California: Pakistani Muslim enters race for lieutenant governor, vows to fight Trump

Is this Pakistani Muslim Democrat planning to fight Trump “every step of the way” on eradicating ISIS, preventing terrorists from killing Americans and deporting illegal alien felons from the U.S.? Will the Sacramento Bee or anyone else ask him? Don’t count on it.

Asif Mahmood, a Democrat and Muslim from Pakistan

Source: Muslim doctor enters race for California lieutenant governor, vows to fight Trump | The Sacramento Bee

Asif Mahmood, a Democrat and Muslim doctor from Los Angeles, on Wednesday announced his run for California lieutenant governor – with fighting President Donald Trump the centerpiece of his campaign.

“As a Muslim immigrant from the great blue state of California, I’ll be a triple threat to Donald Trump,” Mahmood said at a press conference outside Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters downtown Los Angeles. “I’m running for office to fight against him, and to fight for our families.”

Mahmood, from a small village in Pakistan, said he came to America to become a doctor. He said health care, education and fighting Trump are his top three campaign issues.

“I wanted to live in America because of my children. I wanted them to grow up in place that celebrates diversity and tolerance,” he said. “Donald Trump continues to attack people like me – immigrants and people of color and Muslims. I say President Trump has it all wrong. It’s time to get tough on hate. California must be the leader of the Trump resistance and I will fight every step of the way.”

[CS: Clearly, Mahmood is intolerant of those who don’t agree with him.]

If elected, Mahmood would be the first Muslim to hold statewide office, said Danna Elneil, a representative for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“We’re not 100 percent sure whether he’s the first Muslim to run…but he’d definitely be the highest-ranking Muslim elected in the state,” Elneil said.

CAIR is a terror-linked, terror-listed, foreign-funded Muslim organization. The Sac Bee chose to hide that information from readers. More via: Muslim runs for California lt. gov

The job is a largely ceremonial post but would give him a platform to address his concerns.

However, the Los Angeles-area pulmonologist will need to build a statewide coalition to have a chance.

Mahmood says as a physician, he’s seen the need to provide health care. He wants Obamacare protected and Medicare expanded to cover everyone.

He’s also calling for expanded educational opportunities — including free community college tuition in California.

Finally, the Democrat calls himself a proud Muslim who loves America and says California should lead the fight against what he considers President Trump’s intolerance.

On his campaign web site the pulmonologist says his status as a Democrat, a Muslim and an immigrant makes him a “triple threat.” He vows to fight what he calls President Donald Trump’s discriminatory attacks on immigrants.

Mahmood moved to Kentucky in the 1990s to complete medical school and came to California in 2000. He lives near Los Angeles with his wife and three teenage children.

Dr. Mahmood advocates for a single-payer healthcare systems and free community college.

More via: Dr. Asif Mahmood is candidate for lieutenant governor of California

That elected official performs ceremonial duties but also sits on the University of California Board of Regents and serves as the president of the state Senate. When the need arises, the lieutenant governor becomes “acting governor.”

That’s a terrific story, as Michael Corleone said in The Godfather, but the Democrat doctor is a long shot to gain the office he seeks. On the other hand, his Ahmadiyya connection raises an issue certain to be overlooked by the old-line establishment media.

Like Dr. Mahmood, Ahmadis claim to be “proud Muslims,” yet orthodox Islamic countries, organizations and scholars denounce and persecute them. Orthodox Muslims have been known to take sterner measures with proud unbelievers, kafirs and such. Radical Islamists like Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik effectively reverse the Ahmadi motto. Love for none. Hatred for all.

The Muslim invasion is not only refugees, illegals, and visa scofflaws but also a nationwide infiltration into elected offices. See recent Creeping Sharia posts from Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, Minnesota here and here, and Arizona.

5 thoughts on “California: Pakistani Muslim enters race for lieutenant governor, vows to fight Trump

  1. These sub humans are a Cancer to society and the ppl in California so delusional it’s sicking. If they elect this Muslim it won’t stop there. Maybe all Muslims should move there and let them have the state let these idiots live life in a third world state then when we prove what kind of TRASH Muslims are then we can NUKE California and rid America of the trash.

  2. This is a joke & the joke is on the United States & American people!

    A Pakistani recently commented on the London bombing’s, now the Americans need to get ready to listen to such garbage!

    Sadiq Khan: London mayor says terror attacks ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city

    and the response to the above

    Donald Trump Jr blasts Sadiq Khan for saying terrorism ‘part and parcel of London life’

    God Bless America & Protect American People!


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