Muslim Births Expected to Outpace Christian Births Within 20 Years

Source: Muslim Births Expected to Outpace Christian Births Within 20 Years – WSJ

Within 20 years, more babies will be born to Muslim women than to Christian women world-wide, the latest sign of the rapid growth that could make Islam the world’s largest religion by the end of the century.

The new report is an expansion on a major Pew Research study from 2015, which first projected that by 2050 the world-wide Muslim population would nearly equal the Christian population, perhaps for the first time in history.

Wednesday’s study offers new details about birthrates in recent years. It also projects forward to 2060, when the Christian and Muslim populations will be nearly equal.

The world-wide population of Muslims is projected to grow by 70% between 2015 and 2060. Christianity will grow by 34%.

For both religions, the growing numbers come largely from fertility. Muslims have gained slightly in recent years from people converting to Islam. Meanwhile, Christians have lost more members than any other religion in recent years due to religious switching.

[The WSJ forgot to mention that so-called “religious switching” is prohibited in Islam and punishable by death! Don’t believe us, hear it from Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the most renowned Muslim cleric in the world., as he cites Islamic sources.]

Currently, 16% of the world’s population is religiously unaffiliated, with most of them living in China. That group has gained the most from religious switching, with more than 12 million people expected to leave behind any religious affiliation between 2015 and 2020.

The percentage of the world population that is unaffiliated with any religion is expected to fall in the coming decades because of lower birthrates, compared to other belief groups.

8 thoughts on “Muslim Births Expected to Outpace Christian Births Within 20 Years

  1. The obvious answer to this is not PC. Ban abortion, hormonal birth control and sterilization. Non-Muslim women should get paid to quit their jobs to start a family. Today, only Traditional Catholics have large families. Most Catholics take hbc.

    The Marxist left is responsible! Death and depopulation is their religion and this includes the apostate pope Bergolio.

  2. Islam in Western countries needs to be banned, not as a religion, but a a complete political SYSTEM with the goal of world domination. Problem solved.

    • The author is attempting to compare Sharia Muslims with Biblical Christians–one is black and the other is white–there is no legitimate comparison.

  3. this completly wrong PEW is a christian source based on hidding the number of muslims and amplifying the number of christians
    Christians births globaly are = 14 millions in americas + 6.5 millions in europe (if we consiser the atheists as christians ) + 8 millions in Africa (if we consider aminisits as christians) + 3.5 millions in the rest of the world =32 millions births
    Muslims births Globaly are = 38 millions in Asia + 17 millions in Africa + 3 millions in the rest of the world = 58 millions muslims births

  4. Indonisia population 1900 is 43 millions South america was 39.2 millions now According to westerns source Indonisia is 260 millions (360 millions in reality) and South america is 422 millions (much low in reality) Indonisia (6.2 milions registed births 2.4 millions registed marriages ) and south america (5.8 millions births )
    Bangladesh population 1900 28 millions Pakistan was 24 millions Brazil was 17.2 millions now Brazil is 206 millions with 2.8 millions births and Bangladesh is 168 millions (230 millions in reality) with 6 millions births Pakistan is 205 millions with 6 millions births

  5. philippines population is about 75 to 76 millions (in reality) Egypy in 1950 was 24.5 millions and phillipines was 19 millions Now according to false statistics Egypt is 93 millions with 2.7 millions births while phillipines is 101 millions with 1.75 millions births and if you count the population PLUS the natural increase you will found 80 millions phillipinos and NOT 101 millions + Phillipines is a country with negative net of immmigration so surely the population of phillipines is much low than 80 millions lets say between 75 and 76 millions …

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