Trump Admitting Syrian (Muslim) Refugees Faster Than Obama

Trump isn’t draining the swamp, he’s filling it with Muslim refugees.

Source: Trump Admitting Syrian Refugees At Quicker Pace Than Obama | The Daily Caller  h/t Jihad Watch

President Donald Trump called Syrian refugees a “great Trojan horse” during the 2016 campaign, but his administration has resettled them in a quicker pace than President Barack Obama did.

Since Trump was inaugurated, 1,401 Syrian refugees have been resettled, State Department figures as of Wednesday reveal. This is more than double the 625 Syrian refugees resettled under President Obama in the same time frame last year.

The president has admitted about a third fewer refugees from all nations than Obama’s State Department did in this time span, as he has resettled 10,565 refugees so far and Obama resettled 14,841. Syrian refugees, however, were a particular focus of President Trump’s when he was running for office.

“Bad, bad things are gonna happen,” Trump said about Syrian refugee resettlement at an August rally.

As president he signed executive orders temporarily halting refugee admittance from all nations, with the first one he signed banning Syrian refugee resettlement indefinitely. However, both of these actions were halted by the courts.

After the first order was blocked by a Seattle judge, Trump tweeted, “77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries.” (WT) SO DANGEROUS!”

As of Wednesday, 44 percent of refugees have been from these “seven suspect countries” (Iran, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, and Somalia).

Republican Texas Rep. Brian Babin did introduce legislation before Trump took office that would prohibit refugee admittance until Congress passes a joint resolution allowing it. This received 72 cosponsors, but died in committee. Conservative author Ann Coulter told The Daily Caller in an email, “YES!” when asked if she was disappointed with congressional leadership over this inaction.

And the numbers are likely to increase quickly as Trump is proceeding with Obama’s Australian “dumb deal” importing up to 2,000 more rejected illegal alien Muslims from Australia – where officials believe this is a done deal.

15 thoughts on “Trump Admitting Syrian (Muslim) Refugees Faster Than Obama

  1. It’s Supreme Court over ruling to keep Muslim refugees coming over to USA not trump! Maybe Gorsige can help wish I new how spell every bodies name

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  3. I suspect it has to go to Supreme Court before anything is done. Remember, there are 9 Nationwide organisations that work with the UN to bring in refugees. I am sure they have put the pedal to the metal to get in as many as they can before the Supreme Court trial against the 9th and 10th circuit courts. Trump is powerless RIGHT NOW to prevent any refugees from the 7 countries. And he is really busy working in this N.Korea crap. Be patient my friends! It’s only been 80 days!

  4. I am writing my Senator, Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Front Page Mag and Bannon, etc I think we need to make a strong stand on this. The costs are too great to America. We want change.

  5. Trump tried to pass a travel ban two times but the libtards denied his requests. The other former Presidents including Obama did travel bans from Muslim countries including Syria and not one word was said by the liberal news media.

  6. I believe this main stream media article is neglecting to note that Trump attempted to stop the flow of undocumented “refugees” from these Muslim countries TWICE but he was overridden TWICE by activist judges! Perhaps the authors have an agreement with the Muslims so that they will not be among the “infidels” who are murdered when the Muslims finally have enough invaders on site to rebel against our government and establish Sharia “law” as the LAW OF THE LAND?

    • President Trump can do only so much to solve the problem. It appears that the DOJ needs to be cleared of these activist judges so the President can get on with his agenda vis-à-vis the immigration problem.

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