Florida: Muslim professor who told students Jesus was never crucified resigns

Source: Muslim professor at center of Christ-hoax controversy resigns – The College Fix

The Muslim professor who was accused by one of her students of asserting that Jesus’ crucifixion never took place and that Christ’s disciples did not believe he was God has resigned from Rollins College.

Rollins College President Grant Cornwell told the Orlando Sentinel that Professor Areej Zufari “resigned this semester because of the hateful threats and emails and phones messages she was getting. I think it’s a terrible injustice, but I do respect her decision.”

Zufari was at the center of a national controversy over the suspension of student Marshall Polston, 20, a Christian student in her class who challenged her claims — so much so that she took to accusing him of harassment. She filed a police report against him and told officials he made her feel unsafe, after which Polston was suspended.

According to the March 24 suspension letter, handed down right after Zufari’s police report was filed, Polston’s unspecified “actions have constituted a threat of disruption within the operations of the College and jeopardize the safety and well-being of members of the College community and yourself.”

Campus officials then reviewed Polston’s case after a weeklong battle over what Polston called “unfounded allegations” and he was reinstated. Polston’s lawyer said at the time the college should investigate wherever Zufari should remain at the school, given her “malicious assassination” of his client’s character.

Zufari remains a full professor at Valencia College, the Sentinel reports. Her past connections with radical Islam, meanwhile, have become a point of concern among some watchdog groups.

As for Polston, now President Cornwell tells the Orlando Sentinel that Polston’s suspension had to do with some unrelated “vulgar” and “mean-spirited” social media comments he made to a fellow student.

Polston balked at that assertion, writing on Facebook the same morning the Sentinel published its story: “The Orlando Slantinel is FAKE NEWS and full of lies!”

The young man’s attorney, Kenneth Lewis, also rejected the college’s reasoning, telling the Sentinel the Facebook post was “nothing” and “a total joke” and the classroom dispute was the real reason for the suspension.

Ms. Zufari’s Faculty FrontDoor profile picture titled “Arab Spring”. Graphic courtesy of Ms. Zufari and Valencia College. Source

Valencia College’s contact page here http://valenciacollege.edu/contact/.

10 thoughts on “Florida: Muslim professor who told students Jesus was never crucified resigns

      • If it was a Christian that said something like that to a Muslim, the following would be true: 1) It would be investigated as a hate crime, or CAIR would demand that it be so, 2) CAIR would go on a massive push that it was “Islamophobia,” 3) CAIR would demand the the university undergo sensitivity training, or “indoctrination,” 3) every liberal in the school would be crying that they felt “scared” at their school and demand safe-spaces from the “oppressive white supremacists.”

  1. Islam and Sharia do not belong in ANY non-Muslim culture.

    How many times do they have to prove it?

    The best way to protect America is to deport all that were not born here and keep a close eye on Muslims who were.

    Additionally, bar any and ALL visas, refugees and immigrants for peeps that abide by Sharia Law.

    In that way, no one can scream religious persecution…we did the same to Japanese, known Communists and Germans…We ARE at war, even though most don’t know it yet!

    Islam’s secret: Hijra … jihad by immigration….immigrate and take over by population expansion.

    Muslims conquer when they can. If they cannot conquer, they try to appear that they have integrated . . . until it is time to conquer.’

  2. I am a free white man. I treat people as they treat me. That was how I was raised . I don’t judge a person by race Creede or coller. But I will not abide by a person treating a woman without respect .And no one will burn a American flag in my presence. NO ONE.

    • You have good Christian values. But not everyone has Christian-Judeo values. You owe it to yourself to find out how VERY different Islamic values are. They hate us & will overtake us while you treat them with Christian respect.

  3. Hey Rollins College President Grant Cornwell Just what in hell do you mean “A terrible injustice?” I do NOT understand why you people, Administrators, teachers (some of each) want to protect those who have vowed to “destroy the evil house of America”??? Their words NOT mine!!

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