Delaware senator calls Koran reading on Senate floor “despicable”

True dat.

Source: Delaware senator’s anti-Muslim comments draw rebuke

Comments that state Sen. Dave Lawson, R-Marydel, made about Islam on the floor of the chamber Wednesday led to a rare rebuke from the chamber’s chief member and sparked a brief but fierce discussion about religious freedom.

“We just heard from the Quran, which calls for our very demise,” Lawson said after a Muslim duo gave the invocation, including a passage from their holy text. “I fought for this country, not to be damned by someone that comes in here and prays to their God for our demise. I think that’s despicable.”

Lawson served in the Air Force and did a tour in Vietnam. He addressed his colleagues on the floor of the Senate.

Tarek Ewis, imam of the Masjid Isa Ibn-e-Maryam mosque in Newark, and Naveed Baqir, executive director of the Delaware Council on Global and Muslim Affairs, were invited to give the Senate invocation.

Lawson and Sen. Colin Bonini, R-Dover South, stepped out of the chamber for the prayer. They re-entered when the speakers had finished, and Lawson gave a brief speech, saying he “took great exception” to the reading from the Quran.

After Lawson’s comments, the Senate proceeded as normal, debating and passing several bills. But before the chamber adjourned later in the evening, President Pro Tempore David McBride, D-New Castle, halted, saying he felt “there is complicity in remaining silent.”

“I have never been of the mind to censure the words of other members, but I also believe deeply that words have consequences,” McBride said, reading aloud from a statement. “To criticize the sacred prayer of another religion from the floor of the Senate strikes me as antithetical to everything we ought to stand for as lawmakers.”

Baqir called Lawson’s comments “textbook Islamaphobia.”

Baqir said he hoped to have a sit down with Lawson to explain more about the Muslim faith.

Sen. Bonini said afterward that he does not think Lawson is Islamaphobic.

“Anybody who knows Dave knows that there is not an ounce of hate in him,” he said. “There is not an an ounce of hate in me either.”

Still, Bonini said, “Religious freedom is not a one-way street; it is a busy intersection.”

“You have a right to pray, as do I,” Bonini said after McBride’s response. “And I have a right to be offended by what you believe, just as you have a right to be offended by what I believe.”

Bonini said neither his nor Lawson’s walkout nor their comments were intended to “be specifically disrespectful to the people who are here.”

McBride went on to say that Muslims serve in the military and as police and are doctors, professors and teachers.

Afterward, Lawson said he thought McBride was “ignorant to what’s going on.”

He said the Quran includes passages about killing “infidels” and pointed to some majority-Muslim countries that restrict women’s rights and persecute Christians, among other evils.

“Their belief flies in the face of our Constitution,” Lawson said afterward. “This is not our Bible, we should not be allowing them to pray from that book in our house, just as I do not believe I would be allowed to pray from my Bible in their house.”

There is complicity in remaining silent. Unfortunately, as normal, Democrats like David McBride are on the wrong side of history.

He welcomes with open arms the reading of the Koran which precipitates slave markets in Libya, gay concentration camps in Chechnya and throws them off rooftops in Syria, endless terror attacks on civilians in European states, Muslim refugees who rape American girls, and church bombings in Egypt.

McBride is complicit. Baqir is a textbook stealth jihadist.

17 thoughts on “Delaware senator calls Koran reading on Senate floor “despicable”

  1. absolutely despicable!!!

    Shared to my public Fb with my added comments:



  2. Thank you Senators for expressing your disagreement…We are allowed to disagree, right? I would have to leave the room as well.

  3. Good for Lawson! Every time one of us speaks out about Islam, it will prompt SOMEONE to read the Qur’an. And the more people read that despicable book, the more resistance to Islam there will be. Reading Islamic texts is CRITICAL to save USA from Islamisation.

    American politicians desperately need to understand that islam is not a religion, but a STATE with a religion.

  4. Lawson was entirely correct.
    The propagators and defenders of this koranic nonsense love death and have no right to read it over us.

  5. Sen. Dave Lawson was 100% correct. Anybody who disagrees hasn’t read the Quran or is against The Constitution of United States if they have read the Quran. Either way, Islam and our Constitutional Democracy are incompatible since Sharia Law is an integral part of Islam which has many things that go directly against our rights afforded us under the Constitution. The followers of Islam keep trying demanding special treatment, keep trying to take away others rights to further Islam in their Civilization Jihad. That fact has been going on for a long time and advanced to it’s greatest point under the obamanation. Some common sense is being applied now but more needs to be done to stop its spread since they already told their plan to conquer the world.

    • Little bit, by little bit….it’s called “stealth jihad”. See this video for how that works..

      It’s called Three Stages of Jihad by David Wood, and it’ll give a clear, concise, intelligent education, along with some humor….about the koran (I promise, you’ll love it!)

  6. I’ll explain to you about Islam.
    “Islam/Qurān/ Hadith
    “Mohamed said take your religious beliefs 50%from Qurān & 50% from Hadith (Hadith is the recordings of what happens by Muhammad & his revelations & explanations)”
    Qurān has Abrogated verses-
    (Abrogate or cause to be forgotten a verse)

    The beginning of Qurānic chapters/ Mohamed was somewhat peaceful, then the later chapters showed the truth of his plan

    (Qurān 9:5- kill the unbeliever)

    (1st of all We’ve a religious cult that believes that in order for one to guarantee going to heaven is to be killed while he/she is killing infidels in the name of Allah.
    2nd is that in order for the end to come believers must work to Islamize the hole world or die doing so in order for the khaliah to come back & end it all)

    (((Islamic teaching has two parts “houses”
    1- house of Islam
    2- house of war
    Everyone in the world has to fall into one of the two.
    However in the west the Muslim Clerics say the house of peace & thats a lie)))

    “To understand the verses of Qurān & why & when they were written, you have to know that Qurānic books are not in chronological order but rather from the longest to the shortest”
    (he was first in Makah then he went ElMadena)
    ( mansoukhah = verses that have become void & canceled)
    ” chp. 9 or sourah 9 is the last revealed of Mohamed:
    It doesn’t start with beasm alla elrahman elraheem, because he’s no longer merciful ”
    (The verse of the Sword: 9:5
    Kill the people of the Book “Christians” wherever you can find them)
    (9:111- The only guarantee of paradise is for those who kill themselves in the proses of killing infidels)

    “Q. 8:67 the prophet Mohamed says;
    Captives are not to be exchanged for money until we have shown fear in our enemy by slaughter….”

    “Qurān says: don’t count the martyrs dead those who kill themselves for Allah are alive & rewarded by virgins”

    “Sahih Al-Bukhary
    Vol. 4 book 53 Hadith 386
    The prophet sent out his soldiers to the great & big cities to kill & conquer, when we got there & we were asked what we want we told of the msg of the prophet that we’re here to give you a choice
    1- To become Muslims
    2- To pay Jeziah
    3- To be killed
    And whosoever of us is alive will be your master”

    “First waive of Islamization started in 670-722 AD that took the Middle East, Iraq, Persia ext. most of were Christians & the second
    From 1070-1683 & mainly by Turkish Islamic army ( which was a Christian country the seat of Bazentine & it was stopped at Viana on September 11th 1683 by the Crusaders! Does this date ring a bell”

    “Many scholars believe that sense Islam was halted on Sep. 11th 1683 that it was a msg from Ben-laden announcing Islam to be back in power & conquering the world”

    “The Crusaders:
    Mohamed & his followers raging several wars to conquer the world & took a lot of countries & got in the way of Christians visiting Holy places like Jerusalem & continuing to killing the Christians, Europeans decided to take back the land that was once theirs”

    “Muslims, even moderate once don’t get along with their neighbors
    Indonesian Muslims wiped out a third of the population of the Portuguese people who were Roman Catholic.
    Same in the Philippines, Thailand, China & in India a holocaust of the Hindus”

    (Taqiah: is an Arabic word in Islam it means “to deceive, to lie or to hid the truth” and it’s the duty of every Muslim to use for the benefit of the furthering of Islam –
    Qurān 3:28 16:106-
    Sahih Al-Bokhary
    Bol. 4 Book 52 Hadith 269: the prophet says ‘war is deceit”)

    (Quran: chapter the life of Mohamed:
    “Go & kill them, but in order for us to do so oh prophet we must lie to them first, then do so”)

    “Sahih Al-Bukhari
    Vol. 7 book 67 Hadith 427
    Mohamed says that if I first write a verse & later I find a better one then I’ll write it & cancel out the first.”

    “By an ex Muslim

  7. Be educated so you can help to defend the country from these anti-American libs and Muslims…


    (SKIP YouTube’s ‘woe is me’ pro Caliphate ads at the beginning of videos…they are designed to make you think your watching the real video)
    Must Watch: 1400 yrs of Islam history in a few minutes…
    Ex-Muslim Woman Warns America, THEY’RE HERE TO KILL YOU!
    Sharia Law: The Silent Take Over of Europe And America – Immigration Crisis 2016
    Muslim Demographics
    From Europe to America – The Caliphate Muslim Trojan Horse
    How Islam Is Destroying Europe
    Americans if this does not get your attention, nothing will!
    Dearborn, MI. Shows Why Trump Is Right On Islam
    Muslims in Japan are stopped, take notice USA, Europe, watch and learn!

    There are NO peaceful Muslims. ONLY varying degrees of patience.

    Some will act sooner than others. But, rather than openly participate in Jihad, most are just waiting until it’s time to conquer.

    Still not sure? See: …

  8. I love how this blog uses the example of the Chechnian concentration camps for gays against Muslims. Talk about hypocrisy. Because, I’m sure this fine example of a second rate wordpress site is first in line to champion the LBGT cause for equal rights. And I’m sure it’s typical reader stands up against that particular brand of discrimination, right? LMAO

    • When you have no argument, then you can only resort, like oh so many of your kind, to trying to undermine the speaker by some often imagined inconsistency or other flaw.
      You have nothing useful to contribute to the real debate.
      Go away

    • Who is the real hypocrite? The left wing fanatic who comes to a z list wordpress website to regularly comment on how bad the z list website is?

      Like many alt-left fanatics who are so ashamed of their party they now claim to be card carrying independents (fine leadership in the I party) you are more critical of those who call out Islamic killing of gays than of the Muslims who throw them off buildings and kill them. Along with cursing, name calling, grammar shaming and an inability to comment on the actual post topic – you are nothing more than an Islamic, sharia apologist.

      Or perhaps you have converted to Islam but are afraid to admit it.

      If you don’t already, CAIR may have a position for you “Luke Raynard”. Although rumor has it you’re already busy on Deedra Abboud’s campaign.

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