an essay and says the professor refused to explain why. He was later reportedly suspended.

Zufari reported the student to Rollins’s “Dean of Safety” and canceled class, alleging Polston made her feel “unsafe.”

When the class met again, Zufari brought up Sharia law and a male Muslim student suggested that adulterers, gays, and thieves should be decapitated, according to Polston. Multiple students thought the teacher should report the statement and one anonymous student told the FBI, but Zufari purportedly took no action beyond playfully telling the Muslim student something similar to that he was “in time-out” and should remain quiet for a bit.

Along with his suspension, Polston was ordered not to contact Zufari. The professor submitted a police report alleging that Polston disobeyed the order and had shown up outside of the classroom, but both a restaurant receipt and video surveillance stills indicate that the student was buying food at an Orlando restaurant during the class period.

The Central Florida Post began researching and found that the Muslim Rollins Professor Defended Anti-Semitism, Aided Lover In Radicalizing Children

Central Florida Post has uncovered a lawsuit filed in Orange County, FL in 2007 that contains bombshell allegations against Zufari and provide insight into her radical Wahhabi leanings.

Zufari is accused by Rosine Ghawji, the wife of the Maher Ghawji, of trying to indoctrinate Rosine’s two children with fanatical Islamic beliefs. Zufari had been engaged in an affair with Maher and was possibly involved in a secret marriage ceremony in Central Florida with Mr. Ghawji, according to the court documents.

Maher Ghawji has been tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, donated thousands to charities that funneled money to Al-Qaeda, and was even under surveillance by the F.B.I. at one point for his involvement with terrorist groups in the Middle-East.

The court documents also point to trips made by Zufari and Mr. Ghawji to Seatlle, where the court documents allege the two conducted “targeting and surveillance” of American interests.

Zufari not only defended Jew hating comments reminiscent of the Third Reich, but also hosted a fundraiser for a man who was listed as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC terrorist attack.

How did Rollins not do a proper background check on Areej Zufari before they hired her? Her past is a clear indicator of an intense personal bias, one that has apparently motivated her to malign a student and even falsify a police report.

She even went as far as enlisting a student to lie in the report as well, meaning multiple people could face charges for filing a false police report.

CFP further reported that, Embattled Rollins Professor Gives Conflicting Statements To Police.

By Friday, Polston Was Reinstated After Muslim Professor’s Claims Were Debunked By Rollins College – Central Florida Post

By Jacob Engels

Last week, Central Florida Post broke the national story about Marshall Polston being suspended by Rollins College for vehemently disagreeing with his professor.

Rollins College, after a long and careful investigation, in a letter obtained by Central Florida Post, concluded that Polston did not violate the schools code of conduct and that he was not verbally, physically or mentally threatening.


Polston Reinstatement Letter by Jacob Engels on Scribd


Of course,  the school, still struggling with the reality of their massive mistake, employed mealymouthed jargon to discuss Polston’s innocence, swapping “Not Guilty” with a ruling of “Not Responsible.”

Rollins even chastised Mr. Polston for being disagreeable with the professor, but mentioned nowhere the severity of her false police report or claims about Polston. We’re hopeful that Zufari will have to answer for those false statements in the coming weeks.

Attorney Kenneth Lewis, who is representing Polston, praised the school for the thoroughness of their investigation.


Polston Attorney’s Press Release by Jacob Engels on Scribd


Polston felt relieved when we talked with him on the phone, but was worried about the stress the whole ordeal had put on his family and friends.

“My Mom has been so supportive of me. In return, many on social media have targeted her. This decision is a first step of many to rebuild my reputation.”

The Orlando Sentinel should look hard in the mirror to see who is the real Fake News. They reviewed some court documents and came to a conclusion Polston was a threat.

Maxwell’s column praised the Sentinel reporter for examining all sides and said this was just a right-wing publicity stunt, in his opinion. He wouldn’t mention Polston’s name to avoid giving him more “publicity” and wouldn’t name the professor because she had been victimized too much.

Now that Rollins has found Polston not guilty, isn’t he the true victim? Regardless of the publicity, this is a college student who has been falsely accused by his professor. His other studies have suffered. He was temporarily suspended from school. All because a professor made accusations that Rollins found to be untrue.

There are still questions to be answered and we will continue to look closely at what happens next. The Central Florida Post will follow this story and continue to update our readers with new developments.


7 thoughts on “Florida: Student Suspended for Disagreeing with Muslim Prof Who Denied Christ’s Crucifixion is Reinstated

  1. If you or I filed a false police report and named a specific person as a perpetrator of a crime, we would be charged with that crime and become liable to lawsuit for defamation of character. But a Muslima with past and current ties to terrorists gets a pass and keeps her job teaching the propaganda of Islam. Our world is full of acquiescing fools or accomplices to Islam’s agenda of conquest. Naming Islam and its proponents as enemies who need to be addressed in a decisive manner and doing so, is not a phobia! It is absolutely necessary to the survival of freedom! Damn all who worship the pedophile Mohammed and Satan!

  2. Marshall Polston should proceed with a defamination lawsuit against “Zufari” & against Rollins College.
    Muslims do this all the time even when they have no right. Polston was slandered & Muslims are nortorious for this.

  3. Sharia Law is a false teaching, brought into being by an obsessed man, who was a pedophile, taught that women were mammals, but not on the level of men, and they could not go to heaven. He considered rape a right of any male, and men should have multiple wives. Muhammad also taught that ALL infidels (any who were not believers in Islam) should be killed, as well as anyone of the LGBT community. Sharia Law is an abomination… something to be destroyed, and anyone believing in it should not be allowed to live in America. To allow this will mean that U.S. citizens will be willing to help the jihadists establish their Caliphate (taking over of the world… one world order (Islam).

  4. The Student is found “Not Guilty” which means the professor over reacted including filing a false police report. Rollins College student guidelines state in part: upholds the highest standards of academic freedom and conduct toward all members of our community. Unless of course the professor is Islamic teaching non-islamic students. Is it therefore within Rollins College acceptable standards for the Islamic professor to offend it’s non-muslim students? Furthermore those students are not expected to exercise their free speech and express their religious beliefs if it’s contrary to muslim belief? It appears to be ok with Rollins College their professor acted in a vindictive way to fail a straight A student? Sadly a different degree of standards and ethics for muslim professors at multi-cultural liberal arts colleges exists in America!

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